9 Year Old Niece: Chapter 2

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This summer my niece came back as soon as school was out, but this time it was different, and much more exciting.

During the past few months, we talked quite a lot on the phone. When no-one else was around she became a real phone slut. I taught all the words, and all the sexual games people play, so that soon she was making me cum every time. At first it was simply saying things like "I'm taking off my blouse and my bra ... now you can see my tits and kiss and suck them ... my tight little cunt is getting so wet, I'm soaking my panties" but soon it was "Let me see your great big fucking dick ... I want you to push it hard up me and give a long fast fuck" and later still "I need you to piss up my cunt, you big horny bastard".

Then she was telling me about her friend Jessica, whom she had told about me. This made me scared but she said that they had had a pact, and no-one else would ever know. I hoped she was right - but nothing could have prepared me for what happened when she did come. She told me she continued to practise licking Jessica's pussy, and that Jess herself had much more experience than Danielle. "I'll tell you more about that wehen I'm with you" she laughed, "'cos that'll get you real horny!"

"I can't wait" I said as I jerked myself off, "if she's as naughty as you are ..."

"Well, if I tell you that her cunt is bigger than mine - it has great big lips - I know you'll love putting your dick up her!"

The day arrived. A strange car pulled up into the driveway, and I imagined my sister had exchanged hers, but a woman I didn't recognise got out of the car. Danielle came running in and gave me a hug, and a quick feel of my cock, and then turned to introduce her friend, Jessica, who was going to turn nine in a couple of weeks. She was taller than Danielle and a bit on the slim side, with long blonde hair, and shy, blue-green eyes hidden behind glasses. Danielle then introduced the woman as Jessica's mom. She was a bit of a surprise, since she looked much younger than my sister.

"Roberta" the woman said, "Bobby for short. I've heard a lot about you from Danielle - all good things I can assure you! I thought I would come along to see if they were all true ... and I'm impressed already!" She smiled and I relaxed.

We unloaded their stuff, and I invited them all in for a drink, and "maybe a bite to eat?"

Bobby settled into one of the loungers and while I made up a scratch meal I was able to take a good look at her. She was sitting chatting with the girls, and apparently ignoring me. She was wearing a top and a short skirt; I could see with a shock that she was bra-less, since her nipples showed clearly through the top; and her legs, which were ever so slightly open, looked as though they went on for ever. I felt a stirring in my groin ... and then I realised she was looking directly at me.

"Well, Uncle Al" (she said this with a hint of sarcasm, I thought!) "and what do you have planned for these two young ladies? Danielle tells me that you have such fun together ... and this is such a lovely place. It's so isolated - could be miles from anywhere ..." She moved slightly, and her legs fell open some more, revealing her white panties.

She's coming on to me! I reckon that her little girl has passed on the secret ... oh shit, what do I do now?

"Oh and don't worry about secrets between you and Danielle" (she read my thoughts!) - they are perfectly safe with me. Jessica has a kind uncle too, don't you darling?"

"Oh yes Mom, Uncle Frank ... mmm he's wonderful, isn't he?"

"He's only an unofficial uncle," Bobby explained, "he's a kindly neighbor of ours ..." and she laughed.

I reckon I know how kindly he is ... and to the two of you by the sound of it! Danielle had told me that her friend's dad was away on business a lot, so now I read between the lines - Bobby was getting her sex from the "kindly neighbour", and it sounded as though Jessica did too!

I had thought that I couldn't wait for Bobby to leave, but now I threw all caution to the winds. "Well, the plans I had included just the three of us, but unless you are in hurry to get back ... there's plenty of room, here ..."

"You want a chaperone, then? Or maybe you want us to be a foursome - Jessica and I have some fine games we play haven't we darling?"

"Oh yes mom ... and Uncle Al has taught Danielle some good ones too!"

Danielle came over to me. "I think we should make sure that he agrees with what you are asking first. Do you, Uncle Al ...?" She put her hand over my bulge and gave it another squeeze.

"Wait just a moment, darling" Bobby's voice sounded somewhat strict, and we all turned to look at her.

"I'd just like to say a couple of things - so we all know where we stand. OK, so you, Al, are fucking Danielle and teaching her lots of erotic games. Frank is fucking Jess - and me too, by the way" (I think I've already worked that out!) " so we are all in much the same situation. We adults can all get prison sentences for what we are doing, and I don't want that, any more than you do, Al. Let's all just sit down for a while and discuss what we do now, shall we?"

I took Danielle's hand and led her across to one of the couches, with Bobby and Jessica opposite us. I told her about what had happened - beginning with the fall into the briar patch, at which Bobby laughed - "Just like Brer Rabbit!" - and then leading on to the sex session we had had. I didn't let on about the white lie of the thorns inside her, though.

"What did you think of him doing that to you, sweetie?" asked Bobby.

"At first it wasa bit weird, but then when he had his finger inside me it was nice. Since then, when we've talked on the phone he's told me about masturbation, and I've done it to myself lots of times. I've also asked my mom about and she says it's what every woman does, and that it isn't bad. Oh I never told her about you, Uncle Al"

"And when he actually put his cock in you, did you like that?"

"Welll, at first it seemed so big and it hurt a bit, but then it seemed to slide right in me, and when he was actually fucking me, it was really lovely!"

"Did he come in you?"

"Oh yes ... and I know that that is the stuff that makes babies when I'm older. Mom has told me all about that, and said that when I start my periods she will get the doctor to see that I am safe, as she calls it"

"Does she think you might start fucking, do you think?"

"I'm not too sure, but she says that that is the safest thing for a girl these days"

By now I was watching Bobby as she was asking all these questions. Once again she was sitting with her legs apart, and since I was opposite I could see even more of her white panties. Jessica, sitting next to her, was almost a complete copy of her mother in her clothing, and her position. Her panties were a light blue colour, and I began to imagine her cunt - bigger in the lips than my neice's, as she had told me.

There was silence for a few moments and then Bobby laughed.

"You look as if you're going to start slavering any moment ... you can't take your eyes of either of us, can you? I guess we have to take pity on you - but I just wonder if you can manage all three of us ...! " - and she laughed again.

Danielle put her hand on my crotch. "Uncle Al has the best cock in all the world! He can fuck me three or four times in a morning, so I guess he can satisfy us!" She stood up and stripped off; since she was only wearing outer clothing it took only a couple of seconds.

Bobby gave an approving smile. "I can see exactly why you wanted to fuck her! she's so lovely ..."

"But we all know that, Mommy! And when she comes to stay with us, there's nothing I like better than the two of us having sex ..." Jessica was already undressing as she spoke, and soon I was to see those lovely blue panties fall to the floor to reveal her treasure. "See, Uncle Al, see my cunt that she loves to finger whenever she gets the chance ..."

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