A New Life

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As the early morning sun peaks through the lace covered bedroom window, the young boy lay sleeping peacefully. A young boy fast becoming that of a young girl with both the physical and mental capabilities. The young body has been slowly given hormone injections over the past 10 years and at the young age of 14, the body that once was a young boy has ever so slowly been transformed into that of a young girl, although there was still some tale-tale signs of the past ever so visible. The body has no hair anywhere other than where the junction of the trim shapely thighs merge together to form the "V". Blond curly hairs abound this region to hide one of the last vestiges of the male body. The legs have a sprinkling of soft down like hairs that are shaven off once a week just as is the area under the arms.

The mane of blond hair has grown way past the shoulders and when it hangs, it's at about mid back. High cheek bones announce the truly feminine facial structure coupled with soft yet alluring cheeks that melt into a long flowing neck. Parted full sensenous lips breath out the air needed by the new body. The ample chest rises and falls with each breath as each breast which is firm, full bodied, uplifting and capped with tiny pink nipples rise with each inward take of air. A narrow but slender waist that flows into developing child bearing hips give a hint of what beckons on the horizon.

A tiny sliver trail of cum, yes, cum has slowly wound it's way down from the corner of the feminine mouth, down the flowing neck, down and into the area of cleavage. Such a sight to behold so early in the morning. The young boy/girl slowly awakens from sleep to see the mother standing at the bedside with a tray and a syringe needle full of the next injection. The mother reaches out and swabs the arm and then immediately injects the hormone solution into the child's arm. A cry erupts from the mouth only to have it stopped in midway with a gag. The tiny arms are quickly seized and are secured to each bedpost of the brass rail bed. With the hormone solution comes a bout of euphoria at which point are the slender legs tied to the remaining bedposts.

The hips are elevated with two very firm pillows so that total access to the young body is granted. At the nightstand, a bowl of water holds a jar of lubricant which is warm, soft and easy to work with, Strong fingers dip into the warm lube and picking up a hefty dollop, it is used to lubricate the young virgin orifice where only a dildo or vibrator has been. Pushing in deep the hefty dollop of lube does the mother lube the tiny defenseless orifice. Pushing in deeping to only withdraw again and again until she is satisfied the the orifice is lubricated properly. Grasping the large 10" long thick dildo, sahe lubes it too so that there will be no struggle in taking the dildo in as deep as possible.