Father and Daughter

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As the light of day slowly peeked into the bedroom through the lace curtained window, the sight that was clearly evident was of a virile, lean, muscled man whose buttocks were seen clenching as he drove his thick cock deeply into the young woman beneath him. Tiny shrieks and squeals were bursting forth from her lips as she took the pounding he was giving her in their room. Her legs gripped him around his trim waist in an effort to not let him escape from between her thighs. She bit his earlobe and then stuck her tongue into it's channel after which she whispered into his ear, "Gawd, I love how my cunt feels with you in it ! It feels so full, Dad, when your cock is in that deep ! I now know that I was made for you, Dad, so fuck me and make me forever yours!!"

The bedroom they now occupied was once the haven for someone else who had decided long ago to not continue living under this roof. Too many years had gone by until that fateful day when she decided that living there was unbearable and her love for the man was no more.

Since that fateful day when she moved out, the only other young lady living there decided that she could no longer mask her feelings for the man she truly loved, and was deeply in love with. Torn between what was right and wrong, with right winning over wrong, she decided that he no longer would endure being lonely. She decided that her life would not, by all accounts, be complete without the man whom she loved the most, her father, who hadn't dated a woman since the day she left. For the past several years since that fateful day, the one person who ever really cared about him was now in his bed and fast becoming what he was rightfully due.

Watching him suffer through the hardship imposed on him by her mother was simply too much to leave alone.

She was just entering her prime and becoming a young passionate woman. A trim, almost hour-glass figure, coupled with breasts that sat firm and high on her chest, curving slightly upwards as though they were two ripe succulent peaches with tiny nipples hanging on a tree. Her trim waist flowed into gently-flaring hips and her well-toned thighs led to her sleek legs right down to her feet with always painted toenails. Her buttocks resembled that of a firm split peach.

Each of her body assets gave a hint of what was possibly there, only to be offered to the right male - her virgin cunt, ass, and tits - that she would be willing to give to just one man.

Her Father.

The bed was creaking loudly. The headboard banged against the wall as he drove his prick deeply into her pussy. Long deep stokes of his thick cut cock sliced into her tight cunt that until now had only been played with by the young lady with her nightly ritual of wishful thinking of him between her thighs as he was right now by doing exactly what her fantasies were made of: Pounding her young body into total submission without mercy. Pushing into her young body as far as her tight channel allowed. Pushing her body deeply into the folds of the mattress. Her legs scissored around his hips, gripping him firmly, her teeth bit into his shoulder as she buried her head in the crook of his neck in a failed attempt to stifle herself but to no avail because she was fast approaching her orgasm as was he. His ball sack swung with each stroke. A ball sack that held the promise of new life. His balls felt as though they were explode at any moment because of their fullness. He thought of what she would feel when his thick pasty cum blew out of his cock head and sprayed it's hot load violently inside her womb. Such a nasty thought. His thick cock buried deep inside of her and in her womb where his seed would spray to coat every square inch of her womb in it's quest to find that one egg to mate with......!

Wanting to be even deeper in her, he grasped her legs and moved them so they rested up on his shoulders that in turn exposed her tight cunt even more to him. He looked at the way her lips held his thick 9" cock as it sawed rentlessly in & out of her cunt probing deeper with each inward stroke. He leveraged himself up further in the bed so that he could push more of his cock deeper into her until his cock head was hitting the end of her channel and banging unrentling up against her cervix. The feeling of her tight cunt coupled with his longer stokes drove him into a frenzy. Faster and faster did his hips plunge on their downward stroke drawing even more moans from her beneath him. "Oh daddy, just fuck me" she told him while holding his eyes in her stare and grunting with every push. Long drawn out moans came with each outward stroke until his cock head was caught of the tight lips of her cunt portal only to once again push back into her again. Saliva oozed from the corner of her mouth. Her eyes glazed over.

" Yessssssss, drive it deeeeeeeeep, daddy !"

"O gawd, I love it, daddy !" Moans slowly turned to little crys as his unrenting pounding of her body took on a great urgency: The need to form life within her. The need to impregnate his woman. He started becoming more and more violent in his quest to take from her and to have from her what was rightfully his. His cock battered against her cervix demanding that his cock be let into her womb so that his seed could be planted firmly within it. Seed that sought out her eggs with the one egg that welcomed the one seed within it. Soon his hips were but a mere blur as his balls swelled to even greater proportions. The balls within his ball sack that when looked at resembled those much like the size of golf balls. Each ball held as much cum as a shot glass 1/2 full. Thick, hot, pasty creamy cum that was very sticky to say the least. Cum that stuck to just about anything that it touched. There would be no denying the impregnation of his daughter who was now his woman with the type of cum his body produced. She bit harder into his shoulder. Her violent orgasm was here !

"Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed.

"I'm cominggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg, daddy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Please fill me uppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Her orgasm bubbled over inside of her until she screamed out her father's name. Not Daddy but that of Richard. Over & over again and again as her intense orgasm raced throughout her body wracking her endlessly, Sobbing and crying profusely as the cum went on and on. Cumming on his thick cock burrowing deeply inside of her, Taking it's rightful place inside of her. Her body welcoming it. Her finger nails digging deeply into his back drawing blood. His muscled asscheeks clenching & unclenching with each stroke. Determined. Very determined to fill her young tight cunt until his hot sticky cum bubbled out of her tight cunt.

His daughter would become what his wife could never to be: His woman.

The child made with the woman who left him a long time ago was now bent on becoming impregnated because it felt right. Because it is right. She told him so. She said she felt right being in his bed being the woman with whom a new life could be made with. The mere fact that her tight cunt was wrapped around his thick cock that sawed in & out of her proved beyond a doubt of her rightful place. His rightful place.

Their rightful place.

In the martial bed !

Where a husband & a wife take their rightful places. It didn't really matter to either of them who they were right now. All that really matter was their true love towards the other. It felt right. To hell with what soceity said. What did they know anyway ?

Protection wasn't on their minds as they raced to the conclusion of their lovemaking. Faster and faster they strove and hurled their way towards the final end. His cock stretched her cunt in a maddening way, just as much as her lips were stretched taut. They looked obscene as they clung to his long thick cock as it sawed in and out of her cunt. Her lips stretched taunt. Lips that held his cock in a vise like fit. Never wanting to release it's capture. It looked as though a tiny mouth was gobbling & digesting it !

He moved his head downward to capture one of her ripe nipples and suckled it noisily, biting it sometime hard and sometimes gently.

"Oooh - that feels soooo nice, Dad. Suck my tits!" she said.

Suddenly, he rolled them both over so she was on top in the supine position that allowed his cock to imbed itself into her tightly stretched cunt with his cock head right at the portal of her cervix where his cock would spew his thick, pasty, cum that his balls brewed and produced every day. Life was about to be formed.

As she drove cunt up and down his cock, she looked directly into his eyes. Eyes that warmly returned the intense stare with the commitment and the level of intensity she gave him. All too soon, it was upon them both as his pulled her deeper onto himself, burying his cock into the deepest point of her cunt, poking his cock at her womb, and then feeling his cum boil out of his heavy filled balls and shooting the short distance through his cock.

Feeling his spurts, she screamed and shrieked uncontrollably as his white hot cum sprayed the walls of her cunt; the sperm coating every inch of her channel in an effort to find just one egg to mate with and produce life. He wanted more and with that, he rolled them both over so that he assumed his place above her and pounded her relentlessly as his cum spat endlessly out of the thick cock mbedded deeply within his woman. He sank his cock in deeply with each stroke so that his life giving cum was deposited in every nook and cranny of her cunt. There was nothing he wanted more from this intense lovemaking than to impregnate her up with their first child. He cried out as each spurt shot deep within her. His balls felt as though they were being squeezed in a vise as they emptied themselves into his woman. His woman. The daughter he fathered was now his woman.

"I'm cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming" he said bellowing like a bull having raised his head upwards as his cum exploded out from his balls, up the long tube in his cock where it sprayed violently out of the cock head. Each long stream of thick cum flowed out of him, One, two, three, four, and five long streams burst out of his cock into her womb. His hot cum washing and coating her womb walls making sure that every inch was coated. Making sure that that her egg had nothing to worry about.

From this point forward, she would assume her rightful place in his bed as his wife with whom he made love to. To have steamy raunchy hard sex with the one woman in his life. She would be the mother of their new child; something that she had dreamed of, in years past. This bed would forever be theirs as would this bedroom in which they made love and would make love forever.

She was his little girl but every bit a woman. Despite her young age of just 16 and her father's young age of 34, they were destined to become the couple they both desired - husband and wife. His wife, companion, and lover. Pleasant thoughts ran rampant through her head. Her children's mother. Wicked images conjured up in her head at the very idea of becoming pregnant by her father. Her father's potent seed implanted deep within her young body to impregnate her. His seed that looked to mate with her egg. Her belly bloated with a child who kicked to get out of it. Their children. Society be damned, she thought, because who else loved her more than any guy she ever knew?

Too many STD's out there these days and too many chances of possibly catching something that she didn't want, but with her own father, none of that would be the case. What she really wanted was to be standing before a preacher with her father and be wedded in holy matrimony. Just having that would be everything, she thought. She'd gladly give him as many children as he wanted. That much she was sure of.

As they slowly wound down from their intense lovemaking, his cock softened some and he slowly pulled it out of her. His still semi-hard cock was seemingly caught at the entrance of her cunt, by her tight muscles and his still flared cock head despite some softening of it, and when it finally pulled free, a loud distinctive "pop" was heard and she felt some of his cum slowly ooze out and slowly run down in between her asscheeks coating her brown star before it pooled onto the bed sheets.

Her brown star, upon feeling his cum, opened up a little to allow some of it to coat it's entrance. His eyes looked into hers at that moment and they both knew that there was one more part of her virginity left to be taken and despite how big he was, she knew that neither she, nor he, would be satisfied until it was buried deep inside her ass in her sweet surrender to him.

Slowly he rolled her over and taking a few of the bed's pillows, he urged her hips upwards to place them under her. In doing so, her shit hole looked very much like a ripe split peach with a slightly pinkish-brownish star awaiting it's fate. His cock tingled and started to once again inflate. Rising steadily until it was once again in its full glory curving upwards slightly. Precum had already started oozing out of its tip. Looking down, he took both hands and gently spread her cheeks apart to reveal in all of its glory her last virginal hole; the one hole she was more than ready to surrender to her man!

He moved up and over her into position. He directed his cock over her pink star and looked at the erotic sight before him: His precum oozing out and dipping down in one long silvery strand to drop gently into her pink star for the needed lubrication. He watched as more and more of it pooled into the mouth of the star and when he was satisfied there was enough, he pried open her hole and watched as his essence slid inside, coating her walls in advance of his cock's assault. This scene was repeated two more times. His balls rumbled and his cock twitched.....

Grasping her delicate ass cheeks, he parted them, placing his hard turgid cockhead against her tiny defenseless pink asshole. Pressing forward, he watched as the star started to open slowly to admit his cock into her steamy depths. Slowly, the intimate hole opened up until his cock's head slid itself inside. Her whimpers were slowly building up in sobs and cries for him to be gentle with her. When his cock's head slid past the tight muscle, she raised up her head and bellowed out a scream so loud that it rattled the bedroom windows. Her star expanded until the moment his large flared cock head slid past the tight entrance muscle, and then, as the tight muscle gripped it tightly, tiny tremors shook her body.

He laid his body down over hers and kissed the nape of her neck. Whispering into her ear how much he loved her and how tight she felt to him, his words slowly resolved her surrender to him and then his cock slid into her effortlessly as her muscles relaxed and he bottomed deep inside of his daughter's sweet rectum.

As he slid deep inside of her, her screams rattled the bedroom window and as time passed, so did the pain of taking him into her. Once again she was whimpering as her head slowly dropped back onto her splayed arms while arcing her hips upwards with spread thighs for him to take her on this new journey. Her hips jerked and tiny spasms racked her body as his cock slid deeper and deeper into her body until his heavy full balls smacked up against her cunt, signaling that she had taken her father deep inside of her where he rightfully belonged. Rising up on her hands, she adjusted herself slightly to await her fate.

Almost immediately, her father started to withdraw until his cock's head was at the tight muscle only to slowly sink itself deep back inside of her steamy orifice until it bottomed out. Sweat seeped profusely out of her body and she had the urge to have her father fuck her into oblivion until he came and filled her tight passage with his thick ropy pasty-like cum that was sure to coat and pack every single inch of her cavity. It was like having a liquid enema of sorts.

Slowly her father started fucking into and out of her tight orifice. As time wore on, his tempo built until he was sliding in and out of her body with ease, drawing little murmurs and sounds of pleasure out of her in his quest to fill her with his cum. His cum boiled in his balls and he felt his balls expand and contract in tune with his cock sawing in and out of his daughter's deliciously tight asshole that gripped him as though it was a tiny vise that wasn't interested in releasing the piece of flesh that brought it pleasure. Her star was stretched tight and although the initial pain caused her to wonder if he had damaged her, the pleasure she now experienced was beyond her wildest dreams possible!!

His own ass cheeks clenched and relaxed as he buffeted himself up against her firm tight ass with ever-deepening strokes that elicited tiny shrieks and screams from the one female that was to be his soul mate, his life partner, his wife, and the mother of their children:

His daughter!

Faster and faster he strove to bring about both his and her orgasm. As he fucked her senseless, his mind wandered into the dream of what her belly would soon look like. Images of her swollen belly with their child that kicked inside of her for all to see. Images of her sleeping beside him in their marital bed. Images of him as he carried her over the threshold that night of their marriage. As his seething cum boiled inside of his heavy slung balls, suddenly, his wife beneath him, started into her suddenly ever-present orgasm that had been building steadily. Urgently, she raised up her head like a wolf howling at the full moon and screamed out at her husband that she was cumming. Her breasts tingled and her nipples were as hard as pencil erasers.

Convulsions settled in as her orgasm took hold with greater urgency.

Screaming and jerking wildly, her ass muscles squeezed his cock as though it was desperately trying in vain to milk from his balls the cream it needed planted deep within her rectum. When he felt the contractions begin, he picked up the pace of his fucking by driving deeper and deeper inside of her that in turn elicited even more screams from her until his balls could not take the brutal sensations anymore. All of a sudden, he felt his balls contract so violently that he felt as though they were disappearing up into his body. His cock expanded to a point where her muscles held him mobile as his cum raced out of his balls and spat in one huge glob after another into the deep recesses of her rectum. He froze in motion as his hot sticky thick pasty-like cum spat again and again again and again. On and on did this process go on. His cum in her felt absolutely as if she was being filled up with so much of his cum that she would be dripping for weeks on end.

For himself, it felt as though his entire being was being transferred out of his body and becoming another part of her. His cum slowly but surely filled her ass to the point where it oozed out past his thickly expanded cock held in place by her muscle where it dripped in long sticky strands onto their marital bed to pool slowly into a puddle. She shrieked, screamed, and clawed at the bed sheets as her violent orgasm continued shaking her body with convulsions until she thought she was going to pass out. With each spurt of her father's cum into her, her body convulsed and shook immensely. Her voice was incoherent. Sobs and cries were the only thing he heard. His cock spat out so much cum into her that when she looked down at her heaving belly, it looked as though her belly was expanding from so much cum he was pumping effortlessly into her. On and on his balls drained themselves through his deeply imbedded cock until he could no longer stand the pain in his balls.

He froze in motion and waited until she had calmed down. Slowly, his big thick hard cock pulled out until the flared head was gripped tightly by her asshole's tight muscle. He pulled against the muscle until it opened and allowed his spear to remove itself from her. Lowering her body down onto the pillows beneath her, her spread cheeks revealed her star as hot sticky cum bubbled gently out of it and slid down to ooze wetly onto their bed under her. Both he and she faced each other to cuddle and kiss each other while whispering endearments. Sleep came upon them until they awoke hours later in the late morning.

As she awoke, she saw the man with whom she was in love with:

Her father.

No longer was he just her father. He was her man and she was his woman and if things worked out, she would be standing before the preacher with her man being wedded as husband and wife in the near future. Nothing could be better than at that moment for her. Her belly was full of his cum and she was most certain that his sperm had already found her egg and life had already been formed. She would be to him what her mother never was nor could be. She never wanted him to be alone. She wanted nothing more than to pleasure him with her cunt and asshole, and to have his love for her. As he awoke, he too saw the woman with whom he was in love with:

His daughter.

She was no longer his daughter and he welcomed the idea of them becoming husband snd wife before God as they were married into holy matrimony by the preacher. He wanted her happiness and her love. He wanted to give her the cunt and ass fucking she richly deserved.