My Aunt Milly

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A young fourteen-year-old virgin is in his aunt's care for the duration of his parent's vacation.

Story summary: Aunt Milly babysits for Kevin.

  • Chapter 1
    • Arrival. She is too hot and wants a swim in the pool. Kevin gets excited by her body in a small swimsuit. Later, Kevin in shower when Milly comes in to piss makes him cum
  • Chapter 2
    • Next day Milly dresssed in very little, excites Kevin even more. She says she needs a piss and takes him along. Gets him to piss and cum on her
  • Chapter 3
    • Milly tells Kein about her first incest fuck and he gets to fuck her
  • Chapter 4
    • They are interrupted by the return of Kevin's parents, and their shock at finding the two fucking