Earthly Desires

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I didn't mean to like young girls, it just happened that way. I'm 23, with short brown hair, brown eyes, and a pretty slim figure. I'm good looking, but that's not important. I've also got a cock that girls die for. So I've been told that is. I do admit, I am attracted to girls my age, but most of them have children, are married, or just don't satifisy me sexually. Of course, the few that did have children, had some rather cute girls. That's where my problem starts.

When I was younger, I always had to watch over my younger neices and stuff. So, that would involve giving them a bath, although I'm sure that they were probably old enough to take a shower themselves. My favorite girl to watch over though was my next door neighbor's daughter, Anela. I called her Nela for short. She was a cute filipino girl, a bit on the slim side, and overly curious. That of course was my downfall into becoming the man I am today.

Now, I would never do anything to hurt Nela. But, our adventures started one day after her mom left her at my place when she had to go to work one night. It started off pretty innocently, playing a few video games, watching some television, having mac and cheese for dinner, stuff like that. Now, Nela's probably old enough to bathe herself, but she liked having the company, nor did she mind that a dirty old man like me was watching her take a bath. That was the moment things would change between us forever.

Here she was, my little filipino angel, right behind the shower curtain that I had just changed recently. I could just imagine the large, hard nipples that capped off her budding breasts, the slim, tiny ass that she could only have, and her sweet looking pink pussy that was the object of my sexual fantasies every night Nela went home. I could just imagine sucking and licking that young cunt until Nela begged me to stop from making her cum so much. I got so caught up in the fantasy, that I forgot that she was still in the bathroom with me.

Busted! Here I was, sitting on the toilet, stroking my cock to visions of Nela's pussy, when she was there, watching me do it. "What are you doing?" I heard her ask, and I wanted to die. Here she was, my sweet angel, watching me jack off to visions of her! "It's nothing." I told Nela, and tried to stuff my hard cock back into my pants. She just giggled at me. "Can I touch it?" She asked, and I just about died.

Now, I normally wouldn't even dream of doing anything with Nela, but yet, just the thought of her hand on my cock made it twitch, just a little. "Sure. But you can't tell anyone." I told her, and Nela giggled again. It was a strange giggle, like there was something that was up, but I couldn't figure out what it was. So, here I was, living a dream, with Nela's hand wrapped around my cock, moving it up and down slowly. "Like this right?" She asked, and I nodded. I didn't think anything about it, until I felt her mouth wrap around my head.

I couldn't help myself! I came almost instantly! Over Nela's lips, on her face, with only some going into her mouth. I wanted to apologize, but I couldn't find the words, as she just giggled, and wiped her face free of cum. I was about to get up, when she moved over my lap, straddling my legs, her tiny cunt just inches away from my hard cock. "What are you doing?" I asked, and Nela smiled. "Isn't this how it's done? I mean, you had tons of stuff like this on your computer." She said, and I just about died again.

Somehow, Nela had found all the porn I kept on my computer. Some of it wasn't exactly "mainstream" you could say, and I couldn't help but think that the reason she was so willing, was because of watching those particular movies. "There was one where the girl had sex with the guy after she came out of the shower. Isn't that what you want to do?" She asked, and I couldn't say anything. After all, it was what I wanted to do, but yet, I didn't expect to be doing it in real life.