My Aunt Milly: Chapter 1

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"Kevin, come down and help with the bags. Your Aunt Milly's cab is here." My mom called up the stairs to my room.

My parents were going on a month-long holiday and Aunt Milly was coming to 'babysit' me. I had protested, for I was more than old enough. I was fourteen and didn't need anybody to 'babysit' me. So we agreed that aunt Milly was coming to 'take care of the house'.

I looked forward to my parents' holiday. Aunt Milly was a lot of fun, she wasn't as strict as my parents, and she usually let me do anything I wanted. I haven't seen her in almost six months. Last winter, a few weeks after her divorce, she came to stay with us for a couple of weeks .

I ran down the stair and out the door. Aunt Milly was just outside and met me with open arms. Aunt Milly wasn't the small type nor was she fat, she was full, and when I hugged her, I couldn't help noticing how pleasant her full body's contact with mine was. Her generous breasts pressed nicely against my chest and her nice smell filled my nostrils.

Having hit puberty lately, sex was constantly on my mind and Aunt Milly, with her big tits, slim waist and wide hips was a frequent muse in my masturbatory explorations.

"How is my favourite cousin?" she said into my ear. "I missed you. God, you sure have grown. You're now taller than your old aunt." She said tightening her hug and bringing her thighs into full contact with mine.

"I missed you too Aunty. Good to see you again. And who told you you were old?" I said as I hugged her back, kissing her cheek and then her neck.

Aunt Milly was my father's youngest sister and was only about 12 years older than me. She always calls me her favourite cousin; she said because she did not think she was old enough to be an aunt.

I felt her arms loosening around me too soon for my taste.

"Well, I'm here for a whole month. You will see me so much you'll get bored of me."

"I can never get bored of you Aunty; you know that."

"It sure feels good to be wanted at least."

She let go of me and grabbed one of her bags off the ground and started heading inside. I grabbed the two other bigger bags and followed her in.

I couldn't take my eyes away from her swaying ass as she walked in front of me.

Once inside, she headed for the kitchen where my mother was finishing the last of her packing.

"You're late, we barely have time to reach our first destination before it's dark."

"Yeah, sorry. The plane was delayed."

"Ok, we have to run if we're going to catch up to our schedule. Sorry sis, we can't hang around for a bit more to see you. We'll spend more time together when we come back."

"I'll be here." Aunt Milly replied with a disappointed tone.

"Now Milly," my mother said, "If Kevin gets out of control, you should still be able to handle him. If you have any problems, you have our cell numbers and the neighbours number is on the fridge."

"Hi Milly. Nice to see you again," said dad coming into the kitchen. "Thanks for babysitting Kevin..."

"Dad! I don't need babysitting!" I cut him off.

"Yeah, that's right. Thank you Milly for taking care of the house while we're away." He said looking at me and winking.

"Come on honey; we have to run," he said to Mom.

They got into the car and with a few waves and a honk of the car's horn, they were gone.

I followed Aunt Milly in the door, watching as her ass moved in her tight stretch cotton pants. As I walked, I developed a slight limp due to the fact that my prick started growing and it was set in the wrong direction in my underwear beneath my tight jeans. I was just trying to discreetly adjust it when Aunt Milly looked back at me. My hands shot away from my crotch and I felt my face flush. Aunt Milly didn't say a thing, but I did notice a small smile come to the left side of her face.

After setting her bags in the guest room, she turned and looked at me.

"It's a hot day, the cab's air conditioner was broken and I was almost melting in that car. How about we go for a little dip in the pool?" She asked me.

"Awesome. I'll go change into my swimming shorts."

"I'll change and meet you outside."

I wisely chose my baggy swim suit because I knew I was going to have a hard time hiding anything that may come 'up' and since it was only hour one, I did not want to start with too much embarrassment. I headed for the pool and jumped in right away.

I was glad for my baggy shorts when I saw aunt Milly emerge from the patio door.

Aunt Milly is not what you would call fat, nor was she thin. She had a perfectly exaggerated hour-glass figure. In the suit she was wore, she looked like something that I had seen on TV on one of those pageants. Her two-piece suit looked as though it was made for someone a size or two smaller. Her breasts where squished into the top and the flesh of her breasts bulged out on the sides. Her flat stomach was in stark contrast with her jutting breasts and curved hips. When she walked past me to the diving board, the back of her suit looked to have the same problem and most of her butt cheeks were not well contained either.

She noticed me observing her and said with a small smile, "It has been a few years since I wore a bathing suit, looks like it got a bit too small. I didn't have the time to buy a new one before coming. I guess this will just have to do for now."

She got on the diving board and did a few test bounces. Not much moved on her. I only noticed her big breasts as they almost came out of the skimpy top. The material was so tight on her, her nipples were quite noticeable. Her bounces not only made her flesh move, it made mine move too. Despite the coolness of the water, I could feel myself stiffening. She jumped in and made a huge splash and I could easily hear the loud smack that her skin made when it hit the water.

She emerged out of the water saying, "Ouch, that hurts..."

"What hurts?" I said, my mind going to weird places.

"I guess I'm too out of practice, my entry was too flat and my skin is burning from the impact."

She swam to the shallow end of the pool and stood up. I noticed that one of her shoulder straps was pulled down on her upper arm and my eyes quickly went to the cup that it would have been holding up and to my thrill, I could see almost half of her nipple peeking from behind the cloth.

My previously hesitant cock came to full unwavering attention. I couldn't tear my eyes away from her chest. She noticed me looking and followed my gaze and saw that she was partially exposed.

"Ooops," she said with a slightly embarrassed smile tugging her shoulder strap up. But it didn't completely fix the problem. The cloth was wet and it clung to her skin and when she pulled her strap up, she only managed to lift her half-exposed nipple up and not hide it any better. She noticed that too of course and had to pull the cloth away from her skin to pull it over her brown areola giving me a short flash of her whole nipple. But all too fast it was hidden again.

Under the water surface, my cock was at full mast. There was few seconds of awkward silence and I didn't want my aunt to runaway just yet.

"With a bit more practice you'll be able to dive into the water properly," I managed to blurt. "It took me quite a while to master jumping into the water without too much pain."

"Well, it's embarrassing. I'm a grown woman and I used to swim quite well; now I just managed to fall into the water, and it was painful to boot."

"Oh, don't worry about it too much. I'm the only one here to see, and I'm not much better, so you have nothing to be embarrassed about."

I was only trying to encourage my aunt to not give up on diving into the water. Of course, my motives were far from innocent. I hoped that I would get to see more of her charms if would have more accidents like this time.

"I guess so," she said turning away from me.

I noticed her adjusting her top some more with her back to me.

"I'm gonna do some laps, wanna join me?" I asked hoping to engage her in some more activity.

"Oh, I'm not really a good swimmer. I just manage to splash around and pretend that I'm swimming."

"We could do that too," I said wading towards her.

"Huh, what do you mean?"

"This!" I said splashing a good handful of water at her face.

I caught her off guard and the water hit her face dead centre going into her eyes, nose and mouth. She sputtered and covered her face with her hands.

"You little twerp, I'll get you for this!" She said and dove towards me.

I turned around to run away, but she was too fast and I felt her arms encircle my knees and I fell into the water. A little water wrestling match ensued and we took turns dunking each other.

I managed to cop a feel of her awesome tits few times, as well as her ass; of course, it was all in the pretence of good-natured wrestling. Although at the start my erection had gone down, after the few feels of her tits, it came back harder than ever.

At one point, I attacked her from the back and got a good hold of her with my arms wrapped around her waist. As she tried to get free, my crotch came in full contact with her round ass and I could distinctly feel my cock nestle itself in the deep crease between her buns. Her resistance made her ass rub back onto my cock few times. Of course, my shorts and her bathing suite were in the way, but just the idea of the contact almost made me blow my wad inside my shorts.

I guess she felt something too, for her resistance grew weak and she seemed hesitant.

"Ok, I give up already," she squealed, but I got the impression that it was a forced squeal.

"I think we better stop", she said grabbing my hands and trying to get out of my grasp.

"Oh, you're a sore loser. Now that I was beating you, you're giving up." I said trying to keep the fight going.

"Yes, you've beat me. I want to get out now. I want to get a little sun. I feel like tanning."

I let go of her, disappointed. I was enjoying the feel of her body and especially the way her rounded ass felt against my virgin cock.

She headed for the ladder and pulled herself up and soon she was lying face down on a chaise. I couldn't get out just yet. My cock was still making a tent in my shorts and I didn't want Milly to see it, I would be too embarrassed.

"Hey Kevin, do you have some sunscreen around?" I heard my aunt call.

"I think so," I replied, "I think mom keeps a bottle somewhere."

"Can you check please, I think I need some. I would burn badly if I exposed myself too long with no sunscreen."

"Sure, I'll look for it." I said heading to the ladder facing away from where she was lying. I didn't want her to see my still hard erection.

Although I quickly found the bottle on a shelf in the kitchen, I took my time coming back out. I got a couple of glasses of juice from the fridge with a couple of straws, then I loitered in the kitchen for a bit until my erection subsided a little and wasn't as obvious anymore.

I put the glasses and the sunscreen on a tray and carried it outside.

"Aunt Milly, I found the bottle; and I got some juice for you if you want it."

"That's great, thanks," she said pushing herself up and turned sideway. Leaning on her elbow, she reached for the glass that I offered. "You know, we're alone here for now. You can call me Milly. 'Aunt' makes me feel too old. So how about it?"

"Sure, if that's what you want, Milly."

"Yeah, that makes me feel a bit better. It has a better ring than 'aunt milly'."

She sucked on the straw for a bit and said, "That tastes so good in this sun, you're the best cousin a woman can ask for."

Then she put down the glass on the ground and turned back down and used her forearms as a pillow.

"Can you put some of that lotion on me, please?"

"Uhm, yeah sure." I said, my mind reeling.

I grabbed the sunscreen bottle and squeezed some of it directly on my aunt's back.

She jumped a little. "Hey, that's cold. Where was that bottle, in the fridge?"

"Sorry, I guess I should have warmed it on my hands."

With trembling hands I reached for her smooth back and started spreading the white lotion.

"Much better..." she said turning her face to the other side, away from me.

I started massaging the smooth lotion into her back, spreading it around and around. Her skin was very white and very sensual on my fingertips.

Her bathing suite was somewhat small and the back of it was low, I could see a hint of her ass crack. My eyes focused on it and soon my hands followed and I slowly spread the lotion to the edge of her suite and I dared to 'accidentally' push my middle finger a little under the edge and right in the crack. I felt her stiffen a little, but she made no complaints.

I grabbed the bottle again and squeezed more lotion between her shoulder blades above the strap holding her top together.

As I massaged the lotion on her upper back, my hands went under the strap couple of times, and it seems that the material was barely tied together for it came undone when I pushed my hand a little too far under it and my wrist pushed on the knot.

"Ooops! I didn't mean to do that..." I said, not knowing what to do.

"Oh, might as well. Push the straps to the sides, this way I wouldn't have much tan lines."

I did as instructed and now I could spread the lotion with nothing in the way. However, I couldn't tear my eyes away from her sides where I could see her tit flesh bulge out without being hidden by anything.

I kept rubbing the lotion into her back long after it was all evenly spread out.

"Thank you for the lotion, but I think it's all good on top. Can you do the back of my legs now?"

Her legs? Wow. This is more than I've ever imagined.

"Sure. No problem." I said trying to keep my voice steady to hide my nervousness.

This time I didn't make the same mistake, so I squeezed the lotion onto my own hand and rubbed both hands together to warm up the lotion.

I started on her calves and once they were well covered, I moved up to her thighs. My eyes were focused on the area between her legs where her bathing suite ended. I'm gonna have to spread the lotion all the way up there! Right up to her ass, and even on the bit of her cheeks that wasn't covered.

She had full thighs, so I put more lotion on my hands and started at the back of her knees. Bit by bit, slowly, I worked the lotion higher and higher. To my amazement, aunt Milly opened her legs a little bit, seemingly to give me more room to work. I took this as a silent instruction and started spreading the lotion as far as I could reach down, to where her legs met the chaise.

Keeping up the same motion would mean that I would inevitably push my hand between her thighs right at her crotch. My cock felt as hard as a rock and I could feel it throb in my shorts. Sweat beads covered face and my breaths became short and shallow.

Bit by bit, my hands kept going up towards the forbidden target. I had no idea what my aunt was thinking or how far she was expecting me to go. I decided to let her set the limits. I would stop when she tells me to.

Within a minute or two, my hands were no further than two inches from her bathing suit clad ass. By then, I needed more lotion. As I grabbed the bottle and squeezed more out of it, I noticed my aunt spreading her thighs even more.

I was standing over her with my legs on each side of the chaise, I started on the outside of her thighs and moved my hands up onto her cheeks spreading a generous amount of lotion and then started heading down and towards the inside. I could feel my heartbeat in my cock. I could feel the tip brush the inside of my shorts with every pulse. The sides of my hands grazed the edge of her bathing suite and my hands went between her legs, right at the crotch.

I heard her gasp, but she didn't say anything. I pushed in about half way, then pulled out, then holding my breath, I pushed down as far as my hands would go. I could feel the heat from her pussy radiate onto my hands. But the final straw was the feeling of her pubic hair on my fingers. My orgasm surprised me as I felt myself coming in my shorts!

I froze in my place, unable to move or breath. I fought the moan that almost escaped my lips. I bit down on my tongue to hold the sounds from escaping. The spasms in my crotch and my lower stomach made my body bend down a little and effectively pushed my shoulders and arms a bit down. It must have seemed that I'm still trying to spread the lotion or whatever the hell my aunt thought I was doing, because she said nothing despite the prolonged contact with her crotch.

It took me a bit to catch my breath. Slowly, I pulled my hands from between her legs. I almost collapsed on her, my knees felt like jelly.

I cleared my throat.

"Um... I think I'm done..."

"Yeah..." was her only response.

"I need to go inside for a bit, do you need anything?"

"No, I'm fine now. Thank you for the lotion, that felt heavenly."

"You're welcome," I said, "I'll be right back."

I backed away from above her and walked slowly towards the house. I could feel my come sticky inside my shorts. I went straight to the bathroom where I took off the shorts and put them under cold water in the sink. I stepped quickly into the shower and washed what stuck to me. I was still hard despite having an orgasm.

I pondered what just have happened. That was incredible. My aunt must have felt my hands on her pussy, yet she didn't object or say anything. I didn't know if she knew whether I came or not, but if she did, she didn't let on. It boggled my mind that she would let me touch her between the legs without much protest.

I didn't know what's going to happen now, but the possibilities were very exciting. What had happened already was completely unexpected and beyond my wildest imagination.

I started thinking about aunt Milly differently. I definitely didn't see her as my aunt anymore. While previously I was infatuated with her, she was still my aunt, and in my head, completely out of reach. But now, she was woman, a woman with possibilities.

After drying up and putting my shorts back on, I went back outside to find aunt Milly on her back tanning her front. My hopes went up that I may get to put lotion on her front, but those hopes were quickly dashed as I approached, it became clear that she had already taken care of that.

She heard me coming; she opened her eyes and looked at me.

"What took you so long? You were gone forever."

"Umm... nothing, I just had to go to the bathroom."

"Go to the bathroom? is that what we call it now?"

"Huh, what do you mean call IT?"

"Oh, nothing. Nothing at all." She said with a smirk on her face.

I barely sat down on the other chaise next to her when she started getting up saying:

"Well," she said "Looks like I'm done tanning, any more than this and I'll look like a roasted chicken. I'm gonna go shower and I will make us some supper."

"I'll take another dip in the pool and do a couple of laps. When you're done with the shower call me and I'll take a shower too while you make supper."


I went in the pool and ten minutes later I heard her call.

I went to the shower thinking about taking a cool shower to calm things down. I had become excited again when I got out of the pool for my mind kept replying what happened previously.

However, the hot water felt good; and as it were my habit for the last year or so, I started to stroke my cock. Just as I felt the urge to come, there was a quick knock on the door and aunt Milly came in.

"Sorry, I just have to go so bad I could not wait. Don't worry about me!" and I heard her put down the lid, then saw her shadow sit on the toilet right beside the shower.

I froze with shock at the intrusion, but despite the chance of her seeing me and huge potential embarrassment, I couldn't stop stroking. I was too far gone to stop. Biting my lip I came! I splattered right on the frosted glass door; no more than two feet from my Aunts's face!

I heard her flush and she went out of the bathroom.

Dinner was very quiet. I did not know whether she saw or suspected what I did; she did not say a word about it. I sat through the whole meal with a hard-on that wouldn't quit. It seemed that my shower did not help very much and I wanted to come again.

After dinner we watched TV. Neither of us mentioned the events of the day. We watched TV in almost complete silence save for simple comments about what was on TV.

I went to my bedroom early. I was going out of my mind. I was horny as hell and I didn't dare say anything to my aunt or suggest anything. I went to my room and masturbated while thinking about how it felt when my hands were between aunt Milly's legs and touching her crotch.

I fell asleep, and had wild dreams about my aunt.

Chapter 2