A Caring Father

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It was turning dark but Ted would not draw the curtains until his daughter, Mary, was safely indoors. She had used her mobile phone to let him know that she was on her way. Ted knew that he was being overprotective but after Mary's experience in the previous year, when she was still fourteen years old, he was taking no chances.

She had survived the rape. Two men had watched for her; and knowing that she would walk through the park, they grabbed her. While stifling her cries for help and using their superior strength, they had ravished her innocent, virgin, body. She had been left in the bushes where they had dragged her. The incident had been totally ignored by passers-by. It was not until Ted, concerned by his daughter's lateness, had gone out looking for her and had found her in such a distressed state.

People, not wanting to get involved, had watched from a distance as Mary was gently picked up by her father and taken home. She was bleeding very heavily, and when Ted realized the nature and extent of her injuries, he knew she needed more help than he could provide. The ambulance came almost immediately and Mary was through the hospital doors to be treated as an emergency needing urgent treatment. The rapists had not considered the size, or maturity, of the child and had literally torn her open.

The bleeding was staunched, the operation was successful and Mary awoke to see the anxious face of her father as he sat by the bed holding her hand. Big tears of joy ran down the cheeks of his face. Dear God, he had thought. You took my darling Linda, please don't take my beautiful child! When his daughter opened her eyes, he felt a sense of total relief and, taking her in his arms, he had kissed her and she wallowed in his show of love and affection.

Mary told the police what she could of the incident and by clever interrogation, they were able to discover that the young men had been following her on a number of occasions and she was able to give a fairly accurate description of them. They were caught and confessed to their crimes. The Judge gave them both a custodial sentence of eight years in prison; they swaggered out of court shouting that they would be back. However, while in prison, the nature of their crime became common knowledge and they were subjected to a homosexual rape, which resulted in major blood vessels being ruptured. Both of these men died as a result of these injuries.

The hospital ran tests for any sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. She had been a happy child just coming to grips with the death of her mother. The senior nurse had also advised her to start taking the contraceptive pill, and this she was doing.

This had all happened in the previous year. Mary was now fifteen and was developing into a beautiful young woman who, with much effort, was overcoming the trauma of the events of the previous year.

Ted was concerned the effect that the sexual experience would have on Mary. Would she have been eroticized or would the rape put her off sex for life. He was observing her very carefully; he wanted her to marry when she was old enough, and to have a family. His wife Linda had died two years previously and he missed her very much but the pain of her passing was slowly going away and he found that he could look forward to the future.

On this particular day, when Mary arrived home from school and, without calling out to her father, she went to her room. This was a little unusual, so Ted went to see if anything was the matter. Concerned as he was for his daughter, he omitted to knock on her door. As he entered, Mary was in the process of removing her school dress which, as she lifted it over her head, was covering her face, with the result that her body was naked save for her bra and a thong.

The teen hadn’t heard her father enter since she had her back to him. He stood quietly, his eyes fascinated at the sight of Mary in a state of undress. He realized with a shock that his little girl had grown up and was now a fully-grown person - a woman. A woman with nicely developing breasts; a woman who apparently shaved her pubic hair as there was none showing about the narrow strip of the thong that covered her crotch area. Her frequent visits to her aunt - Ted's sister - has obviously paid off, he thought.

After tossing the dress on her bed, she turned to open her wardrobe and took out a robe. In doing so she came face to face with her Dad. Her immediate reaction was to be miffed about the fact that her daddy was in her room, and that he could see her nakedness. There was also a look in his eyes she had not seen there before, and her heart missed a beat. A small smile, however, came to her face as she realized that he probably had only come in unannounced because he was worried. She usually talked to him as soon as she got home every day and she hadn’t today. She thought that she would have some fun with him.

She knew that she would be safe and that he would quickly put a stop to her shenanigans, but it would be fun to see how quickly he did so. Nervous, but determined to play with him, she slowly reversed what she had been doing and now removed the gown that she had been putting on. She tossed that alongside the dress on the bed.

Ted felt a familiar stirring in his groin. He had seen the emotions crossing her face: at first a worried look, and then the confidence in him as her father. Now she had suddenly changed her attitude entirely ... she was being the woman he had seen a few moments before and was flirting with him. BUT - she was only a girl, a girl with a woman's body but a girl nevertheless. And she was his daughter ...

...to be continued.

Last entry February 10 2007