Two Sisters and a Dildo Part 1

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"Mom told us to get the house cleaned before she got home! Come on Sarah, you have to help too!"

"Fuck you and fuck Mom. I've been working just as hard as Mom has. You're the only one living in this house who doesn't have a job. Cleaning the fucking house sounds like a good damn job for you." With that said, Sarah flopped onto the couch, kicked off her shoes and put her feet up. "You can start with my room. Make the bed, pick up the dishes, vacuum, whatever." Sarah smiled at her sister and then picked up the remote and pressed the power button.

"Sarah, that isn't fair! You make just as big a mess in this house as anyone." Janet had raised her voice as high as she could to talk over the television but Sarah had just continued to raise the volume on the television until Janet was completely drowned out. "Fine!" Janet screamed as loud as she could and stormed off.

At the bottom of the steps Janet stopped. Sarah had turned down the television and was watching Jerry Springer. "There's no way I'm cleaning your room though," Janet shouted at her sister. Sarah just waved. Janet stormed up the steps to her own room.

It took Janet only thirty minutes to clean her own room. The last thing Janet did in her own room was to vacuum the carpeting. She just continued to vacuum right into the hallway and down the hall, past Sarah's room, and into the master bedroom. Once done vacuuming the master bedroom, Janet turned off the vacuum and looked around. As usual the master bedroom was pretty clean. Just some newly washed clothes sitting on the bed waiting to be put away.

Leaving the vacuum where it was, Janet went to her mother's closet and pulled out some hangers. She laid the hangers on the bed and picked up the blouse that lay on top of the pile. Janet flopped down on the edge of the bed as she continued to work through the pile, hanging up what would need to go in the closet and setting aside what would be put in the drawers.

With everything now on a hanger that would be going on a hanger, Janet picked up the pile of clothes and carried them into the closet and hooked the hangers onto the wooden bar. She then returned to the bed and picked up the "unmentionables" and carried them to the chest of drawers.

Janet pulled open the top drawer and dropped the panties and bikini's on to the top. "Damn it!" Janet said quietly realizing she wouldn't be able to close the drawer with the panties piled up. Janet set the bras, which would go in the second drawer, on top of the chest of drawers and used both hands to press the silky fabric down into the drawer and then spread it out so the pile laid reasonably flat. As Janet slid the silky panties around she could hear something hard in the drawer. "What is that?" Janet said and pulled the drawer out more. She slipped her small hand into the drawer, under her mother's silky panties and searched for whatever it was that she had heard scraping around on the bottom of the drawer.

Janet's hand closed around something after a moment of searching and she slowly pulled the object up and out of the drawer. Janet held the object up and stared at it for a moment. She then tossed the thing onto the bed and ran to the bedroom door. "Sarah, get up here! You have GOT to see this!"


"Get up here!" Janet yelled back. Janet turned back to the bed and the object laying on it. From downstairs, she could hear Sarah stomping across the room, grumbling like an old man and cussing like a sailor.

It amazed Janet sometimes that the two of them were sisters. It amazed her even more that the two of them could be identical twin sisters, born only six and a half minutes apart. It seemed to Janet that they were nothing alike. Janet was the good girl, responsible, clean, nice. Sarah was the bad girl, irresponsible, rash and she had the most foul mouth of anyone Janet knew. Every other word out of Sarah's mouth seemed to be damn, shit, hell, fuck, cunt or some combination of them.

"What the fuck do you want? Why the hell did I have to come... What the hell is that thing?" Sarah said coming into the room and following her sisters line of sight.

"I found that in Mom's underwear drawer."

Sarah moved closer and picked it up. "Oh my God! Do you know what this is?" Sarah asked as she sat down on the bed.

"I have an idea. Yeah!"

"Holy fucking shit! This is double sided dildo! Do you know what this means?"

"With Dad gone, I guess we should have expected Mom to have something."

"Granted!" Sarah said as she brought one end of the dildo to her face and sniffed at it. "Oh gross! It's been used!"

Janet sat down beside her sister and also took a sniff. "Oh!" Janet said and had to fight to keep from vomitting. "Is that what I smell like?"

"Like I fucking know!" Sarah screamed at her sister. "Like I've ever gone down and smelled your fucking virgin cunt! Jiminy fucking Christmas!"

Janet swallowed hard and grabbed the thing away from her sister. "I think we should put it away. Pretend we never saw it."

Sarah reached out and grabbed the dildo away from his twin. "Are you fucking nuts!? Do you know what this means?" Sarah was silent for a moment as she looked at the sex toy.

"What? A lot of women use dildo's?"

"Yeah, most women use a dildo at some point. But most of them don't use a double headed dildo. You do understand what kind of people use these, right?" Janet felt small for a moment. "Jesus fucking Christ! lesbians, idiot! Lesbians use these. It's meant to have a woman on each end, fucking back and forth at each other! God, don't you know anything."

"I'm sorry," Janet stated. "I don't know that much about lesbians and sex toys. That why we keep a slut like you around."

"Fuck you, you little cunt! Here, why don't use this for a while," Sarah told her sister, handing her the dildo. "You're sure not getting anything else shoved up that nasty twat of yours!"

"You're disgusting!"

Sarah laughed. "You're afraid of it, aren't you?" Sarah took a step closer, waving the dildo in front of her sister. "Little Janny's afraid of the big bad dildo. Ohhh!" Sarah continued, making ghost sounds. "Careful Janny, it might come and grab you and take your precious virginity."

Janet grabbed the dildo away. "I'm not a virgin!" She screamed.

"Prove it."


"Lay down on Mom's bed and stick that dildo in your little virgin cunt. Who knows, maybe you can find the steel rod that's been making you so fucking uptight lately!" Sarah laughed.

Janet looked at the dildo. It looked awful big. Greg's cock hadn't been that big, even when it was hard. She wasn't real sure the thing would fit inside her. Sarah could see the hesitation in her sisters eyes. She moved right up to her sister. Their noses only an inch apart. "I double dog dare you!" Sarah said with a smile.

"Fine!" Janet said. Janet hated the way she let her sister get under her skin but she could never resist. Ever since they were kids, Sarah had been using that Double dog dare line to get her to do whatever Sarah wanted her to do. Janet knew it was to late now though. If she didn't go through with it, Sarah would tease her without mercy.

Janet handed the double headed dildo back to her sister, kicked off her sneakers and pulled up her skirt. She hooked her thumbs into the elastic waistband of her panties and pulled them down her thighs and allowed them to pool around her ankles. She allowed her skirt to drop and grabbed the dildo back from her still smiling sister. "If I do this, you have to help clean," Janet said, then turned her back on her sister and climbed onto the bed, the dildo still in her hand.

"And if you don't, you have to lick it clean," Sarah said, confident she would win the dare.

"Deal!" Janet screamed back at her. Janet laid herself on the bed, on her back, pulled her skirt up and gathered it around her waist, spread her legs, showing her clean shaven pussy to her sister and moved one end of the dildo down to her entrance. She paused, took a deep breath and then slowly moved the tip up and down her cunt lips until it slid between them.

"Come on," Sarah said. "A little faster. If that was a guy he'd be dead by now."

"Shut up! I don't see you doing it."

"That's because we both know I've had a real dick shoved inside me."

"What the hell are you two doing in here?" The two sisters turned, both wide eyed to find their mother standing in the bedroom door. The two had been screaming at each other so loudly that they had both missed their mother opening and closing the front door.

"Fuck!" Sarah whispered.

Deborah knew she had to brazen this out - she had been caught red-handed, and there was no getting away from it. Her anger at finding her daughters with her sex toy was almost all fear - fear that she would have a lot of explaining to do. Behind that fear though, was a sudden horniness at the sight of her youngest daughter, lying on her bed, legs wide apart, with the dildo in the process of being fucked in and out. Her panties flooded and she shivered.

"I had hoped you wouldn't find my secret before I was able to tell you myself" she said. "I'm can see that you two are grown-up enough to see what it is" (Sarah giggled, but stopped when she saw her mother's face) "and I guess you might have understood why I have it - up to a point anyway?"

"Sarah had already told me how it gets used, but even I could have worked that out" laughed Janet, "but we didn't realise that you were a ... well, a ..."

"A lesbian? I'm not really, darling, but I guess I'd better tell you whole story. Lets go downstairs, make ourselves a coffee, and I'll tell you ..."

Part 2