Confessions of a Teenage Nymphomaniac

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Jeff had had a great time at the costume party.

As he walked home, head down, he thought about the events of the night. His best friend, Shawn, had dumped his demanding, possessive girlfriend, Yolanda, and met a new girlfriend, who would probably be just as demanding and just as possessive come tomorrow. Darren, as usual, had gotten drunk beyond all belief and passed out. Shawn, and his new girlfriend, were making sure he got home.

All the way around, Jeff thought the party had been fun. He had met a few girls, danced, had a few drinks but nothing real special had happened, for him anyway.

Jeff had decided not to drive his car to the party. He hated leaving his new Mazda RX-8 sitting anywhere but his garage. Parking in the parking lot at work was bad enough he wasn't about to take it and risk it around all the drunks coming out of the party.

The party had only been a few blocks away and the exercise never hurt. The neighborhood was pretty good, mostly residential with a few small strip malls mixed in for the convenience of the middle class suburbanites who lived in the area. Jeff couldn't believe he was now one of those middle class suburbanites. It had been a complete whim when he decided to buy a house instead of renting another apartment. He'd known what he wanted in a house and this one fit the bill perfectly. He knew he'd regret it forever if he didn't buy it, even if it did mean a thirty minute commute to and from work every week day. "It was worth it," Jeff thought, "for my dream house."

Jeff stopped his progress up Fairbanks Avenue where Pepper Street crossed, he looked to his right for oncoming traffic and then to his left. That was when he saw her. She had long brown hair, pulled back into a single ponytail on the back of her head, was tall and skinny with slender shoulders, small breasts and almost no ass to speak off. She wore a dark blue mans dress shirt, tied just beneath her small breasts, black shorts and white running shoes with no socks beneath. She was crying and running flat out as fast as she could. She had just come around the corner of Firehouse onto Pepper and was coming right at Jeff.

Jeff had just enough time to notice this before he heard the screaming. He looked past the girl. As he watched, five teen aged boys became visible from around the corner. It was obvious, they were chasing the girl. Jeff was relieved to see that none of the boys had a weapon but it was obvious from her tears, her running and her constant checking behind her, that the girl felt she was running for her life.

Jeff stepped right into the girls path and waited. The girl was so busy looking behind her and being terrified that she never noticed him until she was right in front of him. Jeff grabbed her around the waist as she ran into him. She screamed but Jeff, who stood six foot two and worked out regularly, easily held the girl in place.

Unlike the girl, the five boys who had been chasing her did notice Jeff before they ran into him. Before they got close, two of the boys decided they no longer wanted to be there, turned and headed back the way they had come. The other three boys stopped about fifteen feet away from Jeff.

"Stop it!" Jeff ordered the girl, as she continued to struggle. "I'm not going to hurt you."

Jeff's voice pulled her from her hysteria and she looked at him, first his eyes, then his collar. There was a moment there of complete stillness and silence, then the girl threw her arms around Jeff's neck and began thanking him.

With the girl around his neck, Jeff glared at the three remaining boys. They chose to follow their two friends who had retreated earlier. They turned, grumbling and complaining to each other, and disappeared back down Firehouse Lane.

Once the boys were out of sight, Jeff pushed the girl away from him and held her at arms length. "Why were those boys chasing you?"

The girl, wiped the last of the tears from her cheeks with the back of left hand, then sniffled. "That's a long story, Father." The girl looked around. "And this isn't the place to tell it."

For a moment, Jeff wondered why she had called him Father. Then he remembered he was still in costume. The party he had gone to was a "Halloween In July" costume party. Just one more lame reason to have a party and get drunk, in Jeff's opinion but Darren and Shawn had insisted he be there.

Jeff began to tell her it was a just a costume but before he could, she grabbed his hand and dragged him across Fairbanks Avenue even as she began to chatter.

"Come on. My best friend, Missy, works in the Starbucks, she'll give us a discount. We can sit down and I'll confess everything." The girl turned and smiled back at him. "They say confession is good for the soul. It's okay if I'm not catholic, isn't it?" She didn't wait for a response, she turned back around and continued to drag him towards the strip mall with the Starbucks in it.

Jeff was stunned, amused and, to tell the truth, a little in lust. He allowed her to lead him across the street, through the small parking lot and into the Starbucks, which was nearly empty at this time of day. The girl pushed Jeff into a seat.

"Don't worry, I'm great at picking coffee's other people will like." She looked at him for a long moment, then smiled. "You're a latte type of person, aren't you?"

She didn't wait for an answer, she turned around and went to the counter where a slightly chubby blond girl was waiting. A second later, the giggling reached Jeff's ears. Jeff knew he had to tell this girl the truth but she simply would not give him the chance and he was extremely curious to hear what all this girl had to confess to. Jeff straightened his costume, checked his collar, casually ran his fingers through his short brown hair and waited for the girl to return.

She did a few minutes later.

She set a large cup of coffee in front of Jeff, then slid into the chair across the table from him. She smiled at him, took a sip of her coffee, then leaned forward, conspiratorially, and began to talk.

"First off, I guess I should tell you my name. I'm Mira Daniels. I turned sixteen years old two months and three days ago and, I know this is gonna scandalize you, but I am a complete and total nymphomaniac. I just can't help myself. I am a hopeless slut!"

Here is a story about a man on his way home from a costume party, dressed as a priest, who runs into a beautiful young girl who thinks he's for real. She begs him to hear her confession and pours out her entire life story to him in graphic detail, including every sexual experience she's ever had since she first discovered her sexuality, and he sits back drinking it up with lustful glee. In the end he realizes that she knew it was just a costume all along and that she made the whole thing up just to seduce him because she thought he was extremely sexy.