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As he entered the dimly lit room, the moonlight beaming through the open window that summer night cast its light upon the firm supple body as the young boy lay on his stomach asleep. The boy's long girl-like hair was golden blond, and fell to about his mid-back. Tiny arms and trim supple legs leading up to smooth but toned thighs hinted at what one could expect from such a feast. His young blue eyes sparkled when spoken to, and his voice was almost what one could define as feminine.

The man slowly approached naked and as he sauntered over to the bed, his hard thick arm like cock oozed with his precum. The cock veins pulsated to his every footstep and one long silvery cum strand swung lazily from the cock tip. At the bedside now, the young boy gently awoke from his sleep and turned his head sideways; the scene was hypnotic; a very hard thick cock was directly in front of his face, oozing out of the cock tip a long silvery strand of cum extended the distance between it and the carpet. He watched intently as that strand slowly dripped downward to form a small puddle. His eyes looked upward after watching that pool form and with his tiny hand, he reached out to grasp the cock before him.

It felt soft but firm in texture. The cock was cut so that nothing prevented it from reaching its full glory. The ball sac beneath the cock fascinated the young boy, its undulating balls churning together in unison to produce the thick white, glob- like, pasty cum that the boy had once tasted. The cum tasted like warm thick cream, with just a hint of saltiness. Pasty in nature, so that when it spewed out of the cock, it was thick enough that nothing in the throat nor the mouth was left uncoated in its wake. His hand began to pump the hard cock reveling in the erotic act he was so blatantly performing. His tiny hand jacked up and down the hard column, despite his tiny fingers barely even encompassing the girth of the cock. The man above him moaned softy, and then loudly, as the tiny hand fought to bring the cock to its impending cum.

Sensing this, the boy sat up and hung his slim legs over the edge of the bed. Using both hands, he cupped the cock and the ball sack as he moved his head forward until his lips touched the flared mushroom head where the pre-cum oozed profusely. Such a gigantic cock, he thought, and I want to suckle it, but will I be able to please him?

The man brought his hands to the boy's head to help guide him. The boy's lips slowly opened, as his tongue snaked out to lick and lavish the steely cock before him. His tongue burrowed into the eye to remove the tasty pre-cum oozing out of it. His tongue slathered the cock until it shone bright with his spittle. When he was convinced that is was lubricated enough, the man gently urged the boy to suck his cock and to open his lips to take the cock into his mouth with the ultimate destination of lodging the cock deep within the confines of his throat. The boy's lips slowly opened, but the cock proved to be a challenge because of it's thickness. More and more as the large flared head pressed forward. His lips were stretched tight to almost transparent until the head suddenly surged forward and was locked tight behind the boy's lips. The scene was totally erotic, because the cock head was locked tightly behind a pair of stretched lips and it was going to be a definite struggle when it came time to remove the cock from the boy's lips. Slowly, the head pushed itself deeper, and as it moved forward, the boy's tongue was frantically licking in earnest, while the man's hands held the boy's head steady and firmly to prevent the boy from escaping. The boy's hair swished gently as he boobed his head in his attempt to blow the man's cock. Deeper and deeper the cock advanced.

Slowly, as the boy's mouth grew accustomed to the thick cock in his mouth, he started to bob his head more. In a short time, his head was bobbing steadily taking more and more of the cock in. The man, sensing that the boy was now fully accustomed to his cock. began to move forward once again towards the boy's throat. Once the cock tip touched the entrance of his throat, the boy gagged and withdrew slightly. After he recovered, the man once again pressed himself forward, back to the throat entrance. With each successive try, the cock slowly and eviley made its way past that point and delved itself deeper into the tight constricting throat of the young boy. As the thick cock moved itself into the beginnings of the throat, the boy started gagging and shrieked madly. Air to his lungs was being cut off and panic soon took over. The cock was once again pulled back far enough for the boy to breathe and again the journey forward began in earnest. It was at this point that the young boy suddenly relaxed his throat muscles, took a deep breath, and slowly sunk onto the thick turgid cock until his nose was buried deep in the pubic hair, and that cock was deeply imbeded in his young, tightly constricted throat. The boy's throat bulged with the outline of the imbeded cock. The man's balls churned violently in their zeal to produce a copious amount of the thick pasty glob-like cum. Gawd, it was heaven to feel his cock encased within the tightly constricted throat of such a young and eager boy.

As the young boy sucked on his cock, the older man gently caressed his head, groaning as he felt the boy's tongue slathering his dick, caressing it in the way that only he could. The man's balls churned violently in the gathering storm, his balls with his hot pasty cum that soon would be released from the tight confines within them to drench the boy's mouth and throat with sperm. Suddenly, the boy felt the the cock begin to pulsate in a more demanding way, and as his hands caressed the heavy cum filled balls, he felt them start to tighten. The balls suddenly drew themselves up and almost disappeared into the man's body. The cock was pulsating madly,m and the man's breath left him as he wailed out in a violent scream to announce he was cuming. The man pulled the boy onto his cock, burying it deep within the boy's tight constricting throat.

The boy, sensing that the cum he was wanting was spewing out of the cock, and was blasting into his throat in such a huge quantity that he was having difficulty breathing. He tried to pull off of the cock so that he could breathe, but to no avail as the man kept his head held tightly. Blast after blast of rich thick paste-like cum spat from the man's cock into his throat; with each blast he struggled to swallow, and more and more of the cum backed up into his mouth. The man relaxed somewhat and with that, the boy was able to pull the spewing cock out of his throat for a breath of air. His mouth bloated with so much of the cum that his cheeks looked almost transparent. His throat continued swallowing each blast. His cheeks deflated only to inflate time and time again. After a while, the boy slowly eased the cock out of his mouth and cleaned it of the cum it still had on it until the cock shone bright. Reaching down and caressing the young boy's cheek and running his fingers through his long blonde hair much like someone would their girlfriend, "Did I do good?" the young boy asked, and the older man nodded. "You did very good."

At that point, the boy noticed movement from someone else entering to room. As that person came to the bed, he noticed it was a naked chiseled black man with a cock that looked like it was at least the length of his arm, and as thick as it too. The head has a large flaring rim to it, and below it the body of the cock tapered from small to excessively large down to the base. Below the base hung a pair of balls that looked like a pair of tennis balls. He stared at those balls as they undulated and pulsated slowly. The black man gently grasped his head and intertwined his fingers into his golden hair. Urging his head forward, the boy brought his already saturated cum filled mouth to that of the black cock. Swallowing nervously, the boy looked up into the eyes of the black man and asked "I don't know if I can take you" he said and the man answered the boy by saying "I know you can and I know that you will because you know you must" he replied. "You know what else I want of you ?" he asked. The boy nodded his his head no, and the man told him "I want you to be my young bitch and in being my bitch, I want to fuck you by taking your cherry". Nothing the man wanted more was to sink his huge cock deep within the tight confines of the boy's split- peach ass - to watch as the nether hole struggled to take his thick cock; to feel his long thick cock imbed itself deep inside the young boy until his cock bottomed out deep inside of him; to fuck the boy until the boy came, and when the boy came, his own cum would spew forth to coat every single inch of his tight tunnel until his cum bloated the boy's belly as his intestines expanded from the volume of the man's cum.

The young boy tried his best to grasp the long thick black cock, but is was too big for just one hand and he needed to work the cock with both hands. The look and feel of the cock entranced him. It pulsated gently and seemed to be alive. The veins that ran up and down both sides of the cock made it look as menacing as it looked from the boy's point of view. The boy's own nether hole twitched at the thought of how was this big cock going to fit inside of him. Wicked thoughts formed in his head of the erotic vision one would see of him taking his black lover deep into his virgin nether hole. As his hands slowly jacked the cock, more and more of the pre-cum oozed out, until not only was the cock coated with it, but his tiny hands as well.

It was at this point that he looked at the cock, and seeing the eye flare open slightly, his tongue slithered forward into it, delving deeply to extract the warm tasty cum oozing out of it, and when the boy thought he could stand it no longer, he ventured his lips closer to the black stalk and its large mushroom flared head. Sensing what was about to happen, the man grasped the golden haired boy in his large hands, and helped him fit his lips to the cock before him. The boy's lips pursed at the cock head and as the man held the boy's head, the man slowly pushed his hips forward. The flared head made it's presence known to the boy as it nudged apart the boy's lips slowly until they were as wide open as possible. The boy started crying gently as the large head pressed forward, stretching the boy's lips beyond their limit. As the man watched intently, his cock head pressed past the lips and suddenly, his cock head felt as if it had entered a heated cavern. The boy was becoming frantic, because such a large cock in his mouth was causing a lack of air through his nostrils.

Onward the man pushed. Sliding his cock deeper into the tight constricting confines of the boy's mouth and onward to it's final destination - His tiny throat. As the boy slowly warmed up to the huge cock, he began slathering the underside of the cock first, and then working his tongue around the girth of the cock until his tongue bathed every inch of it, all the while gently bobbing his head. As his tight hot mouth became more accustomed to the huge cock, he began taking more and more of the cock into his mouth, while at the same time, intimately fondling the tennis sized balls that hung below the huge stalk, amazed at their size and the fact that they seemed to be alive with the undulations he felt. The man held his head steady as the boy ingested more of his cock. The man slowly slid more cock into the boy until his cock reached the entrance of the boy's throat. As the cock's large flared head touched the entrance of his throat, the boy suddenly stiffened and tightened up. The man told the boy to relax and let him control everything.

The boy looking up into the man's eyes with his head tilted upwards slightly relaxed himself and his throat muscles. At that point, the man slowly eased his cock forward pushing past the entrance and felt his cock sliding into the tight constricting confines of the boy's throat. As it slid in, the boy started to become frantic as more of his air was cut off by the huge cock sliding into his tiny throat. As time progressed, the boy became scared, and began beating his tiny hands against the body of the man in a frantic attempt to gain air to his lungs. The man obviously had other plans and reached down to grasp the boy's arms and moved the two of them over to a nearby wall, where he pinned the boy by holding his arms and pressing his cock further and deeper into the tiny throat.

The boy became frantic as his supply of air was completely cut off by the huge cock imbeded deep in his throat. The man looked down to see the boy's urgency, and watched his throat bulge with the outline of his cock. The throat rippled slightly as his cock flexed itself within the tight confines of the restricted throat. His balls rumbled with a greater urgency as the thick pasty cum his balls produced had gained in volume. The man let out his breath as he eased his cock out of the boy's throat. The boy, sensing this, waited for his first fresh breath of air, and suddenly it came, as the cock pulled out of his throat. Huge gulps of air were ingested into the boy's lungs as the boy struggled to restore himself from a lack of air. But just as suddenly, his supply of air was once again cut off as the huge cock slid past his throat portal and deep into his tight throat again. The boy sensed that this scene would be repeated many times over until the man's balls erupted. And it caused to boy to worry with greater concern. How was he going to breathe when that happened?

The cock sawed steadily in and out of his throat after the boy became more and more accustomed to the lewd throat fucking that the man had set up. The man released the boy's arms to once again hold his head in place as he face fucked the young boy. His thick black cock slid effortlessly in and out of the boy, and his tiny throat, with each inward and outward stroke. Soon his thick black cock gleamed with warm spittle from the boy's mouth, and his tennis size balls rumbled and churned with increasing urgency, knowing that soon those balls would give up their precious commodity - thick rich paste-like cum! Faster and faster the face fucking proceeded, with moans coming from the man above him as he sought to bring him to his impending orgasm. His tiny hands now held onto the huge cock as though he was clinging to it to prevent himself from falling. Soon the man announced that he was cuming, and with the last inward stroke, the man held himself as his balls erupted, his cock flexed within the tight confines of the throat, and the boy fought for air as the huge cock blasted the hot cum into his throat. The man watched the boy choke as he struggled to swallow the thick cum. His throat muscles struggled again and again as the orgasm seemed to go on and on and on...............

Suddenly, the man pulled the cock out of his throat, and the boy gulped in a large volume of air, only to find his throat filled once again with the thick sticky paste-like cum. The man had pulled back to the boy's lips, and in doing so, the boy's cheeks stretched and bloated obscenely to an almost transparent look. Cum poured out of the cock, and the boy swallowed again and again. His throat bobbed with each swallow; his cheeks inflated only to deflate to once again become bloated with hot thick cum. Time seemed to stop for the next several minutes as both struggled with the constant problem. The boy's stomach felt full with the huge amount of ingested cum. As the boy sucked the cum out of the cock, his nether hole twitched at the lewd images running around in his head of what a obscene sight it would be to have this black cock splitting his tight peach asshole The black man began to pull his still hard cock free from the boy's mouth, but when the flared head reached the tightly stretched lips, he began to wonder if the head would break free from the tight lips, as it soon became quite apparent that a struggle would ensue. Holding the boy's head firmly, he pulled against the boy's lips. Steady outward pressure increased on the lips until the defining moment came when the boy cried out and the head popped free with a resounding loud popping sound, and as the head moved further away from those lips, all that connected the cock to those lips was a long thick silvery strand of white cum. Suddenly, the long strand broke free and slapped the boy's lips and chin. A tiny tongue came out of his mouth to scoop up this strand...............

The man reached down and grasped the boy to urge him to climb onto his body. His long thick hard black cock and it's tennis sized balls were in need of further release. The black stalk angled up, and raising the boy up onto his body, he clasped the boy's buttocks firmly, and lewdly parted his buttocks to expose his tiny virgin nether hole to the mighty black stalk jerking and pulsating with the need of release as the balls furthered themselves by undulating more in their need to fill the twin orbs with a full potent load of thick pasty cum. As the boy looked into the man's eyes, a sudden calm settled over him, and he sighed deeply. The man slowly lowered the boy onto his cock while the boy laid his face upon the man's chest. His tiny virgin hole twitched with anticipation. The boy bit into the man's shoulder as the steely flared head pushed tight against his tiny hole. Slowly, the tiny hole opened up, and in a short time, the hole flowered open to admit the large flared head into his rectum. Cries & tears of the slight pain flowed from the boy as the cock pushed past the initial entrance barrier and began it's journey into the tight confines of the boy's bowels. More and more of the man's thick hard cock was ingested into the boy, until the boy cried out that he could take no more of the cock. Looking into the boy's eyes, the man told him that he would take every single inch of him and there would be no more denying him. The boy looked terrified, but began to ride the man in an up & down manner.

Each up & down motion forced more of the thick cock deeper. Sobbing gently, the boy slowly took the man where no one had gone before and soon the boy's tight rectum had all 10" of the man's thick cock imbedded deep within his rectum, and was biting into the shoulder of the man in an attempt to stifle his cries. He was the man's bitch!

The boy wanted nothing more than to please his man, and he worked his tiny hole over the thick cock, taking the cock into his hole until it bottomed and then rising up until the flared head reached the inside of his tight tiny hole, only to drop onto the cock once again - taking it deep into himself - fucking himself senseless. Tremors coursing throughout his little body as he fucked his man. The man held his tiny ass cheeks tight as the boy fucked himself silly. THe man slowly walked over to the bed, and holding onto the boy, turned themselves so that the boy laid face down on the bed with his smooth hairless ass spread before the man with the thick black cock speared in between the boy's split peach halves. Pushing a thick pillow under the boy's hips to elevate them, the man soon found his position and began to saw his thick cock in and out of the boy in his determination to fill him with his hot frothy thick paste-like cum. The man soon established a steady rythm and the bed creaked with the weight of the man fucking the boy. The bedroom reeked of manly sweat and the cries and squeals coming from the boy as the man drove himself deeper and deeper into the boy in a faster and faster frenzy.

The boy began shrieking loudly, and soon struggled to his hands and knees in his offer for the man to fuck him senseless. What an erotic sight is was in that dimly lit bedroom, with only the light of the full moon shining through the window - bathing the two in the moonlight. A blond-haired boy, whose body resembled that of a young girl, being savagely fucked by a strong muscled black man, whose long thick hard black cock sawed relentlessly in and out of the boy's tiny tight nether hole. The boy rocked his ass back onto the cock and as he drove the cock into his bowels until it bottomed out deep within his tight confines, his head raised up with his long blond hair and bellowed out to the man "fuck me, fuck me deeper will ya? I want you in me until I'm gagging on your thick cock." Faster and faster the two drove each other to their oncoming and impending orgasms. The boy wanted nothing more than to please his man.

The man gripped the boy's hips in his frantic urge to fill his bowels with his cum. Faster he drove himself to his impending orgasm, until it came upon him. With the man's cock pulsating madly, and his balls frantic in their need to unload their sticky load of cum, the boy sensed that the time was here, and as he bellowed out his screams, he slid his tight tiny hole over the hard thick cock until he felt the man's pubic hairs, and felt the hard cock deep in his bowels. At that very moment, the man pushed himself still deeper into the boy, and the boy cried out and struggled to free himself from the deepening cock that his bowels were now being forced to accept. The man's balls drew themselves up and almost disappeared into his body when they contracted madly. Hot thick cum raced out of them and up the cock's tube. The cock's flared head became even larger as though to seal itself within the boy's tight hot confines. Suddenly, the cum spat from the tip of the cock in one long thick stream. The boy felt this and screamed out at the same time his own orgasm began. Feeling the boy cuming only fueled the man's cum as more and more of the man's thick cum shot out of his cock in stream after stream into the boy's bowels, coating every single inch. On and on and on the man's hot thick paste-like cum streamed out of him into the boy - filling the boy's bowels with a hot sticky cum enema. The boy's lower belly bloated obscenely from the volume of the cum the man injected deep into him. So much sticky cum flowed out of the man and into the boy, that the man's balls began to hurt as though they were being squeezed in a vise.

The man slowly pulled back slightly as his cum continued streaming out, packing every internal crevice of the boy, until his large flared head reached the tight hole's entrance muscle. Gripping the boy's hips tightly, he pulled his cock out of the hole, which in turn caused the boy to scream out from the pain of having his tight hole stretched beyond it's capabilities. Suddenly, the thick cock head pulled free from the tight hole, and as he pulled free from the boy, he watched as a long thick strand of cum stretched from the end of his cock to that of the boy's now tightly closed nether hole until it snapped free from the man's cock to slap lewdly against the boy's hole and inner thigh, looking obscene in it's nature. The boy slowly retreated to the soft confines of the bed. His split peach ass held a truly erotic sight: Hot thick cum slowly bubbled and oozed out of his tight hole and it slowly traveled down the crevice of his ass and onto the bed covers to pool into a small puddle. Tiny tremors shook his body as he wound down from his orgasm. Rolling over after awhile, he gazed up at the man and at the cock that fulfilled both their desires. The cock was still pulsating gently, and rising up on the bed, he reached out to encircle the man's cock with his tiny fingers. Sliding his hands over the cock, he motioned the man to bring his cock closer.

He slowly eased the cock into his tiny mouth to lick it clean of the jism until it shone a bright glossy gleam of warm spittle.