A Born Slut

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By Ron's World

I watched my big strapping 18-year-old son Rick fucking his mother from behind. She made him "force" her by tying her up. I didn't mind. It just meant more for me. More of my daughter's 13-year-old little cunt, that is. While Rick was fucking his mother he couldn't also be fucking his sister Cyndi, which he did with frustrating regularity. I much preferred my daughter's tight young cunt. My wife was a boring fuck for me, but apparently not for my son.

"C'mon Mom, moan for me. Moan like a whore." She moaned for him and meant it, the obedient cunt. She loved what he was doing to her, although she would die before admitting it.

This little scene of family bliss would have been impossible about a month ago. Before then we were just your average rural God fearing farm family. Well, not exactly. Rick and I regularly went over to the widow Johnson's place to help her with some chores and fuck her brains out as compensation. I had been doing that since her husband died five years ago. I started sharing her with my son about a year ago. She acted reluctant the first time Rick fucked her too. That was until he got his cock inside her, which is as thick and long as my own. We enjoy double-teaming her. She would moan and complain that she was forced to fuck us because she needed help with the chores, but she made herself a liar with each screaming orgasm.

About a month ago my son and I had been out mending some fences. We were riding our horses over the uneven terrain, too punishing for the jeep. After hours of this exertion we were sweat soaked and exhausted. About four o'clock that afternoon we headed back to the barn. When we got there I stripped off my shirt, stuck my head under the hand pump and let go a stream of cool water. I told Rick to unsaddle the horses and rub them down while I went up to the hayloft to fork down some hay for the horses and other livestock.

On this particular day Joannie, my wife, was off visiting her sister. She'd be gone for a week. My 13-year-old daughter Cyndi had been left alone at the farm that day. She was in the back of my mind while I climbed the ladder to the loft. I was wondering what mischief she had gotten herself into while I was gone. It wasn't long until I found out. When my head cleared the floor of the loft and I was greeted with a sight that changed my life. The late afternoon sunshine was flooding in the open hay door and there laying in the hay was my little blond curly haired daughter, naked, legs spread, fucking herself hard with a big thick dildo. Her beautiful blue eyes were closed and she was unaware of my presence. What really floored me was that she was moaning, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy."

Well. What's a man supposed to do with an invitation like that? My daughter was fucking herself and moaning my name. I quickly came to the decision that she deserved what she was asking for. I was so aroused by the sight of her naked body in the hay that the impulse to fuck her was impossible to resist. I climbed the rest of the way into the loft and crawled toward her in the hay. I opened my jeans and took my cock out. Cyndi was not aware she was no longer alone.

I knelt there and stroked my cock for a few minutes. Cyndi's eyes suddenly snapped open and she looked over and saw me. She was startled and stopped fucking herself. Her eyes dropped to my impressive member rampant before her eyes. I stroked the length of it, squeezing out a drop of precum. To my surprise, Cyndi moaned, "Oh, Daddy," and began to slowly slide the dildo in and out of her wet little cunt again. I took this for the invitation that it was. I stripped off my jeans and knelt between her legs. I pushed her hands away from the dildo, grasping it with my hand. I leaned closer and flicked my tongue over her clit and resumed stroking the dildo in and out, giving her the sensation of being licked and fucked at the same time. She went crazy, jerking her hips and moaning like a born slut. Her cunt, a pink almost hairless little rose, was as beautiful as the rest of her.

"Beg me to fuck you. Beg me."

"Please, Daddy. Fuck me, please."

"Not good enough."

I licked and fucked her with the dildo until she was screaming and gasping, cumming and begging me in earnest. I pulled the dildo out of her and positioned my cock at the entrance to her cunt. I told her this was her last chance to say no. She reached up and put her arms around my neck and pushed her hips up, trying to take me inside her. I moaned and started pushing my cock inside her hot willing little body.

Cyndi was moaning and squirming under me in excitement, gasping, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, fuck me, yes."

I stoked in and out of her in little strokes, slowly spreading her slick cunt juices over my throbbing cock. Finally, I was inside her to the hilt. She wrapped her long legs around me, moving restlessly. I was sweating and shaking, trying to hold back while she was urging me to let loose. She kissed me, sucking my tongue into her mouth, moaning and moving under me. I began to move, making her gasp in pleasure. I let myself go, lost to the erotic pleasure of fucking my young daughter. I rammed my cock home into that tight little cunt again and again. Cyndi was cumming hard again after about five strokes.

"Mmmmm, cum for Daddy, baby. Oh, yeah I feel you cumming you little slut."

She was such a hot fuck, I wasn't far behind her. I threw my head back and gritted my teeth, losing myself to a long and vicious climax. Cyndi moaned, "Yes" when she felt me pumping her full of cum. She milked my cock with her tight cunt muscles, making me jerk and grunt in pleasure. This was obviously not her first time with a man. Who had the little slut been fucking? The first culprit to come to mind was her brother Rick.

"You been fucking your brother?" I gasped out.

"No, Daddy. Not Rick."

"Who have you been fucking, girl? Who taught you to be such a hot little slut."

"It doesn't matter Daddy. I was just practicing to please you."

"Yeah, well. You're gonna get more than you bargained for."

I stood up and went to the edge of the loft. I could see Rick in one of the stalls rubbing his horse down. I yelled out, "Rick! Get up here and fuck your slut sister."

Rick looked up and saw me standing there naked, my cock dripping cum and cunt juices. He ran over, sprinted up the ladder, and looked past me to where Cyndi was splayed naked in the hay. She wasn't fazed by this new development. She calmly stroked her wet sloppy cunt and moaned, apparently ready for more fuck meat. Rick didn't waste any time. He pulled off his clothes in record time. He ordered his sister to flip over and get up on her hands and knees. Cyndi quickly complied and Rick was soon pumping in and out of her hungry little cunt, fucking her doggie style.

"Dad, looks like we don't have to go all the way to widow Johnson's to get pussy anymore. We got a hot little slut right here at home. Mmmmm, damn, her cunt's tight as a nutcracker." I couldn't disagree.

I knelt in the hay in front of her, ordering her to lick me clean and suck me hard again. Rick watched avidly as Cyndi complied with my instructions. He loved group sex. He wet his fingers with her cunt juices and pressed his thumb into Cyndi's ass, making her scream with mingled pleasure and pain. With her sucking me I was hard again in record time. I could feel the vibrations of her moans as the head of my cock bumped the back of her throat.

"Oh, yeah Dad, she cumming for me. Squeeze my cock harder bitch, yesssss, milk me, milk me."

Rick pulled out of his sister and shot thick gobs of ropey cum all over her back. I reached and rubbed it into her skin, liking the feel of it. I wanted to shoot my next load down her throat, but first I wanted some answers. I pulled out of her mouth and Cyndi collapsed into the hay. I rolled her over and demanded she tell me the truth.

"Tell me who you've been fucking, girl. You tell me now or I'm gonna shove this big cock of mine up your ass with no lubricant. That would hurt really bad, sugar. Now you tell me, girl. I promise I won't be angry."

"It's Mr. Burney."

Dale Burney lived owned a neighboring farm. His daughter Mellie was Cyndi's best friend.

"Mellie know you're fucking her dad?"

"Yeah, Daddy, she fucks him too. I mean, we fuck him together. We mess around with each other too."

Well, this was a pleasant development. Images of my daughter entwined naked with the delectable little Mellie was a sight I was looking forward to. Rick grinned. Great minds think alike, I guess. I looked around for my pants. My cell phone was clipped to my belt.

"Daddy, who are you calling."

"Shut up and suck my cock."

Cyndi did as she was told, wrapping her lips around my cock again as I dialed Burney's number. I grabbed her hair with one hand, shoving my cock deeper in her throat as I listened to the phone ring.

"Hello?" It was Burney.

"Hey Dale, how's it going?"

"Not too bad, Ron, how's things with you?"

"Well, things are pretty good. That mare finally foaled safely. Ahhhh, I'm here fucking my daughter's sexy little mouth. She's gonna be drinking my cum here in a minute and she says I have you to thank for teaching her how."

There was silence on the other end of the line.

"Don't get me wrong, Dale, I'm grateful to you. She's a hot little slut, isn't she? Here I was going all the way over to widow Johnson's and all the time there was a wet willing cunt under my own roof begging to be fucked. Rick and I have both had a go at her, and she seems to be ready for more."

"I'm speechless, Ron. I don't know what to say."

"Say you'll let me fuck that hot little daughter of yours and we'll call it even. You think she'll take my cock, Dale? Oh, yeah, can't forget Rick. He wants to fuck her too."

"Well, I know she'll do what I tell her, Ron. If you guys want to fuck her, I guess I'd be a hypocrite to say no. I've fucked your daughter, so I guess it's only fair."

"Why don't you bring that sexy little Mellie over here after dinner. Rick and I will give her a little dessert."

"I'll do my best to convince her. I'm not sure how she'll react."

"Just so there is no misunderstanding, Dale, if you bring her over here and she's reluctant Rick and I will tie her up and fuck her little brains out anyway. Rick loves to tie women up."

"I don't have any objection to that, Ron. I tied her up the first time I took her. Time she learned what's expected of her anyway."

After I broke the connection with Dale, Rick and I spent a while in the loft fucking and sucking Cyndi. I wished we could let her fuck us both dry, but I wanted to save some for later. When we were done I threw her over my shoulder and carried her up to the house for a shower. Rick, of course, stayed to feed and water the animals.

We had a hurried dinner that night. My cock was hard and throbbing all through the meal as we discussed how we were going to proceed with Mellie. It was decided that Cyndi should take her upstairs to the master bedroom, tie her up and get her hot. Once she was ready Rick and I would proceed to fuck her brains out.

We finished our meal and not long after I heard Dale's truck pull up. I went outside to greet them. Mellie was there, bouncing out of the truck, not a care in the world. I looked her over with a critical eye. She had brown hair and green eyes. She was cute, like Cyndi, slender with long legs. She would do.

Cyndi took Mellie upstairs, winking at me behind her back, as I invited Dale in for a beer. We gave Cyndi a little time to get Mellie going while we drank beer and discussed what we were about to do. Rick and I drew straws to see who would have Mellie first and Rick won. After a little while we all stripped off our clothes and headed up the stairs to my room.

Mellie's eyes were round with shock as she watched three men with hard cocks walk into the room. Her hands were tied over her head and Cyndi had her face buried between Mellie's legs. Cyndi had taken a cue from me earlier and was also shoving a big dildo in and out of Mellie's sopping wet cunt. I was pleased to see that Dale had shaved Mellie's cunt bald.

I walked up to the head of the bed and got up to kneel beside Mellie's head. I bumped the head of my cock against her lips and she opened wide obediently, reaching out with her tongue to taste my pre-cum. Mmmmm, hot little slut. "Oh, yeah Mellie. You're gonna suck me good," I moaned as I pushed my cock inside and started fucking her full lipped sexy mouth.

Cyndi had moved over beside Mellie on the bed and Dale told her to get up on her hands and knees. Cyndi moaned as Dale pushed his cock inside her. It was very arousing to watch my little girl being fucked like that. I felt vibrations in Mellie's throat as she started moaning too. I looked over to see Rick kneeling between her legs and invading her plump little cunt with his fat cock.

Mellie was doing a good job sucking my cock. She wasn't just going through the motions. I could feel her tongue swirling around the head of my cock as she sucked me. I couldn't wait to fuck that pretty little bald cunt. I felt her hot mouth pleasuring me as I watched my son's cock suck in and out of her snatch. I reached down and pinched her nipples, making her arch her back. Rick was grunting in pleasure and I could tell he was close. I knew I should get out of the way before he shot his load. He liked to pump cum all over the place. I wanted Mellie to drink a load of my cum, but I wanted that hot little cunt more. I moved away just in time as Rick pulled out of her and shot his load all over her breasts.

Cyndi was gasping and moaning as Dale slowly fucked her, teasing her with his cock. She said, "Ohhhh, Daddy, he's making me cum. Yessss." Her eyes rolled up in her head as she pushed her ass back at Dale trying to take him deeper as she climaxed.

"Pump her full of cum for me, Dale."

"You do the same for me, Ron."

I laid down on top of Mellie, Rick' cum making my chest slide over hers. I kissed her mouth deeply, sucking on her tongue, as I positioned my cock to penetrate her. I looked into her eyes as I pushed my cock inside her plump little cunt, as she moaned, "Oh yeah." I whispered in her ear as I fucked her slow and easy, taking my time with this hot little slut.

"Yeah, Mellie, you take my cock like you were born to it, baby."

"Fuck me deep Uncle Ron, mmmmmmm."

I began to fuck her deeper and harder and her moans became more insistent. Yeah, she was a born fuck slut, this one was. I was going to give her a full load, but not until I made her scream. I reached between our bodies and stroked her clit with my fingers as I fucked my cock in and out of her. I could feel her cunt clenching me on each stroke. I grabbed her clit and squeezed it, making her scream as she went into a full body-jerking climax. Satisfied with my efforts I allowed myself to go over the edge, pumping her full of what felt like gallons of cum.

I kept stroking my cock in and out slowly as it began to deflate. I became aware of the other people in the room. Dale was sitting on the edge of the bed avidly watching me royally fuck his little girl. His own cock was limp, covered with cum and cunt juices, so I had to surmise he had pumped a load into my own little girl. Cyndi was leisurely licking her brother's cock, trying to bring it back to life. I pulled my own deflating cock out of Mellie and reached up to untie her hands. I didn't think we would have any trouble with her after that performance.

Seeing that we all needed a little time to recover, my mind fixed upon a pleasant diversion to occupy us while we gained strength for the next round. I went into the bathroom and got a tube of some special anal lubricant I had been wanting to try out. I had an anal toy, but only one. I took the toy, lube and a towel back to the bedroom.

I went back into the room and ordered both girls up on their hands and knees. I got behind Cyndi and told Dale to get behind Mellie. I pushed on Cyndi's back so she would lower her head to the bed, Dale copied my motion with Mellie. I pushed Cyndi's legs apart a little more and opened up her ass cheeks. After smearing the lube on the anal toy, I handed it to Dale. Dale squeezed some out on his fingers and anointed Mellie's ass with it, making her squirm.

"You ever done this with her before, Dale?"

"No, but I've been wanting to."

Dale slowly pushed his fingers inside Mellie, slowly opening and lubricating her ass. I pushed the anal toy into Cyndi's ass as Rick lay down on the bed so Cyndi could suck his cock. Cyndi moaned after a little while, getting used to the stinging unfamiliar invasion. Pretty soon I had her ass opened up enough for my cock, which was once again rock hard. I pulled the anal toy out and handed it over to Dale. He quickly pushed it in Mellie's ass, opening her up and making her gasp.

I had an idea just then, as I was about to push my cock into my daughter's ass. Rick was fucking her face, but I had a better idea about where he should fuck.

"Rick, move over and let your sister get on top."

Rick looked at me quizzically, but did what I said. When Cyndi got on top of him I showed her how to impale herself. When Rick as in to the hilt I spread her ass cheeks and positioned my cock at her tight little hole. She had closed up some, so my entrance into her ass was slow and excruciatingly tight.

It was awkward, but Rick and I were soon fucking Cyndi together. I could feel his cock moving inside her cunt as I slowly fucked her ass. I looked over to see Dale slowly pushing his cock inside his own daughter's ass. Mellie seemed to be enjoying herself, if you could tell by her moans.

Cyndi was gasping and sweating, but also seemed to be enjoying herself. She was kissing her brother deeply and moving on his cock. I pushed inside her ass when she came up on the top of her stroke on her brother's cock. It wasn't long before I felt her cumming again, her ass clenching and releasing my cock. I stroked her ass a little harder, bringing myself on to another long slow building orgasm. About the time I was starting to pump my load in her ass, I heard Rick moaning out his own climax. I could feel his cock pumping cum inside my daughter's cunt. It was at that moment I realized neither of the girls were on birth control. Oh well.

Dale seemed to be doing well with Mellie. He was taking a little longer to cum than Rick and I, so we watched him finish with her. It was pretty erotic, watching him press his thick cock into her ass, shoving her face into the bed. The mattress did a good job of muffling her screams. I believe they were screams of ecstasy, mind you. Not that it really mattered either way. He was muttering, "Oh, yeah. Take Daddy's cock, take it deep." He shouted and pulled out of Mellie's ass, pumping a load all over her. Another one like Rick, apparently.

The rest of the evening went predictably. We took turns fucking the girls, cleaning off between rounds. I must have cum five times that night. The girls were tired little puppies by the time they fucked three grown men dry, but fuck us dry they did. Dale wrapped his little sleeping cum soaked daughter in a towel and took her out to his truck. He thanked me for the fine evening and drove away into the darkness.

I put my sleepy little one in the shower and cleaned her off before bundling her into my own bed. Rick wanted his sister to sleep with him, but I am the man of the house after all. The thought of pushing my usual early morning erection into my daughter's warm sleeping body was appealing. Rick would get his.

I can't say much work got done around the place for the next couple of days. Rick and I found reasons to do chores close to home, taking frequent fuck breaks with hot little Cyndi. One day I came upon Cyndi and Mellie naked together in the hayloft. I stroked myself and watched them together for about a half hour before joining them. They couldn't seem to get enough of each other. I couldn't seem to get enough of them. I especially liked to fuck Mellie while her father watched. There was something erotic about that to me.

I thought all of our sexual bliss would come to an end when my wife came back from her trip. Well, not come to an end, but at least go underground. Little did I know that my enterprising son had an answer for that dilemma also. My wife was due back and I was out in the far pasture checking on some cows. I was hesitant to face her. I guess I feared something would show in my face and she would find out what I had been up to. After dallying around for a couple of hours I finally decided to go and face the music.

I drove the jeep back to the house, noting my wife's car in the drive. She was back. I couldn't put it off much longer. I noticed Cyndi was sitting in the porch swing waiting for me. I got out of the jeep and walked up to the house. Cyndi was sitting there grinning.

"Daddy, you've got to see what Rick's up to."

"What are you talking about, honey?"

"Just come and see Daddy."

Cyndi took my hand and led me into the house. I heard my wife's erotic screams before I saw what was going on. I couldn't believe my eyes. There was my wife Joannie, naked, kneeling in front of the couch, her hands tied behind her back, screaming in ecstasy as my son Rick fucked her from behind. She was moaning, "No, don't hit me with that belt, Rick. Please don't hit me with that belt."

"You mean this belt?" Rick said as he smacked it across her back and bound hands.

"Ohhhhh, yessss. That belt. Please don't hit me again, Rick, please." Despite her words of protest, Joannie was obviously relishing what my son was doing to her. Joannie turned her head and saw Cyndi and I watching her. She moaned and hid her face in the cushions of the couch, but didn't do anything to stop what was happening. Rick picked up the pace of his strokes, causing her muffled moans to come with more urgency. I yelled out, "Hey watch the upholstery!" Knowing my son's penchant for spewing cum all over the place, I didn't want our good furniture stained.

To my surprise Rick pumped his load inside his mother's wet cunt, grunting in pleasure as he did so. He hit her a couple more times with the belt, making her flinch, before he ordered her to go kneel in the corner. He then proceeded to make her watch as he and I thoroughly fucked his little sister before her eyes. Rick would go over every once and a while and force his mother to suck his cock while he strapped her with the belt some more. I was surprised, but not disappointed by this turn of events. How my son could have known of my wife's submissive tendencies was beyond me. He knew what she needed and gave it to her, repeatedly.

It took several weeks for my son to train his mother properly. Soon she was taking his cock whenever and wherever he ordered her to. She slept, bound, at the foot of his bed every night. He told me not to fuck her, which was fine by me. I kept Cyndi in my bed, pushing my cock inside her warm willing body whenever I got hard.

Cyndi's little cunt was constantly awash in cum, mine, my son's, Dale's. We didn't take any precautions and a couple of months later I knew she was pregnant. I couldn't be sure who the father of the baby was, not that it mattered to me. Mellie also came up pregnant not long after. The biggest surprise was when my wife told me she was pregnant. I definitely knew who fathered that baby. My son insisted no one else fuck his mother, so I figured this was the way he wanted it. My wife seemed happy with the situation and she didn't interfere with my own sexual affair with my daughter, so I had no complaints.

It's been a year now that all this has been going on. My wife is home schooling Cyndi and Mellie. The three ladies are helping each other care for the babies. My wife and Cyndi both had girls, Mellie a boy. Dale and I put our daughters on birth control so this won't happen again, at least not right away. Joannie is pregnant again by her son, who is determined to father a passel of kids on his mom. He still won't let any of us fuck her, but since she's pregnant again Dale and I have been tying her up and sneaking in a few. All this and Dale, Rick and I still find time to pleasure the widow Johnson too.

Farming life is the best life, I say.