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My girlfriend Angie, bless her sweet cock-sucking soul, has recently discovered the enjoyment of giving me oral sex. Mind you, she has only two or three months of experience altogether, but prior to this she would usually just say no. I'll admit, though, since then she has really put her mind (and mouth) to it, practicing every day. Sometimes she gets in an extra workout and tries it two or three times a day. I love giving her input while she is performing, letting her know what is good and what is not so good. For the most part however, she can tell by my moans and the ecstasy on my face that she's doing just fine.

I am such a great sport about it that even if I didn't feel like getting my cock sucked some days (of which there are none), I'd let her suck my dick anyway. I must say that she is getting pretty damn good. I pack a decent eight-inch tool with above average thickness, and she can take pretty much most of it in her drooling mouth. I've told her a few times how she's really mastered the art of cock sucking. She tells me that I am just teasing her to make her feel good. Oh, I do tease her alright, telling her I'll have to find another dick for her to work her magic on so we can get a second opinion. Of course she laughs at me.

"You wouldn't dare!"

"We'll see who gets the last laugh," I reply.

Then she sucks my cock back into her lusciously swirling mouth and I begin wondering which lucky bastard I could share this beautiful gift of a woman with.

Which brings me to my story...

Conrad. I've known him for a long time. In fact, we were the best of friends many years before I even got together with Angie. I trust him more than anyone. And on a couple occasions Angie has even mentioned how handsome and well-mannered he is.

A couple of weeks ago I invited him over for the Monday Night Football game.

"So you're down for the game?" I said.

"I'm there, buddy. It's just you and Angie over there, or what?"

"Yup. You know, you should grab some wine for us. It might loosen her up a bit."

"What do you mean, man?"

"Nothing. Just kidding. Get some wine and get over here. The game starts at seven."

Conrad got there right before kick off.

"Perfect timing!" I told him as he walked in. "Game's just getting ready to start".

We watched the first half while Angie read a book laying across the wicker loveseat on our front porch. When half-time started, we made our way out to where she was. I refilled her wine glass.

"My team's ahead! We need to make a toast!" I said.

"Cheers," Angie said, clinking her glass with mine, and then Conrad's. "Best of luck to you in the second half, my dear."

She was not really interested in whether my team won or not, but I liked that she was playing along. She went back to her book, sipping her wine with a distracted little lick of her lips. I caught Conrad looking down at her smooth bare legs stretching down from beneather her thigh-length summer dress. She looked amazing. I didn't blame him for oggling her. He saw me catch him checking her out and immediately dropped his eyes to the floor, playing innocent.

"What's this? When did you get this?" Conrad said, lifting a video camera from the floor beside the love seat.

"We just got it a couple days ago. Pretty sweet, hey buddy?"


He clicked record and panned over the flowers in the garden, watching the shot from the three-inch viewfinder hanging off the side of it. Then he started towards Angie, moving slowly up her legs, then over the rest of her features. I raised an eyebrow at him and he grinned. He commented as he went in a mock Austrailian accent. Why Austrailian, I don't know, but it was funny.

"Now ladies and gents, 'ere's the real flower of the garden. Great stems... the bushes 'aven't take over, and there's a nice mound 'round the flower..." When he finally reached her face, he dropped the accent. "Damn Angie, you are screaming hot!" She nodded politely at him, taking another sip of her wine, and went back to her book. He held the shot on her face for a moment, slowly zooming out, just taking her in.

"There's something different about you", he said. "It's your lips. They seem fuller than before."

"Fuller?" she replied with a flattered smile. "Is that even a word?"

"Well I didn't wanna say fatter," he said.

"I think you mean 'more full'. Not fuller."

She blew a kiss at him to emphasize the point and he turned his cheek to catch it. I stood there smiling at the easy back-and-forth banter between them thinking this may be the night we get our second opinion. My cock twitched a bit just thinking about it.

It was time for the second-half kick off, and Conrad and I went back inside.

A short while later Angie went off to continue her book while soaking in a hot bath.

"You boys need anything before I go?" she asked.

"A couple of blowjobs would be nice," I said.

She raised an eyebrow at me, and then smirked in good humor.

"I would, but mother always taught me not to eat in front of hungry guests."

Then she left.

"Damn, man," Conrad said. "I wouldn't mind getting a nice blowjob from her. No offense, man. You know what I mean -- like, if she wasn't you're girl. You know."

"I know, and let me assure you, if she wasn't my girl, I'd be thinking the exact same thing."

"So what's she like anyway, if you don't mind me asking. Can she suck a mean dick with those puffy little lips of hers, or what?"

"Don't even get me started man. She's incredible! And so into it too! A couple months ago she wouldn't even go down there but lately, she's been at it constantly, at least once a day, sometimes more. It's like she's trying to out-do herself or something."

"I'm sure you're not complaining."

"Not in the slightest. I'm the luckiest man alive."

"I'd have to agree. I don't even have a girl, and yours is blowing you on a daily basis. Son-of-a-bitch!"

I just grinned at him.

"Well at least you've got your beer. Can't complain about that."

"So she's really good at it, you say?"

Apparently the thought was intriguing him. I grinned, nodded and downed my drink.

"She does this thing with her tongue that's just, like, fucking... amazing! I swear she's a fucking expert at it. I'd give her blackbelt if they had 'em for oral sex."

Conrad groaned enviously and released a sigh.

"And you say she's only been doing it for a couple of months now? Who the fuck was she sucking before you?"

"No one, apparently. I'm the first guy she ever went down on, and judging by her skills the first time she tried it, I believe her. She couldn't even get me off the first time. She was just too clumsy. I had to finish with my hand."

"Why didn't you just fuck her?"

"We were at her mom's, dude, for the whole week. She wouldn't even let me touch her down there. She took pity on me though and tried her best to give me 'something', as she called it. She bungled it the first time, but she had the whole week to practice. I think she saw it as a challege or something cause the next thing you know, she was going down on me every chance she got. In the bathroom, in the garage, in the closet, under the kitchen table -- everywhere! Her mom wouldn't let us share a room, but by the end of the week I'd come more than I had in all the time I was with her. That was one hell of a week."


"No shit! By the time we got home again, she was hooked, and she's been that way ever since. She doesn't even know how good she really is. I try to tell her but she doesn't believe me. You know how women are. She thinks I'm 'just trying to make her feel better.'"

"Maybe she should get a second opinion," Conrad grinned, staring at her picture hanging above the TV .

That's when I dropped the bomb on him. He had only been kidding, but I was serious.

"I'm way ahead of you, buddy," I said.

His face got all serious and even his smile looked a little nervous.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"I mean, I think she should get a second opinion on how good she really is, and I've told her that you, having had your share of girlfriends, are somewhat of a connoisseur of the oral arts... so to speak."

"You're shitting me, man!"

"Nope. What do ya say? Wanna give her a whirl... so to speak?"

"You bet your fuckin' ass I do! ... so to speak. But she's not gonna go for that! You're crazy. She's a respectable girl, not some insecure high school air head."

(He was talking about Cathy Henderson, a cute little blonde chick we had passed back and forth between us one fateful summer night. But that's a whole other story.)

"You leave that to me," I said. "Just make sure you've got a hard-on and a nice healthy load to give her when the time is right."

"I'm way ahead of you, buddy," he said. The grin that spread across his face made it worth any trouble this might cause, and then some. He may have had his share of girlfriends, but he was between relationships at that point, and it had been a long time since he'd gotten anything at all, never mind the high quality Angie would give him.

"Sweetie, can you come here a minute? My glass is empty up her," Angie called from the upstairs bathroom.

"Be right back, man," I said with a grin.

I trotted upstairs with the bottle in hand and slid into the bathroom with a wide grin on my face. Everything was going according to plan.

"What's so funny?" she asked. "What are you two talking about down there?"

"I was just telling him what an incredible cock-sucker you are, my dear."

She leaned forward, intrigued.

"Oh? And?"

"He thinks I'm the luckiest bastard alive."

"And are you?"

"I think so," I said. I stepped forward, refilled her glass, and then slid my erection out of my fly. "But my memory's a little fuzzy from all this wine. Why don't you refresh me?"

She set her glass down on the laundry hamper beside the tub and tugged me forward by my cock. The next thing I knew I was sliding into her warm wet mouth once again. Her suction pulled me in like a noodle and before I knew it I was all the way into the back of her mouth. She tickled my balls with her slippery wet fingers and began swirling her head around in slow circles, dragging me around inside her wet, sucking mouth. I groaned aloud and patted her on the head.

"Yup. I am the luckiest bastard on earth. Definitely."

Her eyes flashed up at me, radiating her love, affection, and raw animal lust.

"Good God, girl! Damn that's nice!"

She popped off of me and kissed the end of my cock like it was a beloved little pet.

"I still say you're only saying that to make me feel better," she said, taking a sip of wine.

"Come on," I replied. "You don't honestly still believe that, do you? After all this time?"

"How would I know how good I really am? I have nothing to compare you to."

"Well I have other to compare you to, and you blow them all away!"

"Says you," she answered. "You wouldn't tell me in a million years if some other broad in your past was better than me. You're not that stupid."

"You're crazy girl! I wish you would believe me! You're the best cock sucker ever!"

"Says you," was all she said. "But thanks for the compliment anyway. It's always nice to hear."

"Look, do you want me to prove it to you?"

"How are you going to do that?"

"Conrad," I said.

"What about him?" she asked, looking up at me with a flash of hot curiousity in her eyes.

"He's had tons of blowjobs in his life, by more girls than I've even met. Would you beleive him if he told you you were awesome at it?"

"I probably would, but we'll never know, will we?"

"Why not?"

"Because!" she said, as if it was the craziest thing I'd ever said. She even splashed me with the bathwater.

"Why not? You give him head, go nuts on him like he's the last man alive, and let him tell you once and for all that you're the best cock sucker who ever knelt before a living breathing man."

"Are you crazy!?" she said, but there was that same flash of excitement in her eyes. "Oh my God, You're really serious! Sweetie! What the fuck!?"

She was grinning from ear to ear, and blushing deeply.

"So will you do it or not?" I said.

She was quiet for a long while and then she answered.

"You know I love you. You know I love everything about you. And you know I think Conrad is very sexy, but I- I don't know. Things could get weird, you know? You're a little drunk now, but what about tomorrow? What about the rest of our lives? What if something-"

"Shush, girl," I said. "I've been friends with him since I was a kid. We've shared everything our whole lives, and I've loved you as long as I've known you. Nothing could ever change that. All three of us respect each other. Let's just have fun. Let's just go for it."

She was quiet again, for another half-a-minute. Then she flashed the hottest little minx grin at me that I've ever seen on her.

"Let me get some more wine in me, and we'll talk later, okay?"

I took that as a yes, and headed back down stairs.

"It's on, buddy!" I told him, and he fell back into the couch cusions with a dazzled grin.

"You are so The Man, you know that!?"

"Cheers!" I said, clinking my beer with his.

"Cheers!" he replied.

After the game ended we went out on the porch, standing there, talking some more about the good old days, about Cathy Henderson and her "mat routine", and about the adventures that were yet to come. It was not long before my lovely lady came out. She had changed her clothes. Now she wore a very sheer white sundress with only a pink thong underneath. Her hair was done and she had touched on some makeup as well. Her lips looked even fuller, and more alluring than ever. My cock stiffened just looking at her.

"Wouldja look at that..." I said, as though she were a priceless work of art in a gallery. Conrad merely hummed in agreement, as though a full course meal had been set before him. She saw us oggling her and smiled cutely, drinking in our male attention to her female ego's content.

Conrad and I stood admiring her. Her dark pink nipples peeked out from behind the material, her ass swayed seductively, with a life all its own, a gravity even, and then, when she sat down, her luscious legs slithered sinuously against one another, like warm silk. She leaned forward to set her glass of wine on the table, giving us a look at her full round breasts swinging freely inside her low-cut top. She almost had us panting, and she'd only been there sixty seconds.

We were all pretty buzzed at that point and Conrad and I stood there not saying a word. The blood had gone from our heads up top to the lower ones. The way Angie was eyeing Conrad up, the way she was dressed, even the way she was moving, made it pretty obvious that she had made up her mind in favor of the plan. She continued her seductive motions too, stroking her legs together, stretching her arms upward to rest them behind her head, and arching her back, giving us a bold, thrusting display of breasts, getting us more worked up by the minute.

"That bath was soooo relaxing!" she sighed. "I feel tingly all over."

"Me too," Conrad said, still devouring her form with his ravenous gaze.

"So, boys," she said, turning toward us with a sexy little cock of her eyebrow, "what shall we talk about?"

I don't think I'd ever seen her so horny. I was aching to pounce on her, but loving the building tension even more.

After another drink or two the conversation got increasingly awkward as we all struggled innocently to avoid the topic we all wanted to discuss. Angie continued her sultry little couch dance the whole time, and we were both dying over there. After about ten minutes of this torture, my cock was so hard I couldn't stand it anymore. Besides, for as much as we were suffering, I eventually realized that Angie was suffereing even more. After all, she had two hot sexy men to drool over, two throbbing bulges poking out at her from two pairs of pants. We only had one of her. I noticed her licking her lips constantly, and glancing down at Conrad's crotch, trailing off in mid sentence and then snapping out of it again. The poor girl was dying for it over there.

It was time to quit pussy-footing around and get down to business.

"Hey Conrad, speaking of oral commitments, have I told you what a great cock sucker Angie is?"

Angie blushed a hot red, but did not look away. She merely dropped her chin modestly and licked her lips again.

"You may haven't mentioned something like that," he said.

Before she could respond, I came back with, "Yeah, she took it up a couple of months ago and has put in a lot of practice time since. It's really paid off."

Angie grew even redder, but still did not look away. Conrad looked at her and said, "Is it true, Angie? I would love to find out."

"You may yet," she said, staring him down like a predator. Then she got up and strutted out of the room to get another glass of wine, stumbling a bit and then righting herself with a grip on the doorframe. She turned back and giggled. "Perhaps when I get back, you two will have something more solid for me to hang on to. Lord knows I need it."

When she returned a couple of minutes later, she found Conrad and I on the couch with our cocks out, waving them up and down by their roots. Our shirts were off too and our pants and underwear were around our ankles. We were both sort of slouched down on the couch, staring at her with expectancy. She stopped in the doorway, staring with a combination of stunned shock and animalistic lust. She looked as though she did not know whether she should stay or run. I knew of course that there was no way on earth she would run from a scene like this. She loved cock more than any girl I'd ever known, and here were two of them, standing tall before her eyes. Plus she was about seventy-five percent of the way to totally sloshed drunk by then. Any fear she showed was simply a fear that this was all just a beautiful dream, and I knew exactly how she felt.

We both looked at her with happy grins and she let a smile spread slowly across her face.

"Are you just gonna stand there, my dear, or are you going to come join us?"

"I'm going to come and join you," she said. "Not necessarily in that order."

We made room for her in between us as she walked over. I took her glass of wine and set it on the side table. She just stood there for a moment looking down at us, comparing our cocks perhaps as her eyes moved back and forth between them. She did not look disappointed by either. His cock was about the same size as mine, maybe not quite as long, but significantly thicker.

"Are you gonna sit down?" I said.

"I'm trying to decide whether or not to just kneel down."

"Have a seat first, so we can kiss you. You're an amazing kisser too, Angie. Show him."

"If you insist, my dear."

She sat down between us and looked from me, over to Conrad. Conrad looked back at her, and I watched as they studied each other's eyes, and then lips, leaning in a bit, and then pulling back again, tilting their heads a bit, and then righting them again, licking their lips constantly, smiling nervously, and then pulling back again. Finally Conrad tore his enraptured gaze from her and looked at me.

"Listen, are you sure about this, man? I mean-"

That was all he got out. She grabbed his face in both hands and her mouth was on him like a horny little high school girl playing spin the bottle or something. They kissed deeply and I watched with fascination, growing hornier by the minute. I saw her tongue slide from her mouth into his and he met it with his own. Their flickering licks and swirls caressed one another in a lustful dance that soon had her moaning softly into his mouth. He replied in kind and pulled her closer into an excited embrace. As they kissed however, her hand slid over and took hold of my cock, and she began pumping it softly up and down in her familiar way. Her hand was soft and gentle on me, but completely confident as she jerked its flesh up and down its shaft with practiced ease. I sighed deeply and sank back into the couch, trying once again to convince myself that I was, as she'd said, only the second guy she was ever with in her life. She was unbelieveably sexy, even in her semi-drunken state.

She then hesitantly reached over and took hold of Conrad's cock as well. She was not so confident in her grip on him as she was with me, but he had no complaints. Her fingers wrapped around it and she pulled its skin upward over its head, and then down again, squeezing it slightly as she went. Then she did it again, and again, testing it, exploring it, the third cock she had ever laid hands on. He moaned his pleasure into her kiss and gyrated his pelvis to meet her strokes.

Finally she broke her kiss with him and turned to kiss me. I noticed just before her face crowded into my view, that her hands were stroking our cocks in unison, up, down, up, down, like a skier working her poles. It was very sexy. I could feel her hands trembling too. Her breath was quick and deep and her chest was heaving seductively. Then she kissed me and all faded away into bliss.

She broke away and went back to kissing him again. Well, actually he pulled her back to kiss him is what happened, but I didn't mind. This time when she broke the kiss with him, she broke it to lick her palm, drooling and slobbering on it before dropping it back down to wet his cock.

"Ah, God!" he said, letting his mouth drop open and his eyes half close. Then she was kissing him again giving his tongue a mini-sampling of the blowjob his cock would soon feel.

His hand grabbed her breast and I reached up to take hold of her other. We each fondled and caressed her breasts and nipples in our own ways and soon she was shrugging herself out of her dress, letting us peel it down off of her body so we could appreciate her fully. She shivered all over as our strong male hands grabbed and massaged her naked and tingling breasts. Her pelvis jerked forward as well and she began squirming in her seat like there was a cock beneath her, thrusting up into her. There wasn't of course, but I'm sure she wished there was.

She broke their kiss again and licked and slobbered all over her other hand. Now I was treated to a slippery wet handjob as well, and it was my turn to kiss her. I devoured her mouth, loving her, tasting her, feeling her tongue on mine and she reciprocated my energy with both her mouth and her hand on my cock.

She broke away and began licking, sucking, and nibbling at my ear lobes, just the way I like. I shivered and twisted my head to one side in ecstasy. Her kisses dabbed down my neck and then she went back to my ear and whispered something.

"I'm too shy," she said.

"You're what?" I whispered back.

"I'm too shy to... you know, do it... to him."

She dropped her head into my neck and continued kissing me down there as well, hiding her excited blush.

"You're already stroking it. Don't you want it in your mouth too?"

"Of course I do. I'm dying for it! But I'm too... shy! It's a woman thing, I guess. What if he doesn't... you know, like it, or something."

"If I know you, you're probably just worried you won't be the best he's ever had, that some other chick he's been with might be better than you are. Isn't that right?"

"Something like that, I guess." And she giggled.

"Well quit worrying about being the best he's ever had and just show him that you already are."

"What if I'm not?"

Conrad heard her and answered.

"If you're as good at that as you are at kissing, my God, girl! I'll die from it!"

She blushed. She was so incredibly gorgeous right then I wanted to ravish her right there on the couch, but I of course resisted the urge. I leaned in to her and whispered in her ear, "Just drop down and take his cock in your mouth. Don't look at him. Don't even open you're eyes. Just go down and make love to his cock with that sweet little mouth of yours, just like you do with me."

She took a deep breath, knowing that I was right. If she was gonna do it, she would have to just shut her eyes and go for it. She licked her lips, kissed me one last time, and then she did just that. She released our cocks, slid off the couch and onto the floor, kneeling in front of him. We both watched her as she wriggled herself in between his knees, pushing them apart, and began kissing her way up his thighs. He looked at me with such grateful adoration that I almost laughed out loud. He looked like a starving man about to be fed.

Her lips slid across his flesh. Her tongue flickered and tickled him, all the way up each thigh, inch-by-inch, nervously approaching his cock like it was a god she had to please with her humble offering. I saw shiny wet trails of saliva along his thighs and I sighed with excitement, knowing the bliss he was in and staring enviously as she approached his testicles.

She caught the skin of his scrotum in her lips and tugged on it, touching it with her tongue, tapping it with little flicks, and then kissing it wetly with her soft moist lips. His cock slid up and down and back and forth across her forehead as she bobbed this way and that, paying delicate homage to his tingling nut sack with her lips and tongue in a slow and torturous tease that had him squirming in his seat.

"It gets better," I said.

"Damn!" he replied.

Then she sucked each testicle into her mouth, one after another, as if comparing them to one another. First she took one in, sucking gently on it, cupping and massaging it on her gently slithering tongue, then she switched to the other, slurping wetly on it, slathering it with her saliva and treating it with more respect and adoration than it had probably ever felt from another human being. She did this, back and forth, back and forth, one at time, over and over until he was almost laughing in ecstasy.

"I can't believe you were shy about this, Angie," he said. "You've barely even begun and you're already the best I've ever had."

She glowed at this and finally opened her eyes to look up at him. His cock was across her face as she suckled his left nut and she smiled at him, glad he was enjoying himself, and promising with her eyes that the best was yet to come. He grabbed her head in gently trembling hands and held on desperately as her head began bobbing and swirling in up and down, round and round motions, giving his balls a final all-over tongue bath before she made her way up to address the king himself. He shivered violently and released another shaky sigh, looking like he thought he'd died and gone to heaven.

Now she was moving up his shaft, nibbling, licking, kissing, suckling at its delicate skin, tracing her tongue along its veins, exploring its thickness in a sideways upward sliding kiss. She got halfway up like that and then went back down again. Then she turned her head and did it again from the opposite angle, guiding its length with a finger and thumb on its shiny little head. She massaged it with a toothless chewing motion and made her way up its length until she was three quarters of the way up. Then she slithered back down again, still torturing him, still pleasuring him with slow teasing tension, her ecstatic oral ministrations that had him jerking and shuddering on the seat before her.

She hadn't even gotten to the head yet, and he was already dying.

"Ah, God! I can't take anymore. Please suck my cock now. I'm feeling dizzy already. I wanna be inside your mouth now. Please!"

She didn't oblige immediately, but she did pick up the pace. She pulled up and down the front of his shaft a few more times, sliding the flat front of her jittering tongue along it as she went, and rising higher each time until she finally reached the face of his manhood. He thust upward spasmodically, stroking himself across her tongue and she giggled at him. The she flickered her tongue back and forth across its face like she was slapping it around, only it was sweet, wet, slippery slaps across the most sensitive part of his body. He moaned again, and pulled her head up to guide his cock into her mouth. She pushed his hands away and shrugged herself out of his grip.

"If I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna do it my way, boy, or else how will you know whether I'm not I'm the best cock sucker you've ever known?"

He simply nodded in resignation. Urging her to continue with eager little grunts.

I had a perfect view from were I was. Angie first started by licking the purple head of his cock, then she slowly slid her lips down around its head. She assaulted him with her tongue as she descended and his mouth widened with hers as she went, his in ecstasy, and hers from the increasing width of his cock. As I said, Conrad is a little bit thicker than me, but a bit shorter in length. As deft as she was, Angie did stuggle a bit getting her mouth around him, but once she did it went right in. She went down on it slowly, gathering it into her suction, slithereing down onto it like God had given her a mouth for that very purpose. Forget eating, drinking, breathing, and talking. In that moment, her mouth was made to pleasure cock. She sucked sweetly at him, bobbing further down onto him with each motion she made until she was finally down to the base of him, with her lips kissing the flesh around the root of his cock. He was down her throat and she held him there securely, without gagging, without the slightest worry, simply bobbing and massaging his entire length as she had done to me so many times. She pulled off of him, caught a quick breath, and went down again. All the way down. His body tensed, tighter and tighter as she descended and I realized that he was trying to keep himself from coming already. That would be mortally embarassing, no matter how incredible she was at it. She'd only had him in her mouth for ninety seconds.

"How's about giving me a turn, baby," I said, trying to defend my buddy from the agony of premature ejaculaion.

She popped off of him and slurped my cock into her mouth with none of the equisite preliminaries she'd given him. I had no complaints of course. I was suddenly engulfed in her sweet wet bobbing suction and I threw my head back in ecstasy, letting her take me like she owned me, all the way down to the bottom in a long greedy gulp.

"Ah, yeah! That's it! Good fucking girl!"

Conrad watched with wide eyes, sweating and panting, like he'd just run a marathon. He sat staring at her with a dazed look. Her hand was on his balls and she was massaging them like she owned them too. I'm sure he wouldn't have minded signing them over to her for life right at that moment.

"Her tongue is like... everywhere! I've never felt that before. Honest to God, you're amazing, girl."

"Ready for more?" she asked him, sliding off my cock and moving her and up to his shaft to clutch his cock in a possessive grip. He nodded at her and she went back to sucking him. She took him in her sweet, swirling mouth and made him hers once again, taking control of his body, mind, and soul, all in one secure oral grip. Then she was bobbing up and down on him, sucking until her cheeks pulled inward, and massaging him again in that same toothless chewing motion she'd used before, only this time she was all around him. She didn't go all the way down this time. This time she was all about giving the upper half of his cock a good work out. She bobbed and sucked and swirled and slithered and slobbered on him, making him literally laugh out loud like a babbling drunk.

"Oh my fucking God!" he said. "This is incredible! Your mouth- It- I- Ah, fuck yeah!"

Then she took him down all the way again and down into her throat. She was swallowing it very slowly, inch-by-inch until it was gone completely, stuffed up inside her massaging mouth. She took him all the way down like that, and then pulled off of him to breathe again, and then went back for more. He was nodding like his spine had melted and his hands were shaking like he was struggling with reality itself.

"That's my girl," I said. "Suck his brains right out his dick."

Conrad was near coming again and I could tell he didn't want to, so I got up and pulled Angie to her feet, but she didn't want to let go of Conrad's cock, but I yanked her off of it with a wet sexy slurp. Once I got her up, I pulled her sundress over her head and bent her over. Conrad's eyes lit up as Angie's beautiful breasts came into view and swung freely before him. He immediately grabbed one of Angie's breasts in each hand, squeezing and pinching her nipples roughly. Then he kissed her again and she squealed from some internal jolt as I ripped her pink thong right off her ass. She glanced back at me with rampant lust as I parted her hot little ass cheeks, and positioned my cock at the entrance of tight little pussy. She was so unbelievably wet that I slipped right in, all the way to the bottom in one stroke.

"Uh! Fuck! UH! Yeah!" she grunted at me as I pumped her with full strength, burying my cock to the very root in her deliciously snug little pussy. She bowed down once again and slurped Conrad's cock into her mouth, now penetrated from both ends. My vigorous thrusting made it difficult for her to maneuver with any sort of skill, so she simply clamped down on him with her suction and let him fuck her hot little mouth, as I struggled with the tightness of her pussy, forcing my way in against the constriction of her internal muscles that seemed intent on squeezing me right out of her, or perhaps sucking me even deeper. Whatever the case may be, she was incredibly tight.

Angie's neck was getting a little sore working on Conrad from this angle, so she got him to stand up and she stood between us as we grinned at each other with our cocks in each end of my pretty young girlfriend. This new position presented a new problem however. As I pumped forward, thrusting into her sweetly jiggling ass, Angie's mouth was forced down harder on Conrad's cock, and as I pulled out of her again, she was pulled off Conrad's cock, so that instead of deep throating him her mouth came up to just below his cock head. Conrad immediately thrust forward with his hips,burying more of his cock in Angie's mouth no matter which position I was in inside her. She bumped back and forth between us as we fucked her from each end and she moaned gratuitously, almost screaming into Conrad's manhood as he fucked her mouth and throat. She kept having to push him back, away from her so she could snatch a quick breath, and then he thrust forward again, filling her mouth and throat with his cock until her lips crushed into his pubic hair at the base of his cock. He would fuck her throat in and out a few times, and then she would push him away again. She didn't seem to mind this, or even be in any sort of discomfort. In fact, she was the one pulling him all the way into her throat a few times, when he tried to ease up and give her a breather. It was very sexy to watch.

Conrad had her by the head, and I had her by the hips. She seemed to enjoy being controlled so roughly like this, and it actually freaked me out how much she seemed to be into this situation overall. But then I simply grinned and continued fucking her, trying to make her squeal onto his cock again with each plunging thrust I made from behind.

"Damn, you're a hot little bitch, aren't you, baby?" I said. "You're really loving this, aren't you?"

She nodded her head vigorously and managed half a moan before Conrad buried his cock in her throat once again.

"That's a good girl, Angie," I said. "You love having two cocks in you, don't you?"

She nodded again and I smacked her on the ass with a vigorous growl. She squealed and I watched her ass jiggle in response. Conrad just moaned in ecstasy. It was pretty much all he could do at that point.

As I pushed my cock in, I pulled her cunt back to me; as I pulled out, I started to slap her butt with alternate hands and squeeze her cheeks together around my cock.

"Squeeze your pussy on my cock, Angie," I said. "That's it! Crush me! Oh, yeah!"

She did, and I could feel the increase of pressure on my cock. She sucked harder and harder on Conrad, and my slaps started to redden her ass. She started moaning and groaning, squealing and gasping for breath, make us both shudder with lust. Every time she moaned, her pussy would tense up, crushing me in its grip, and I'd smack her ass again with deep satisfaction, making her moan even more, and tense up even harder, all of which added a vibration on Conrad's cock to go with her sucking. Conrad started moaning as well.

Angie immediately took Conrad's balls in her left hand and started fondling them as he fucked her mouth. She evidently wanted his come, and she knew he couldn't last much longer. She reached up to use both hands on his balls, stroking at them and jiggling them, tickling them with her finger tips.

"Play with yourself, Angie," I said. "Make yourself come. I wanna feel it."

She moaned again at my aggressive commands and reached down to massage her clit for a moment. She really wanted Conrad's come though, and soon her hands slipped back under his scrotum to massage the load out of them.

"I said play with yourself, little bitch! That's an order!"

She shivered with excitement as my booming voice jolted through her and her hand shot down to her clit once again, massaging it, working around it, flicking it, pinching it. She started to moaning louder and louder, and moving her hips around and around, and up and down, dragging my cock around inside her, faster and faster.

I couldn't take much more of this. The sight of Angie's head bobbing up and down on Conrad's cock, her moaning, the fact that she was fondling his balls with one hand and her clit with another, Conrad's moaning, my holding unto Angie's hips and slamming into her cunt--none of us could take it any more. The three of us began climaxing almost at the exact same time. Conrad went first, finally tensing up completely and pumping his load out into the back of her throat. She squealed eagerly at this like a delighted little girl who'd just been given candy and her cunt suddenly crushed me in a vice-like grip as she climaxed with jerks and spasms that rocked through her entire body. Naturally this incredible tightness set me off as well. Suddenly I was fucking a slick wet crush of flesh and my orgasm flooded up and overflowed in great spewing spurts that poured out into the very bottom of her churning little sheath. I held her tight, growling and spurting, filling her with my come, and Conrad did the same from his end. Angie, in the middle, shuddered and shook, swallowing Conrad's load, slurping it out of him with her hot sucking mouth and squeezing mine out of me with her slick litte pussy at the same time. We finally finished and simultaneously collapsed onto the couch beside us, slipping out of both ends of Angie at the same time and sinking down into the couch at each end in complete exhaustion.

We lay there for a good five minutes catching our breath before Angie finally spoke.

"I hope that's not all you boys got," she said. The night is still young and I've only had one orgasm so far."

"I've got plenty more," I replied. "You know me. How 'bout you, Conrad? You got more energy for this hot, sexy little fuck toy of mine?"

"Damn straight," he said. "For the hottest fuck I've ever experienced, the greatest cock sucker I've ever felt, the hottest woman all around, I could go all week."

"So I guess that answers your question, hey Angie?"

"Uh huh," she said. "But my next question is, how am I ever gonna get used to having only one cock at a time again, once this night's over?"

"Good question," I said. "Conrad?"

"Anytime you need me, just call. I'll be down here in three minutes flat."

"Sounds good to me," Angie said.

"So you liked it then," I asked her, "getting fucked by two guys at once?"

"Sure, once I managed to shut my brain off and just go with it, I fuckin' loved it."

"Any suggestions for round two?" I asked her.

"Well," she answered, "there is that little video camera right over there."

That was all she had to say. We spent the rest of the night trading off fucking her, getting sucked off by her, and covering her with our come, between turns on the camera where we caught the whole night on one long tape.

We eventually showered off and collapsed in our bed with her between us, trying to massage our exhausted cocks into one last erection. Conrad managed one more, and I fell asleep with a smile on my face to the sounds of them fucking beside me. It's a night we'll remember forever.