A Sister's Comforting Embrace

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Allison is in her room studying calc when she hears a loud bang. Hurried footsteps reverberate in the hall leading to her room. She sees her younger sister Becka pass by the doorway of her room, then hears another loud bang of a door being slammed shut with unusual violence.

Allison is intrigued. What's the matter with her? she wonders.

She goes over to her sister's bedroom door and knocks. "Can I come in?"

There is no reply. Allison hears her sister sobbing. The sounds are muffled as though she is crying against her pillow. Worried, she turns the handle and lets herself in.

"Becka, are you all right?" Her sister keeps on sobbing. Feeling really sorry for her little sister, Allison sits down and smoothes her sister's hair. "Becka, talk to me." Still her sister remains her prone position, although her crying is subsiding. "What happened, Becka? Let me help you. I love you, I'm your sister. What's the matter? Boy troubles?"

A couple of minutes ticks away before Becka manages to stop crying altogether and sits up on her bed next to her big sister. Allison takes in her sister's face, wet and slightly flushed because of her earlier sobbing fit. Allison brushes her sister's strawberry blonde hair away from her emerald green eyes. She notices that a few tear drops are flowing down her sister's cleavage. Without thinking, Allison prevents the drops from flowing down further by removing them with her fingers.

Becka smiles a little. "Thanks."

"You're welcome. Feeling better?"

Becka shrugs. "Not really."

"What happened?"

Becka stares at her sister and for a moment she doesn't say a thing; then looks away and her sobbing resumes.

Immediately Allison's arms embrace her sister's convulsing body. "Oh, Becka, I'm sorry. I didn't want you to make you cry." She waits until her little sister is done with her whimpering.

Again Allison sees the teardrops streaming down her sister's face and down her delicate neck. With her hands, she dries them up, including the wet streaks that ran down to her sister's cleavage. For some unknown reason, touching her little sister like that arouses an almost imperceptible tension in her vulva. But she does notice it, which leaves her a little uncomfortable. She pushes that thought out of her head as she tries to re-focus on her sister's grief.

"What happened? Tell me. Was it Brian?"

Becka nods feebly.

"What did he do to you? Did he hurt you?"

Becka shakes her head, her chest still heaving because of intermittent sobbing.

"Then what?"

"We had a fight."


"Because of May."

"May? Who's May?"

"May's this bimbo who thinks she can get all the boys, including my boyfriend. I saw him kiss her when he thought no one was looking."

"I'm sorry, Becka, I really am."

"Well, I don't want anything to do with him, ever again."

"You broke up?"

"Not officially, but as far as I am concerned we're through."

"I wish I could make you feel better," Allison says, pulling her sister closer and kissing her forehead.

"You already are," Becka replies, a small smile appearing on her pretty face, with freckles surrounding her eyes. "You're the best sister ever. I love you so much."

Allison grins down at Becka, her heart beating faster. "No, you are the best sister ever." She presses her sister tighter against her, feeling her breasts mashing against her sister's.

Their embrace lasts until her sister says: "I feel your heart. I can hear it."

Allison lets out a short chuckle and kisses her sister's forehead and then her cheek. "I love you."

"I love you," replies Becka. "Actually I like your hugs much more than Brian's."


"You're cuddlier," Becka says, blushing a little, giggling, letting herself fall down on her bed.

"Am I cuddlier?" Allison says, lying down next to her little sister, smiling, bending her legs, crossing her sock-covered feet. Again, for an unknown reason, Allison presses her mound against the bed, become conscious that her arousal had increased. She stops herself, confused.


"What, what?" Allison says defensively.

"Did I say something wrong?"

"No, I just..."

"You just..."

"No, it's nothing."

"Tell me," Becka pleads, sitting up on the bed. "I told you about Brian. You gotta tell me what's the matter."

"No, it's nothing."

"I don't believe you." Becka starts tickling her big sister, who yelps and protests, trying to avoid her hands. "Tickle, tickle, tickle—you gotta tell me."

"No, no, noooo. Please stop. Please. He, he, he, he. Ahhh, please stop." Allison slaps her sister's hands away, becoming aware that her arousal is ever increasing, especially when her little sister's breasts brushes against hers. She feels guilty and wants to get away, but Becka is a strong, athletic girl, despite her 15 years of age.

They wrestle, while Becka slips her hands under her big sister's T-shirt and her hands search for her armpits.

"No, Becka, stop," Allison says when her sister hands reach under her breasts.

"Hey, you have no bra on," Becka says, a mischievous smile showing up on her face. "Wait until Mom comes home."

"You're not going to say anything," Allison says, tickling her sister back.

Becka screams and laughs out loud, pushing away her big sister's hands. "No, no, noooo. Please stop. Allie, stop. Pleaassseeee."

"Then stop fondling my breasts." Allison doesn't know why she said it so pointblank. Her sister was only horsing around. There was nothing sexual about it.

"You should wear a bra, then," Becka says, still laughing, with her arms on her flanks as though to prevent another attack by her older sister. "Anyway, I wasn't fondling your tits. I was just tickling you."

"Yeah, right."

"I was. Who do you think I am? A pervert who gets her kicks out of molesting my own sister?"

"With you, everything goes."

"Why are you like that? Anyway, it's you who started the fondling. It's you who started to play with my tits."


"Yes, just a little while ago. I was crying and your wandering hands found themselves in my cleavage, or did you forget that?"

"I was drying you off."

"Sure you were."

"I was, damn it. If you don't believe me, you're sick."

For a moment both sisters stare at each other, seemingly mad at one another, until Becka lets out a loud laugh.

"What?" Allison says, showing her confusion.

"I know you better than you think," Becka says suddenly, regaining her wry smile. "It's not the first time I catch you looking at my tits. I always thought you were kind of queer, gay even, despite your multiple boyfriends. I always thought that weird because you're my sister, but then again..."

"But then again, what?" Allison says, swallowing, almost out of breath.

"I see you don't deny it. I thought you would. You want to have sex with me."

"Sex with you, are you crazy?"

"Yes," says Becka, still wearing her wriest smile. "You deny it?"

"Of course. I am not a pervert."

"I don't believe you."

"I don't give a fuck about what you think."

Allison gets on her feet and is about to leave, when Becka springs off the bed and embraces her sister from behind.

"I'm sorry, Allie. I didn't want to hurt you."

"You didn't. Just let me go."

"I can't."



Sensing her sister's mood change, from playful to serious, Allison removes her sister's hands and makes a half turn. She faces her little sister and sees a hard to define sadness.


"Just hug me."

Stupefied, Allison does as she is told, feeling acutely her body against her sister's, growing conscious of her hammering heart and the return of her lust for Becka.

"I don't mind, you know... Not really."

"What do you don't mind?"

Becka pulls away from her big sister, so that she can look her in the eyes. Allison sees her little sister's lips trembling, her eyes glazing over as if she was on the verge of tears again. "I was glad when you check me out. I always thought you were the coolest girl ever, that I could never compete with you, with boys and stuff. But when I see you checking me out, when you thought I wasn't looking... At first I didn't know what to think, then I thought you were just weird, and then... I felt proud. I felt proud that you liked what you saw. I was proud that I could make an impression on you."

"But, but..."

"It's true, you gotta believe me."

"I do, but... How..."

"How, what?" Becka says, her lips just a few inches from her sister's.

Allison's confusion is at its peak. She wages a battle with herself, her nipples are so hard that they hurt, and her arousal cannot be denied. She grows aware of the increasing moist between the twitching walls of her vagina. She realizes she has never felt so turned on in her life. She hesitates—she wants to kiss Becka, she feels the need in her little sister's mouth, but she still doesn't dare to bring her lips to hers.

Becka keeps staring at her sister, sliding her arms around her waist, feeling how her big sister is shaking, how breathless she is. As she is two inches shorter than her older sibling, she has to look up. Finally, she is unable to resist and presses her lips against Allison's on her tiptoes. Her big sister slips out an audible moan.

This is the signal for them to kiss passionately, as though a kind of madness washes away the remaining doubts. The girls fall on the bed, fumbling for each other's breasts and nipples. When Allison kisses her sister's neck, Becka moans out loud her name.

"Awww, sis. I love you so much."

"You do?" Becka says, smiling.

"Yes, more than anything."

"Oh, that's so cool." Becka tugs her sister's T-shirt off and smiles down at her naked breasts. Like a little girl who has been offered a new toy, she grins happily, touching and cupping her sister's breasts. "I've always wanted to do this. You can't imagine how much I've fantasized about this moment."

Allison felt her pussy throb and twitch once again, her panties completely wet by now. She shut her eyes, moaning and whimpering, biting her lower lip, while her younger sibling plays with her breasts and her hard nipples.

"Please, lick them," Allison says.

Allison becomes delirious when her little sister obliges, licking her breasts. When Becka begins to suckle on her nipples, she almost faints. She lies down, dizzy, making her sister stretch herself out on her body. She takes her little sister's hand and makes her touch all over her body.

Becka smiles down at her and whispers, "Leave it to me. I know what you want."

"Yes, make me come," Allison says, her belly waving with anticipation.

They kiss once again, Allison's tongue dueling with Becka's. It is a wet, sloppy, hot kiss, which leaves them panting, Becka's crotch rubbing on her sister's thigh.

"We need to get undressed," Allison says breathlessly.

"Yes. Let's do that."

"Yes, and lock the door. Just in case."

Becka scuttles to the door and locks it. In the process she pulls her tight white top over her head, smiling at her sister, who stands on her bed, unbuckling her belt to get rid of her tight blue jeans. For a moment Becka stays where she is, admiring her big sister unbuttoning her sexy Levi's, the white of her panties coming into view. Allison's disheveled long blond hair makes her look like a wild girl, the coolest girl ever, and she was her big sister, who's lusted after her all these years. At that moment, Allison looked like a poster girl, with naked torso, lean, with a golden tan, her breasts half hidden by long golden tresses.

Before she can pull down her jeans, Allison says, "What?"

"I am so glad you're my sister. I'm so glad you're so fucking beautiful."

"Am I?" Allison says, her smile turning into a devilish grin.

"Yeah, and unbelievably hot too."

"Okay," Allison says, kicking out her jeans, her white cotton panties and her socks the only garments left on her slender, pliable body. "Then come and get me."

"I want you to undress me first."

"Okay, whatever you say." Allison jumps off the bed and embraces her sister, pulling Becka against her naked body. And then fills her with kisses—in her eyes, neck, lips, then neck again, licking near her right ear, making her let out a whimper and a protest. She cups one of Becka's breast, still covered with her gray sports bra.

"Kiss me, I need your lips," Becka begs, panting, rubbing her crotch against her sister's legs, "on my lips..." Becka moans as her sister plays with her both breasts. Becoming impatient, she reaches behind her back and deftly unclasps her own bra, baring her breasts for her sister. "Play with them, they're yours, forever and ever..." As she says this, Becka slides her crotch up and down her sister's thigh, who is busy with the zipper of her sister's jeans. Once again, Becka is too impatient. "Let me do it. You are all thumbs today."

Becka peels off her pants and then tugs her sister to bed by the arm. "Come, make love to me."

Allison closes her eyes and then shakes her head, as though she wants to make sure everything that is happening between them is real, and not a dream she is going to wake up from. Allison slides on top of her sister, who is waiting for her with open arms. They kiss and passion follows. They whimper and moan, while fingers rub breasts and nipples, while wet crotches slide against slippery thighs.

Becka reaches down and tries to get rid of her big sister's panties, but only manages to pull it down a little, uncovering her sister's sexy ass. She presses her buttocks down, increasing the pressure of her sister's pussy against her now naked thigh. The sensation is amazing and lets a long drawn out moan as Allison's fingers find their way down to her lower belly, then to her pubic hair-covered mound, then to the sopping wet folds of her burning pussy. She whimpers when Allison begins to finger-fuck her, slowly at first then faster and faster. Her brain enters into overload.

"Oh, Allie, oh... Allie, you're so good to me. Ohhhh... Fuck, please..."

Becka helps her sister fuck her, by waving her tight belly against her big sister's thoroughly wet, slick fingers, her hands on Allison's neck for leverage.

"Kiss me, Allie. Kiss me. I need it. Ohhh..." Allison obliges and the sisters share another passionate kiss, their tongues being sucked by eager lips. "Wait, I have an idea. I want us to come at the same time."

"How?" Allison's voice sounds hoarse. She clears it her throat. She repeats, "How do you want to do that?"

"Let's get rid of our panties." Once completely naked, Becka leads her older sister so that she lies between her open legs. "I saw this once in a movie on the internet and it looked incredibly sexy. I didn't know girls could fuck each other with their pussies and that's what we're going to do. Scootch up a bit until your pussy is against mine. Ohhh, that's it. Now, let's fuck."

At first, Allison thinks that couldn't possibly work, but then when she feels her sister's protruding clit rubbing on the folds her pussy, she almost comes, but she is able to control herself. Her little sister wanted them to come at the same time, and that's what she was going to get.

The humping begins and Becka goes wild, raising her legs, as her sister fucks her with abandon, her clits sliding up and down each other's pussies thoroughly drenched with each other's secretions.

Becka and Allison moan together, fucking each other with ever more intensity. Allison cannot believe she is fucking her sister's pussy with her own clit, the erected button entering her sister's pussy as though she was going to shoot a load and get her pregnant, all the while playing with each other's breasts and taut nipples.

At last, they come together, at the same time, drenching each other's pussies with one another's juices; so much so that Allison feels like she indeed shot a load into her sister's vagina.

For a long moment, they remain in each other's arms, kissing each other, humping one another, feeling the cloying wetness sticking to her pussies and thighs.

"What are you thinking?" Becka says, playing with her sister's long tresses.

"It's embarrassing," Allison says, blushing, keeping sliding her still throbbing clit against her sister's pussy folds, which was quite odd, because it usually became too sensitive when she masturbated herself into an orgasm.

"What?" Becka says, eying her sister with curiosity, her emerald eyes searching her sister's blue-green eyes. "You can say anything to me. I'm your sister. You came over to make me feel better... And, boy, did you make me feel better!" Becka giggled, pushing her big sister's buttocks down, feeling Allison's clit entering her pussy hole again. "Ohhhh, this is heaven," she moans, shutting her eyes, giving herself completely to her pleasure. Then she bats her eyelids open and says, "Please tell me. You made me curious, now you gotta tell me."

"You have to promise me you won't laugh."

"I promise."

"Pinky promise."

"Pinky promise."

The girls laugh as they join their pinkies as they used to do when they were younger.

"Okay," begins Allison. "For a moment I thought I was making you pregnant."

"What?" Becka exclaims, somewhat confused at first; yet her bewilderment gives way to delight. "You wanted to make me pregnant? You can't do that. You're a girl."

"Okay, I know, it's stupid."

"No, it's not stupid. It's adorable."

And they resume their kissing and their humping, Allison daydreaming about getting her sister pregnant and Becka daydreaming she is going to have her sister's child. They keep at it for hours until they hear the door downstairs, announcing they were no longer alone in the house.

Reluctantly they part, vowing they will do it again tonight.

Submitted with permission of the author, Jan Vincent, who can be reached at jan123@hotmail.com. For more stories like this one, you can go to her site at http://www.sistersinlove.org.