Lance came home early: Chapter One

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Lance came home early. It didn’t happen very often, since Wednesday was always his busy day, but all the computers had gone down and everyone took the opportunity to have an early home-going. One of Lance’s colleagues was on car duty that week (they took it in turns), so he was dropped of at the road end, walking home the rest of the way.

Lance hadn’t warned Harriet that he was on his way, thinking she might be pleasantly surprised to see him, so as to spend a long evening together. He knew that she was feeling particularly horny when he left for the office in the morning - if it hadn't been for an early appointment at work, they would have fucked then. As he walked the couple of hundred yards to his house, his cock was already beginning to stir at the thought that he would soon be between her full thighs, pushing his way into her welcoming liquid cunt. He let himself in, and stood for a moment by the door; it was then that he heard noises coming from the lounge off to his right. Peculiar, yet familiar noises - the sound of sexual excitement!

His hearth missed a beat. Was he being cuckolded in his own home? Who was with Harriet, for he heard her excited, yet muffled, voice? Perhaps her sexual messages this morning were simply because she had a secret lover who she knew would be coming that day? In his mind he raced through all the men she might know - and, preparing himself for discovering one of them in sexual congress with his wife, stepped quietly through the door into the room. And there she was, on her back, facing him, her head on a cushion, her face contorted with lust. Then she saw him. Shock crossed her features, and she put her hand down on the head of the person eating her cunt with obvious enjoyment. That person stopped and sat up. At first Lance had been sure it was a man, short haired and wearing jeans and a top, but now he realized that it was a woman - it was Samantha, their next-door neighbor!

Lance knew Samantha only vaguely. She and her husband George had only moved in a few weeks before, although it was also true that Lance had seen more of her than most of his neighbors! She was a fresh air nut, and was always out in her back yard sunbathing, often topless - and on one occasion completely nude. Although she lay on her front at the time, Lance found himself getting a hard-on. “I’m turning into a peeping Tom,” he thought to himself, “just like any dirty little schoolboy.” Nevertheless his thoughts began to turn more and more towards this exciting woman, and now here she was with his wife - who obviously had the same feelings towards their neighbor.

Now the shock was on Lance’s face, since he never suspected his wife of being bisexual. She was certainly a sexual one, since all their lovemaking was extremely passionate and included a great many additional delights beyond the norm. He knew how much she enjoyed cunnilingus - as well as other esoteric delights. But this …

All three of them were silent for what seemed long minutes. Samantha scrambled to her feet and began to apologize “ … all my fault … Harriet didn’t start this ….” but he held up his hand.

“Of course I had no idea, but I do feel a little disappointed that you two were … well… “ Now he was being apologetic, and he sat down on the nearest sofa. “I have never thought what it would be like to find my wife being … well, unfaithful, I guess. But even if I had, I would never have known exactly who with. Has this been a long-time relationship … oh, now I sound like a marriage guidance counselor. …”

Harriet was now getting to her feet, made difficult since her panties were down around her ankles. She sat next to him on the sofa, and put her hand on his arm. “Darling, this has nothing to do with the two of us; if anything it makes our relationship stronger now that you know. I have hated you not knowing, but for days now I have been trying to tell you about Samantha and me. We just love the sex between us. Neither of us are lesbians - I am sure that George will vouch for that. - we have just discovered this tremendous way of showing our friendship to one another. And every time I have made love to Sam, it is you who gets the bonus. I cannot wait afterwards until you get home and give me a good fucking!"

Samantha was still sitting on the floor. “If I am anything to go by” she explained “The same thing happens to me. George gets much better sex from me when I’ve been over here with Harriet. I am so turned on and horny when he gets home that I practically fling him over my shoulder to get him to bed!”

They all laughed, and Lance recalled the several times over the past couple of weeks of experiencing a similar feeling of need flowing from Harriet’s body. She had been positively demanding, a real slut, taking the lead in their fucking. Perhaps, too, it was his imagination, but at least once the smell of sex was in the air when he got home on those occasions!

Samantha began to get to her feet. “And in that case, I’d better be going before she attacks you again.”

They both told her she needn’t rush off - the night was young. Lance said that the whole thing, though, was turning him on, and that one of the male fantasies was to see two women enjoying sex together. Men’s top-shelf magazines are full of those pictures, he told them.

The two girls looked at each other. “Well, since you did interrupt us …” and (from Harriet) “we do owe you something for having kept you in the dark …” and to prove her point, she stood up and pushed her panties clear off, followed by her skirt and blouse, then bra, so that she was completely naked. Samantha said “And aren’t I lucky too? Usually we don’t fully undress in case you do come home early - only today you caught us out.” And down came her jeans and black silk thong, and then her top - no bra! - and she stood in a cover-girl pose, lifting her large boobs up to show them to the others. He now saw that she was dark haired and quite bushy, in complete contrast to his blond wife. His cock lurched in the confines of his pants, and even more so when she touched herself, brazenly opened her cunt lips. “Well, if Lance says that this is a turn-on, and we get to enjoy it even more than usual in the nude, then perhaps he should strip too.” suggested Samantha.

Chapter Two