My Aunt Milly: Chapter 3

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Later that morning, after the two of them had showered and put on the least clothing they agreed was necessary - Milly wore just another shirt, Kevin shorts with wide bottoms - they were outside by the pool again lying on separate loungers. For a while neither of them spoke. Then Milly turned to face the boy.

"Kevin, I don't want you to think that I seduce every young man who I meet. It's just that you are so like your Dad ..."

"I don't mind, Milly - why should I? It isn't every day it happens to me!"

"No, let me finish. I have to tell you, because it's important. I'm almost six years younger than your Dad, and when we were growing up ..."

When we were growing up! Milly's thoughts went back almost twenty years. I was just eleven years old and already I was getting to be a big girl, like our mom. I was always embarrassed by the size of my breasts, since no other girl in my class had any at all - they all seemed like beanpoles. Bigger boys started to get interested though and that's where the trouble started ... She suddenly realised that Kevin was looking at her.

"Oh sorry, darling, I was just remembering ... well as I was saying, I'm younger than your Dad, and there was an occasion when he had to be my White Knight - do you know what I mean by that?"

"Yeah, I think so - he came to your rescue?"

"It was all because of Billy Tilson. He was a bit of a bully at school" (and he had a wonderful big cock too! she thought) "and he had begun to pester me. Your Dad found out - I think his girlfriend at the time told him - and it was just as well. There was this one day when Billy had got me on my own" (Oh I know, I had been just as bad, ever since he had shown me and Bess his cock!) "and was feeling me up - you know had his hand up my skirt" (I can feel it now - my pussy was getting so wet and his finger was diddling my clit) Anyway your Dad came along just in time or else I think he might have done even worse things (I was so cross with him - I just wanted Billy to go on doing things to me like that for ever - but I couldn't show Paul that could I?)".

"Was Billy getting you excited, Milly? I bet he was, like I am now ...!"

"Well yes Kevin I guess he was. Anyway as soon as he saw your Dad he scooted. My knickers were on the ground round my feet and I had to pull them up. As I did so I guess your Dad saw what he shouldn't have ..."

"Your cunt?"

"Well I was going to say 'pussy', but yes OK my cunt. Brothers shouldn't see such things, should they?"

"You mean like nephews shouldn't see their aunt's? Like I can see yours now ... for instance"

"You're not helping me tell this story, Kevin!"

"Sorry, Milly - anyway go on: your brother saw your cunt. I bet that got him excited!"

"Well yes, you're right, it did! I could see by the look on his face that he was turned on, and the bulge in his shorts helped make it clear! With Billy having frigged me so much I was turned on too. We walked home without saying a word, and when we got there it was to find that mom had left a note saying she wouldn't be home until later that night, and we were to fend for ourselves. "Fend for ourselves" - that's just what the note said, and we both had a fit of giggles. Paul said "Do you want to fend?" and I knew I did. I put my hand on his erection ..."

"Gosh, Milly - and you were only what at the time?"

"I told you: I was eleven, and he was 17. I could tell that we were both ready for it, even though I only had a vague idea exactly what "it" was like!" She laughed.

"But my Dad must've known?"

"Of course he did. He took me in his arms and kissed me hard, opening my mouth with his tongue and forcing his way in. I'd never been kissed like that before ..."

"Did he go further?" Kevin heard his voice croaking with emotion, visualising the scene: a school girl and an almost grown man. His prick throbbed: it was sticking clear out of the bottom of his shorts, purple and angry looking. He touched it, fisted it.

"Oh darling Kevin, can that be for me? Of course he - we - went further. We didn't get far into the house - in fact we were in the living room and the carpet was nearest! We flung off our clothes, and fell down on our knees. He kissed me again, on the lips, on my nipples, my belly. Then he pushed me on to the floor and opened my legs. He saw how wet I was, and put his head between my thighs. I never realised that people did that - using their mouths like that - and I had an almost immediate orgasm - although Paul had to tell me what it was."

"Had you not had one before, Milly?" Kevin was now masturbating himself as he listened to his aunt's story, although Milly held his hand so that he didn't do it too fiercely, saying that she wanted to share in him too!

"Not one like that, no. OK I'd played with myself - I guess most girls do - and had mild ones, but this one came as a complete surprise, it was so powerful. I heard myself cry out, and moaned afterwards with the shock".

"Did he fuck you then, Milly?"

"Oh yes, he did! He knelt up and lifted my ass off the floor so that I made a wonderful target for his cock. I felt it at the entrance, I felt it moving inside, I felt it reach ..."

"Your maidenhead?"

"What a lovely old-fashioned expression, Kevin! But yes, he took my cherry, to be vulgar, and after the pain had gone, pushed on in me. I was filled with his cock, and he was fucking me, fucking me, fucking me. It seemed like that, like it was going on forever ... it was heaven. People say that the first fuck can never be bettered, and I guess they are right. Except that each time you have a new man, it's like that first fuck all over again ..."

"And do you want a new man now, Milly? I only ask because ..."

"... because you are an impatient young man, and you want to fuck me, don't you?"

Kevin didn't reply, but rolled over towards his aunt. He pulled up her shirt and knelt beside her. Then he put his leg over her body and pushed open her legs with his knee before straddling her. She took hold of his prick and guided him to her entrance.

"See how fucking ready I am for you, my darling! See how much your Aunt Milly wants your prick in her cunt! There - let me help you ... through the lips ... into that wet warm tunnel ... push it in, baby, push it in! ... Ohhhhhhhhh! fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!"

"Oh yes Milly, I'm fucking you ... a grown woman!"

"Oh Kevin baby, you're so lovely! Don't ever stop will you, my sweet? Fuck me for ever with your lovely great hard prick!"

Without warning, he shot his seed deep into her, collapsed on to her body, and they both lay still as their breathing gradually returned to normal.

Now he knelt beside her, gazing rapturously on her naked body, and began to trace his fingers over her curves - her breasts, her nipples, her belly, her thighs. He could see his semen leaking from her cunt.

"I love it when you worship me like that, Kevin! 'Cos that was what you were doing ..."

"I know - but you are a miracle, Milly!"

He lay beside her again, giving her his arm to lay her head on, kissing her as he did so. And the two began to drift off to sleep ...

"What in God's name are you doing?" The voice that broke the silence was that of Paul, his father.

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