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Dramatis Personae

Time - Modern day, the Present

Place - North America, Earth, Solar System

Douglas Carlyle – spark/mage Dragon Mage- apparent age 55 - recruited into The Collective as a 24-year-old captain, cavalry officer under Brig. Gen. George Stoneman under the command of Major General Joseph Hooker recruited in summer, 1863. He is the Dragon Mage of the Praetorian Guard under the direct orders of The Prime Mage and The Thirteen

The Collective - A group of Wizards

Thirteen - The leadership of The Collective

Prime Mage - Leading Wizard, stands at the head of The Collective

Praetorian Guard- The spear, warriors of The Collective

Dragon Mage - The sharp tip of the spear, The warrior mage of the Praetoian Guard

Linda Christiansen – college student - lithe, lovely and bright. Less a victim and more an ally in his quest

Mind Controller - The unseen unknown spark that Carlyle seeks

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