9 Year Old Neice

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Chapter 1

My sister wanted to take a honeymoon with her new husband without Danielle, her 9 year old daughter. So, as I was her only relative, I got stuck with the chore of taking care of Danielle. I thought the whole affair would be such a pain in the ass – stuck for 3 weeks without any pussy, and me 28 years of age, with 8 inches of thick cunt stretcher that was used to being buried in a pussy almost every night.

So sis left Danielle, her red hair shining in the sun as she waved goodbye. I have my own work-at-home business, and am quite successful with it, so I could devote time to Danielle, and my business, without compromising either, or so I thought.

I was on the phone when Danielle came in wearing a halter top and these half worn out yellow satin shorts that allowed me to see her slit, as she had them pulled up tight – those hip hugger models. It was plain to see she had no bra on under the top, and she had half tangerine sized boobies which she gets from my sis, who really has a nice pair. I stared at her crotch, shook my head, and had to look away, as I had to think of her as a niece, not pussy.

She wanted me to teach her to ride my quad runner, and I had promised her I would, and here it was Saturday evening, and she reminded me that I had promised. I got the 4-wheeler out, started it, and got it headed out in the pasture of the farm where I live. I told her to be careful, not to ride too fast, and to stay where I could see her. I put gloves and a face shielded helmet on her. She had on tennis shoes, but I let her ride anyway.

I watched her as she went back and forth on the grassy knoll about a hundred yards away and she waved and waved. She came riding up and said that when she got done we could go to town and get her a new 4-wheeler and then we could ride together. I told her I had a motorcycle in my barn we could ride on, but only girls that ride me ride on it. She smiled and said, "ok" and rode off like maybe 40 or 50 miles per hour. I yelled at her but she never heard me. She disappeared over the horizon – I didn't want her back there, as there were thorn bushes and briar patches galore.

I walked to the top of the ridge, and when I got there my heart stopped – there was the 4-wheeler laying on its side and Danielle lying on her back in the thick of the briar patch, not moving. I ran down to the scene. Danielle was whimpering, and I told her not to move. I righted the quad, and luckily it had a kill switch, which I had installed at the dealer, that kills the motor if you come off the seat. I got a knife and pliers out of the bag on the quad and went to Danielle. She was entangled something terrible in the briars and thorns.

I started hacking on the briars, and noticed that they had ripped her satiny shorts almost off her, and then I saw the blood; her little bald pussy had slid down a big briar branch and it had torn her shorts off her front – exposing her bald pussy. It had actually torn her clit hood off, except for a thread of it. She looked like a porccupine in reverse below the waist. She was crying, I hushed her, told her I'd get her out, and to just lie still.

She screamed at me, "what else can I do?" I chopped, hacked, cut, and finally extricated her from the bushes, minus her shorts. I held her as she was in great pain and took her to the back porch and laid her on the couch. I got clean towels, peroxide, hot water, two pans, wash cloths and tweezers, and told her we were going to start pulling thorns. She whimpered and sobbed as I started the three hour ordeal.

I cleaned and snipped the last vestage of her clit hood off with my teeth to a loud scream. I put peroxide on, and washed and tweezered hundreds of thorns. Finally I told her they were all out, front and back, but for those in her pussy. I then told her I was going to have to put a finger up inside her to hold her pussy lips open. She just nodded her head, closed her eyes, and put her forearm over her eyes as I eased the fuck finger of my left hand all the way into the tightest, wettest, and hottest pussy I had ever had my finger in. My cock, which was rock hard from playing around her pubes and bald slit was now dripping like a fire hose, soaking the front of my cutoffs.

I took the opportunity to finger fuck her and soon was pounding my finger in and out of her blood seeping pussy, but she was grunting and groaning in unison with my driving my finger into her tight hot depths. Her little rock hard abdoman was starting to jump and flex involuntarily, so I stopped fingering her and started to pull out the 20 or so thorns. I told her I could feel some up inside her but I could not get a good enough feel with my finger as it was not long enough to get all the way inside her. I told her I had something that would if she didn't mind, I slide it up inside her to feel if we had them all? I asked her, " Danielle, I am going to put my cock up inside you, you know what that is don't you, and feel around ok, it might hurt a little at first, but nothing like those thorns, ok?"

She took her arm off her eyes and watched as I slid my cutoffs down my legs. Her eyes widened like coffee cups as she stared at my thick dripping cock. "Will that go in me Uncle Al?" she asked apprehensively as I walked on my knees up between her thighs. "Sure it will sweet pussy, you are plenty big enough for cock down there now, you felt how easily my finger went in you didn't you?" I asked. "Yeah, but it ain't big and fat like that thing is," she said raising up on her elbows to watch as I slid my cock up and down her slit.

I found her hole, and my cock covered almost the entire area around it as I started to pump at her core. She grunted, groaned, and huffed as I applied pressure to her entrance. Suddenly she started to dilate as her eyes got wide, she gripped a towel in her hands, her belly started jumping up and down and then she screamed as my cockhead snapped inside with an audible popping crunch.

She was crying and telling me it hurt to please take it out, and I told her I would as soon as I was all the way in and felt around in her for more thorns. "Hurry, get it in it hurts," she sobbed. "It will stop hurting here in a minute or two, then I can feel around inside you real good, so as soon as you are ready I put some more up inside you Danielle, and I will shoot some stuff inside you to make it feel better too," I said.

"OK, do it," she said as she gritted her teeth. I sunk an inch at a time then pulled it back out, wetting our union. My cock looked like it was being squeezed down to half its size at our juncture, and I watched her pussy turn almost inside out as I dragged my cock back out six inches. I bumped her cervix, and then with a hip jerk which produced a yelp from her, our pubic bones thumped together. I held her legs up in my hands and fucked my niece like the tight pussied woman she was. She quit crying soon and started grunting and groaning as my cock hammered her pussy. I couldn't take the pressure and buried myself inside her and let my nuts spew their seed into her 9 year old belly. "God what a wonderful fuck." I groaned as I jerked in time with my cock pumpimg thick white strings of cum from my spasming nuts over and over into her distended belly. Finally I felt myself shrinking and her tightness forced me out of her as globs of my cum dripped out of her open discolored hole and ran down over her cute butt hole.

She looked up at me and grinned, "I'm not a virgin anymore am I, and you molested me didn't you uncle Al," she said looking into my eyes?

"Yes, I did ... I hope you won't tell anyone or think I'm bad," I said as I looked at her leaking hole, now so distended and open?

"No, it hurt bad though, but now I can ride your motorcycle with you can't I," she asked looking at me watching her pussy?

"Sure as long as you keep fucking me Danielle, you can ride it with me all you want," I said.

"Hmmmm, you ride me all you want and I ride the motorcycle all I want, I think that is a real good deal," and she leaned up and kissed me on the mouth. Then I picked her up and took her to my bedroom, where we started to learn a lot more about one another.

Before my sister came back, Danielle could suck cock and swallow. She did not like the taste of cum, but would do it for me. She got her pussy eaten so much she had at least a hundred orgasms, which I did not think a 9 year old could have, but she sure liked them and made me aware that a young girl has sexual desires too. We fucked ourselves silly, and my cock was hanging down soft and satisfied the day my sis picked up my 9 year old niece. We had fucked four times that day, with the last time a half an hour before her mom picked her up. She begged her mom to bring her back up to my farm for the rest of the summer. Her mom said Ok, as Daniellle said she liked to ride the 4-wheeler, and the motorcycle.

Her mom brought her back the following Friday night. Danielle and I fucked ourselves silly for a couple of hours, then took off on my motorcycle with Danielle's crotch dripping my cum making a huge wet spot in her shorts that people stared at as we stood in line at the ice cream stand.

I heard her whisper to a girl about her age standing by herself to "start fucking today, it is fun" , then she looked around to make sure the girl was the only one watching and rubbed my cock, and said, "it is very big and fat and it makes me have orgasms, and it is fun to suck too."

Later that night as we sat in a booth next to an older trucker at a truck stop where we had stopped to eat, Danielle almost gave the guy a heart attack when she turned around and told him she was taking me home and fucking me until my cum dripped out of her. She grabbed hold of my cock as we mounted the cycle, and I could hardly wait to mount her when we got home.

What a delicious summer it had turned out to be. She is now ten and coming back to stay this summer, and she wants me to fuck the friend that she is bringing to stay for two weeks also. She told me they have been licking each others pussies. The girl is a blonde, and thinner than Danielle, but cute, although she hardly has any hips. I've met her, and she has told me on the phone that she can't wait to let me inside her pussy, if it feels as good as Danielle says it does.

Chapter 2