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Sue and I got married in 2004. I was 37 and my bride a year my junior. Each of us had one child from previous marriages. I had been married to Nicola for 8 years and our son, Thomas, was born in 1995. Sadly, Nicola died of cancer in 2002, so I brought up Thomas on my own. Sue got divorced around the same time and was granted custody of daughter, Holly, now aged 10.

Following the wedding, Sue sold her house, and she and Holly moved in with me and Thomas. The kids hit it off straight away and would spend hour upon hour playing together. Holly especially enjoyed having a big brother to tease.

Sue and I enjoyed a good sex life from the start, usually indulging in intercourse several times a week. Sue being more than happy to try new things, unlike Nicola. She was not very adventourous in the bedroom, much preferring to stick to the missionary position. Occasionally, Nicola would treat me to a blow job, although I knew she wasn't really that keen. I attempted on several occasions to get her to try anal sex, but she always refused point blank.

Sue on the other hand has always been interested in trying something new when it comes to sex. As well as being happy to let me fuck her bum, my new wife introduced me to watersports. Her favorite thing being for me to lay in the bath while she squats over me, releasing her pee on my chest, stomach and penis. On a couple of occasions, she has even done her wee in my mouth when I have been performing cunnilingus on her.

Although I have always enjoyed sex with women, I am also attracted to girls of primary school age. As a teenager, while other boys were buying top shelf titles such as Razzle and Escort for pictures of naked women, I was more interested in finding images of a different type.

One day, I discovered a naturist magazine called Health and Efficiency, and upon looking through it, found It contained a feature entitled "Family Photos". Readers were invited to send in snaps of their family, and I was astounded to see four pages packed with photographs of men, women and children, all totally naked. I couldn't believe my luck.

Each month I would look forward to the new issue of H & E coming out. Once home and in the privacy of my bedroom I would turn straight to the "Family Photos" section. There was always a good mix of subjects. Some photographs featured children with their parents, while others focused solely on the junior naturists of the family. There were babies, toddlers and prepubescent girls and boys, as wel as a few older kids. I cut out all the pictures of preteen girls and stuck them in a scrap book. Even thinking about the book made my penis stiffen and it became the source of many great wanks during my teenage years.

During my late teens I went on a day trip to France. While in a shop looking at the magazines on the top shelf, I came across one which took my eye. It was called 'Jeunes et Naturels' and the front cover showed the naked upper body of a girl of around 9. Although the picture only showed her from the waist up, I could tell that the child was completely naked. My heart started to beat faster as I carefully took the magazine down from the shelf and with trembling hands I prepared to open it. I could hardly believe what I saw. On virtually every one of its 58 pages were pictures of naked kids, some in black and white, others in colour. The vast majority of the children were of female, their ages ranging from toddler to early teen. Plucking up courage, I bought a copy (issue 110, price 50FF).

Once outside the shop, I searched frantically for somewhere to masturbate, and was forced to settle for a Portaloo. I quickly selected a picture of a 3 little girls who had clearly won prizes in a junior naturist beauty contest. The children looked to be aged 5, 6 and 8 and were shown full frontal from the knees up. I was immediately drawn to the 8 year old, who had shoulder length blond hair and a big beaming smile. The picture was very high quality and the child's vulva couldn't have been any clearer. My sperm shot out within seconds.

On the ferry crossing home, I spent the entire journey in a toilet cubicle, feasting my eyes on each and every beautiful page until I could stand it no longer. This time I choose a black and white photo of a girl of maybe 7. She had her arm around the waist of a man, who I guessed was her father. He had thick dark pubic hair surrounding a much bigger than average prick. The combination of the man's large hairy penis next to his young daughter's hairless vulva was glorious and my sperm was on the move again.

A year or so later, I was looking through some old magazines in a second hand shop. Among copies of Forum, I found a magazine called 'Lollitots'. The front cover featured the faces or the naked upper bodies of preteen girls. The front cover promised 'Over 75 full color photos' After checking nobody was watching me, I flicked through the magazine and to my delight found it didn't just have photos of kids at nudist camps. In most instances the young lady began the shoot fully clothed, then frame by frame she disrobed, until she stood with just her knickers around her knees. Some pictures showed the children facing away from the camera, giving the reader a lovely view of their little bums. Other snaps had the tiny angels spreading their legs so the camera could get a close up of her hairless vulvas. The girls all appeared to be aged between 5 and 9 and they were all very pretty. My penis was rock hard as I paid for the magazine, hiding it between several copies of Forum so as not to draw attention to it.

Throughout my marriage to Nicola, I would occasionally get my magazine stash from its hiding place and have wank over one of the kids, but since meeting my new partner, the collection hadn't seen the light of day.

My wife had been nominated to go away on a weekend training course with work and by Sunday I was feeling randy, having not fucked Sue since the previous Wednesday. Thomas and Holly were both out, so I got out my collection of 'kiddie porn' and chose the Lolitots magazine - volume 4 No 6.

Laying the mag on the bed, I pulled down my trousers and pants and knelt down. I opened the magazine and selected the photoset featuring '8 year old Karen'. This little one was pictured in a blue knee length dress, which the child lifted the hem of in the next shot, to reveal a pair of pink and white knickers. The third picture in the set showed the little girl pulling her dress down over her shoulders and in the next, it was down as far as her slender waist. Turning the page, Karen was now stepping out of the dress, still smiling for the camera. Next, she appeared standing in just her knickers, My heart was beating faster, as I knew what was over the page. I turned over and feasted my eyes on the image that lay before me. Taking hold of my penis, I began to gently stroke it while I focused on the picture of the 8 year old standing with her knickers around her knees. Another image showed the little girl from behind, granting readers sight of her beautiful naked bum.

I was ready to come so I concentrated on the final pictures in the series. In the first, Karen was sitting on a bed with her legs parted, smiling innocently. Below that, the last picture was a close up of the area between the child's thighs. The image was very high quality and it clearly showed the entrance to the little girl's vagina. I imagined my penis inside that tight little passage and immediately my sperm shot out. The orgasm was great and better than the one's I had enjoyed recently with Sue. I put the magazine away and prepared to get Thomas and Holly's tea ready.