Alice and her family

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Gilly stood in the doorway of the living room - her eyes glued on her mother and her brother. The sounds they were making she had heard as soon as she came in from school, early because the electricity had failed at 2pm just as the afternoon session was beginning. It had been a hot day and she was streaming with perspiration, just wanting a plunge in the pool. But that noise had been so loud and insistent that she had to investigate ...

And there they were - her mother Alice and brother Bobby. He was stood over her where she sat on the lounger, wearing only the bottom half of her swinsuit, the top half lying on the floor beside her. His pants were down to his ankles, holding her head to his body ... no to his cock! She could see it glistening as her lips took it in and out, and heard the mpaning from him and the sucking sound of her. "Oh yes Mom ... Oh God yes! Suck my dick ... don't stop ... don't fucking stop!"

At those lewd words Gilly's breath caught in her mouth and she tried desperately to quieten it, but too late! Bobby's head turned to the doorway.

"Oh shit! Sis what are you doing home at this time? We didn't expect you ..."

Alice's mouth came away from her son's cock. "Oh darling ... we ... we ... " but no more words were forthcoming, as she put her head in her hands.

"Look, sis, it's no good us saying sorry or anything like that, is it?" Bobby was trying to bend over to pull up his pants. "Mom and me ... well ... it's just so good, and she never gets enough, you know ..."

"Bobby!" Alice's shocked vice rang out. "You don't have to tell her that!"

"I know, mom, but it's true - you said so. You said that Dad was nearly always too tired to fuck you, and that was why I offered to rub your back and that was how ..."

"Yes I know darling, that was how I cam to be giving you a blow job. And it was really lovely - and you have such a beautiful cock. Doesn't he, Gilly?"

Gilly was taken aback by her mother's outspoken words. And yet, she realised that she was feeling the effect of seeing her brother's penis, and she, too began to feel more than a little excited. She wondered if they had fucked, or whether this was the first time. She put her questions into words.

"Oh no darling this afternoon was the very first time. We had been going out to the pool, and had got undressed ready. Billy had begun to change, and I was walking by his room when I happened to look inside to ask him something, and it was then that I saw his prick. It made so horny, darling, and I told him a little white lie about wanting a massage for a bad back. We took off my swimnsuit top and as soon as he saw my breasts ..."

"I got so stiff that mom saw me and ..."

"I just couldn't help myself ... I pulled down his pants and there it was - all stiff and throbbing. It has been a while since I saw your Dad's cock and I knew I had to have this one!" She took it in her hand again and once more was sucking it in and out.

"But ... are you wanting him to fuck you, mom? Do you want him to put his prick in you?" Gilly fely she had to know, and she also knew that her home life would never be the same again. School friends had taught her all about sex, and she had been with boys who, as her best friend put it, would "want to get into her knickers". The same boys had indeed got as far as putting their hands up her skirt or down her shorts, and she had got used to the feeling of fingers on her pussy, which she had enjoyed. She had also been with a couple of them who had exposed themselves and got her to play with their cocks - and now here she was seeing her own brother's cock being sucked off by her mother.

Alice took her son's prick from her mouth and paused before answering. "You know darling I really think I do. Look how ready I am for him ..." To both her offsprings' surprise she opened her legs and lifted her skirt. Underneath she was naked, and they saw her hairy mound. She put hand down and opened herself up to them, so that they were able to see the gleaming inside, wet and obviously ready, the lips swollen. "See my lovely cunt, baby, see it wanting a fuck!"

The way her mother said those words, almost groaning them out, shocked Gilly even more. Her beautiful, calm mother had turned into a quite different person. She was a whore, offering her body in that dreadful way - and yet the atmosphere in the room made sense. A man - her brother - with a raging penis, throbbing and purple-headed; and this woman - her mother - exposing her vagina, wet and open, had taken on a different dimension. She went over to Alice and sat down next to her.