Jack's Story - Chapter 2

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Helen didn't what she'll do exactly. She hoped to keep Jack's interest somehow. She may need to do something that she doesn't really want. But she knew one thing for sure and that is she didn't want to lose her son to the 'Mining town syndrom'. She didn't want him to go and find some skank that would rope him into a convenience relationship and suck the life out of him.

She wanted him to be patient, to hold off and build himself up a little. She wanted him to be better than the average mining town boy. Hell, she wanted him to be better than anybody.

But, how do you convince a teen to hold off sex with some slut that would seek to rope him into a dead end marriage? Sex is a strong motivator and it can't get replaced usually. Drugs that inhibit a strong libido are quite cost prohibitive.

After thinking about the issue for days, Helen came to the conclusion that in order to divert his attention from the town's sluts, she would need to give him a strong incentive to shun temptation. The only diversion for a boy his age is sex. She knew that once he reached that age sex would be the biggest issue in his mind. But how to satisfy his sexual needs without allowing him to fall for a slut? He would have to have his needs taken care of right here at home until he's ready to deal with the world on his own terms.

When Helen realized the consequences of that last thought, the hair on the back of her neck stood up. It would be either her or her daughter taking care of Jack's sexual needs!

The enormity of the issue made Helen try to get the subject out of her head. So she busied herself with house chores. But, no matter what she did, the idea kept haunting her thoughts. It would be incest if one of the two women of the house had sexual contact with Jack. Incest was wrong.

However, as the days passed, and Jack stayed out of the house more and more, Helen's mind started adapting to the idea. The instinct to protect her child overrode any other consideration that may stop her from doing whatever it took, even going as far as doing sexual stuff with him.