Mother and Daughters

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Lauren Mobrey ran home from school. It was the last day of the school year, and Lauren was very anxious to begin her summer vacation. As she ran, Lauren was thinking of all the activities she would do. There was swimming, and riding her bike, and hanging out with her friends Kayla and Megan.

As Lauren rounded the corner of her street, she noticed that her mother's car was in the driveway. Usually her mother wouldn't be home so early; mostly arriving home sometime after six. Why is she home?, Lauren thought to herself. Could something be wrong?

As she entered the door, Lauren had expected to find her mother waiting in the living room, or even in the kitchen. But she was in neither place. Lauren was getting worried. She was sure that her mother had to be somewhere in the house. But where, as the house was not all that big in size. Though someone could get lost inside, if they wanted to.

As Lauren continued her search, she began to hear a strange sound, like someone moaning. Stranger still was the fact that the sound seemed to be coming from one of the bedrooms. Why were her mother's clothes scattered on the floor of the hall?

Lauren followed the sounds, and the trail of discarded clothing. Her mother, Patty, was found lying on Lauren's bed; pistoning her fingers in and out of her pussy. As the fingers on her mother's hand moved faster and faster, Lauren noticed that the moaning grew louder and louder. But soon the moaning stopped and her mother's body went stiff.

At first, Lauren was scared. Was her mother okay? Should she try to help in some way? Lauren didn't know what to do.

After a few seconds, Lauren's mother began moving again. And when she rolled on to her side, she was greeted by the shocked and puzzled face of her daughter, Lauren.

"Honey, when did you come in?" she began. "I guess I didn't hear you." As she sat up. Patty reached out to Lauren. But Lauren backed away. "Honey, wait," Patty called.

Lauren stopped in the doorway, her eyes fixed on the naked form of her mother. Noticing this, Patty beckoned Lauren forward. Slowly Lauren moved toward her mother, still unsure of what was taking place.

"Would you like to touch them?” Patty asked, pointing to her breasts.

Lauren reached her hand out, gently touching her mother's left breast. It was very strange to her, being able to feel her mother’s breast without layers of clothes being in the way. The breast was warm and soft, unlike anything that Lauren had felt before. It was big, and kind of bouncy; full of a life all its own. And it kind of scared Lauren.

For Lauren, the whole situation was unreal. Lauren was definitely not used to seeing her mother’s naked breasts, much less her whole body. But that was the current situation. Patty was sitting on the edge of Lauren’s bed, totally nude. Although not an overweight woman, Patty was slightly chubby, with the weight distributed across her body. Her breasts were round but firm. Her hips and rear were round and full. In all, Patty Hunter-Mobrey was the image of a mother, a naked mother.

Lauren continued to lightly caress Patty's breast, running her hand all along the sides, and over the top and bottom. As she passed the front of the breast, Lauren ran her thumb across Patty’s nipple. This caused Patty to moan, and caused Lauren to jump back in fear.

"It's okay, honey. It's okay", Patty said, as she tried to reassure Lauren that everything was fine. "You were just making me feel very good. Would you like me to make you feel good?"

At first Lauren said nothing. She simply stared at Patty. But after a few seconds, she nodded her head, and said, "Yes, please make me feel good."

Patty smiled at her daughter, hugged her, then said, “Then we need to get these clothes off you, don’t we?” Slowly, Patty began unbuttoning her daughter's shirt. Even though Lauren was thirteen, she still had the body of a young girl. Because her breasts were small, Lauren rarely wore a bra, including this day. As the shirt opened more, Laurens relatively flat chest came into view. Once the shirt was fully unbuttoned, Patty pulled it from Lauren's jeans, eased it down Lauren’s arms, then tossed it onto the bedroom floor.

Even though her breasts were small, Lauren's nipples were large enough for Patty to pull on, and play with. After rubbing Lauren’s tits for a little while, Patty lowered her head, and began sucking on Lauren’s nipples.

"Mmm, Mom, that feels so good!" Lauren moaned as her mother sucked and slurped across her nipples. Patty broke away and fed her own breast to Lauren, as Lauren began to suck on her mothers nipples.

"Oh God, honey, I've needed this for so long. Yes!! Yes!! Please, please me!" Patty sighed.

Reaching down between their bodies, Patty opened Lauren's jeans and reached inside her panties, giving Lauren's pussy a feel. Lauren gasped, with both surprise and pleasure, when her mother rubbed her clit, then slipped a finger inside her slit.

Lauren had never felt anything like this before, But judging by the feelings her mother's fingers created, she was sure this would not be the last time. Patty reluctantly pulled Lauren away from licking her tits so that she could kneel down and pull Lauren's jeans off her slim hips, then repeated the action with Lauren's panties.

"God, you're so beautiful", Patty said as she stared lovingly at her daughter's pussy. Moisture was present upon the young girl's lips, and Patty was eager to add to that moisture. Upon hearing her mother's words of appreciation, Lauren blushed. She was not used to hearing someone make comments about the beauty of her private area. But the words made her feel good about herself, and what she and her mother were doing. Smiling at one another, Patty helped Lauren over to the bed.

Patty laid Lauren on her back, with her legs hanging over the edge of the bed, and pressed her lips against Lauren's pussy, tasting her young daughter's juices.

Lauren couldn't believe this was happening. She was experiencing lesbian sex for the first time. The fact that it was with her own mother did crossed her mind once. But the feeling of her mother's tongue probing her young, and now very wet, snatch changed all that. This felt too good to want to stop.

Closing her eyes, Lauren let her mother explore her pussy, whimpering and moaning softly whenever she felt her mother's tongue licking along her slit, or poke at her clit. "Oh mom..." Lauren whispered, blushing as her fingers dug into the bed sheets, while arching her back slightly; her mother's tongue running all over her sensitive clit and pussy lips.

Patty, on the other hand, was enjoying herself as well; her tongue lashing savagely at her daugther's clit, while her fingers slowly made their way up Lauren's nubile young body. Patty then began gently playing with Lauren's nipples, before she began blowing into her daughter's pussy. "Lauren, sweetie, are you still a virgin?" she asked ever so bluntly.

"Mom! Why are you asking me that?" Lauren's face showed the bewilderment that she felt. And Patty quickly picked up on it.

Patty was about to answer when she heard a gasp come from behind her. Turning quickly, Patty saw her other daughter, 16 year old Kate, watching them with interest from the bedroom doorway. Kate hastily removed her right hand from her right tit, and her left hand from the crotch of her jeans, when she realised that her mother and younger sister had seen her, and could tell what she had been doing. Embarrassment soon set in.

Lauren was shocked and equally as embarrassed as her siser, Kate. But Patty was neither shocked or embarrassed. For Patty, things were going almost according to plans.

Patty stood back up, and gestured for Kate to come into the room. Once Kate was close enough, Patty gently placed her hand on Kate's arm, and guided the cooperative girl to the bed, laying her next to Lauren. Patty then loosened her grip on Kate, and guided the girl's hands between Lauren's legs. Kate's fingers instinctively found her sister's clit, and began rubbing it gently.

Kate's mind was filling with a blur of thoughts and feelings. When she had come home, she had heard the moans of ecstacy coming from the bedroom, and went to investigate. When she saw her mother kneeling between Lauren's legs, hungrily licking at her younger sister's pussy, Kate was shocked at first. But that shock soon turned to arousal, and Kate was soon lost to the desires of her body.

Now she was sitting on the bed next to Lauren, running her fingers along the young girl's slit, up and over the aroused clitoris, and even thrusting a finger or two into the inviting opening of Lauren's pussy. Kate couldn't believe that this was happening. But she also had no desire to see it stop anytime soon.

With Kate's mind and fingers occupied for the moment, Patty quickly worked the button and zipper fly of Kate's jeans open, exposing the growing wet spot on the crotch of the girl's lacy panties. Patty then hooked her fingers into the waist band of Kate's jeans and panties, and tugged them down off Kate's ass, and completely down off her legs, adding them to Lauren's recently discarded clothing.

Patty then knelt in front of Kate, and buried her face between the girl's legs, sniffing in the wonderful aroma of an aroused pussy. After a few brief sniffs, Patty wasted little time before she sank her tongue into Kate's waiting pussy. In no time. Kate's juices were flowing like a mighty river. And Patty was more than happy to lap those juices up.

Although she was being treated to one of the best hand-jbs of her young life, Lauren wanting to get more into the action taking place. Sitting up slightly, Lauren worked to pull Kate's shirt up over her head, revealing Kate's bra enclosed tits. Grabbing the bottom of Kate's bra, Lauren pulled it up, exposing Kate's tits fully to her lust-filled view. Lauren then leaned her head forward, and began to suck and lick Kate's hardening nipples.

Feeling the pleasure of her sister's tongue on her nipples, Kate removed her hand from Lauren crotch momentarily, and reached behind her back, unhooking the bra, and then completely discarding it to the floor. She then resumed the finger work she had been doing quite well, based on the moans and whimpers coming from Lauren. Every time Kate would touch a sensitive area of her pussy, Lauren would moan into Kate's tit, causing Kate to experience a wave of sensations unlike anything she'd felt before. With mother and sister working her body over and over, Kate knew that it would be no time at all before she came. And from the sound of her moan, Lauren most likely wouldn't be far behind.

Kate continued pumping her fingers in and out of Lauren's sopping wet snatch, bringing the young girl closer and closer to the edge of ecstacy. At the same time, Patty continued to lick up a storm all over Kate's lush bush. Almost as if by design, both girls climaxed together. Moaning loudly, the two young sluts went stiff for a few seconds, then collapsed back onto the bed, still holding onto one another.

"Mom, that was amazing," said Lauren once her breathing had returned to normal. "I never imagined that sex could be like that."

"Yeah, mom. That was the best tongue lashing I've ever had." At first, Kate didn't realize what she had said. But from the surprised looks that her mother and sister gave her, Kate realized that she had just admitted that this was not her first experience with girl-girl sex. Blushing slightly, Kate clarified her remarks.

"When I was twelve, I spent the night with Jenny Richards, remember?" Seeing her mother nod in agreement, Kate continued. "Jenny and I sat around that night, talking about boys, and sex. Jenny was just as inexperienced as I was, so we were both very curious about sex, and how it felt. As we were talking, Jenny's older sister, Rhonda, came in to the room, and told us that she knew a little about sex, and offered to teach us what she knew. But only if we promised not to tell anyone else."

"We promised, and eagerly awaited the lessons to begin. First, Rhonda told us that sex was not exclusive to only a boy and a girl. Boys could have sex with one another. And so could grls. And that sex with another girl was much better than with a boy. Jenny and I were both shocked. Not only was this the first time we had heard of this, but also by the fact that Rhonda seemed to be very knowledgeable about girl-girl sex."

"Jenny and I had been sitting on Jenny's bed, wearing our nightgowns. Rhonda suggested that we all move to the floor, and get more comfortable. At first, Jenny and I had no idea what she meant by 'get more comfortable'. But as soon as we saw Rhonda removing her clothes, we knew what we needed to do. So we both quickly stripped off our nightgowns and panties, and then waited for Rhonda to continue."

As Kate's story continued, both Lauren and Patty began to rub themselves; they had begun to feel very aroused by what was being said. At frst their rubbing was slow and sensual. But gradually the speed of their fingers and hands began to increase. Both were hanging onto every word as Kate's story continued.

"Once we were all naked, Rhonda show us how to masturbate ourselves to orgasm. She started slowly, running her fingers along her thighs, the along the outer edges of her pussy lips. A few times, Jenny and I would see Rhonda insert a finger or two into her slit. Or simply run her fingers across her clitoris. Whatever she did to herself, Rhonda was slowly and deliberately working herself closer to orgasm.

"After using the slower movement for awhile, Rhonda then began building the speed of her rubbing, until it was almost a blur. Jenny and I were getting so turned on that we tried to copy Rhonda's movements. It didn't take long before three of us were moaning so loud, we worried that the people on the next block might heard us. We eventually all came at about the same time, Rhonda first, then me and Jenny."

At this point, Kate was getting so worked up that she began to rub herself too.

"After the three of us had had a chance to recover from our orgasms, Rhonda moved on to the next part of her lessons. She had Jenny lay on the floor, and open her legs as wide as she could. Rhonda then laid down, with her head between Jenny's legs. She then began to rub Jenny's pussy with her fingers, slowly working along the outer lips, before plunging a digit or two into the waiting hole. After only a few seconds of rubbing, Jenny was already breathing hard. And Rhonda was just getting started. Rhonda then moved a little further up Jenny's body, pressing her face against Jenny's crotch. With her head lowered, she began licking Jenny's pussy. She started slowly, then built up speed. Just watching this, I became horny. I began rubbing myself again; starting slow, then working up a full head of steam. As Rhonda was driving Jenny closer to climax, I was doing the same to myself. It was only a few moments late that Jenny and I came again."

Kate's hand was a blur by now, as were the hands of Patty and Lauren. All three ladies were working to come at the same time as the other two.

With her orgasm building, Kate continued her tale. "After resting again for a few moments, Rhonda suggested that Jenny and I try 'eating each other out', which she explained was what she had been doing to Jenny. Jenny and I were hesitant at first, but we both wanted to give it a try. Again, Jenny laid down on the floor, and I joined her. But instead of positioning myself between Jenny's legs like Rhonda had, Rhonda suggested that we try a '69'. We were still a little scared at first, but we soon got the hang of things."

"It only took a few licks to get us going. In what seemed like only a short span of time, we both came again. We didn't want to stop right away, so we kept going for over an hour, before stopping for the night."

By now, the three ladies were breathing hard, and were rubbing so fast that climaxing was inevitable. And with a few last rubs, they all came. After resting a bit, Kate finished her story.

"Every time that Jenny and I could get together, we'd go down on each other. And, of course, we continued to learn more 'fun' things from Rhonda. At a few of our sleepovers, Jenny and I would even bring some of our other girlfriends into the mix. I can honestly say that many good times were had by me and Jenny. But what we did tonight was better than all those time put together. Where'd you learn to eat pussy like that, Mom?"

A wicked smile crossed Patty's face. Leaning back on the bed, Patty began her story of sexual discovery.