Bad Uncle

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While you were gone. In other words in case you haven't read any of the previous stories. My niece came to live with my wife and I when she was sixteen years old. She immediately impressed upon me (no pun intended) how grateful she could be when favors were done for her. A beer on the ride home allowed me the extreme pleasure of fondling her in the van while driving home that night. It gave a new meaning to the term "a hard drive home" (pun intended). Six weeks would pass before our next encounter and to say the least there was no turning back after the deed (good or dirty you decide) was done. I encourage you to read the stories to fill in any cracks (yes I did this one on purpose too). They are, Do Unto Others and A Good Deed. I sincerely hope you enjoy those stories as well as this one.

April was quickly over what ailed her. She seemed quite please with the idea of us spending the day together. She probably could and would have liked to pass on the Doctor visit, but it was the ploy we were using for her staying out of school and my taking off from work to help take care of her.

I couldn't be certain but I doubted if April had worn any panties under the way to short cut off jeans she was wearing. Her aunt commented about them but I assured her that other than the Doctor and myself no one else would see her before she came back home. That seemed to satisfy the wife as we made our way to the car. I opened the door for her and she smiled at me. She reached across the seat stretching out to unlock my door. The cheeks of her ass came out of hiding. She looked over her shoulder to confirm I was not missing the show. Pleased that I was standing there, waiting to close her door, she remained in that position after accomplishing the task at hand. I returned her smile and removed my hand from the door and rubbed her ass. She then turned and looked at me again. So much more I was going to do with that ass, but for now a simple touch was almost more then I could stand. After I moved my hand she turned around and sat in her seat. I could feel her eyes looking at my dick as she spoke.

"Looks as if you enjoyed that as much as I did!"

"More, trust me!"

I walked around and got in the car and we were off to the Doctor. Silence filled the car as I could sense she wanted to ask me what we would do after we left the Doctor office. I was glad she hadn't asked. I knew I was going to fuck her but I did not know where or how or anything else.

The Doctor visit was not much of a visit. The nurse saw her and gave her the shots. We never mentioned the alleged illness, as we knew the nature of her illness. We left the office and I was ready to reveal to her my plan. We got in the car and the butterflies filled my stomach. At what point would she decide that as an uncle I had crossed the line? I turned to her in the car and she leaned over and pressed her lips hard against mine. Her tongue breaking through my lips and finding no resistance.

"Take me somewhere and fuck me"

Such harsh and vulgar words coming out of this mouth that just violated my mouth with passion more advanced than a women twice her age. I leaned over to press our lips together and has our tongues began their exploration I felt her biting at my lip as she rubbed the now so familiar bulge in my pants. Caught up in the excitement like some schoolboy on his first date I pulled away and started the car. My heart racing five times as fast as the engine and my mind going into a direction all its own.

April opened my pants as we drove and quickly she began to engulf my dick into her youthful mouth. Her tongue riding up and down and her teeth biting lightly on the shaft. Her expertise was without questioned, as I wondered what schoolboy had enjoyed this mouth yet probably never knew what a treasure her opening held. She retrieved my balls from the comfort of my pants and licked them as feverishly as she had my dick. Soon her motion was such that I could barely drive. Tempted to stop I could just see the motel where we heading. I drove faster as her rhythm picked up knowing that the load I was suppressing would never make it. As I pulled into the parking lot, my cum began filling her mouth. No hesitation in her actions as she continued with her gestures. I stopped the car but could not stop the cum as a second wave quickly followed the first. Noticing that my cum was no where to be seen I knew she was swallowing it as fast as it came and she never contested the chore. Actually she seem to derive as much pleasure from it as I had. Though I somehow doubted that seeing as she had just given me the best blowjob of my thirty plus years.

She pulled away from my dick and looked up at me smiling, pleased with what she had accomplished. She leaned over to me and kissed me. Although I had never tasted my own cum before, coming from her it tasted as sweet as honey. Those sixteen-year-old lips could probably make shit taste good, I thought to myself.

The Paradise Motel was not the type of place where the desk clerk asked questions. Well, that is, other than if you needed the room for the night or an hour or two. I choose for a night. Though I knew there was no way of that happening. Still a couple of hours from now I planed on still being engulfed within her legs, breast, ass, and pussy.

I drove around to our room taking a few moments to call the wife and explained that I needed to make a couple of calls on some clients. I told her April was asleep but feeling better. She commented on what a great uncle I was. I preferred April thinking of me as a Bad Uncle.

We were barely in the door before I was tearing those shorts off of her. I had her kneel on the edge of the bed as I ran my tongue up and down the crack of her ass. Pausing only when she moaned with pleasure and then I would revisit that area again. She was soaking wet between her legs and soon I was submerged into her juices as far as my tongue and nose could go.

Her soft moans and groans and cries of, "oh yes", told me that teenage boys still lacked the fine art of eating pussy. I turned her over unto her back and continued my assault on her flawless pussy. Her clit was at attention and I bit it lightly and felt her tremble. I persisted on licking and biting it until I could taste the extreme flavor of fresh juices that flowed as she began to climax. Her hands grabbing my head and thrusting it between her legs as she gasped for air. My hands reached up and felt the nipple of her breast, which was, has hard as a rock. She took one hand off my head and joined me in caressing her breast. My tongue was striving to remove every moist residual of her sweet vagina. The movement of her hips told me that perhaps another orgasm was waiting not far off. I return to my previous rhythm only to have her stop me.

"I want you to fuck me"

She need not request that again. Hurried, as if afraid to wake up from a dream, I brought myself between her legs. With out fore thought penetrating her with a force of a deranged maniac. My cock felt her warmth and pounded rhythmically along with her. She screamed in pleasure as I sucked her young breast into my mouth, her nails digging into my ass as she climaxed again. The smile on her young face was almost angelic and I felt like the devil himself. Knowing that this affair would never end for I was certain I would never allow it too.

As if she read my mind she spoke to me.

"I will never leave you."

I withdrew from her and again as if sensing my desire she turned over and placed her self and a doggie position.

"I want you to fuck my ass."

"Are you sure? Have you ever..."

"No," she interrupted, "I've never allowed any guy to fuck my ass but I know you want to. I want to make you happy."

The thought of her virgin sixteen-year-old ass was nearly more than I could stand. Some of her juices had moistened the area and I fingered it with two fingers first. Not certain if her moans were out of pleasure or pain I stopped.

"Don't stop. It feels good, better then I thought actually."

"You don't have to do this."

"Yes I do, because you want it so bad, and I want to make my dear bad uncle happy for as long as he will let me."

She positioned her ass a little higher as she put her head into the pillow. I pushed the head of my cock to the rim of her ass. The hole slightly opened. I could feel her pressing back towards me and I knew she was trying to help. I moved forward and felt her jerk as the head gained entrance into this forbidden hole. I waited for a moment and then felt her easing back towards me again. She seemed to be moaning with some discomfort so I hesitated. Leisurely and deliberately she moved her ass further down my dick. I wanted to devour this delicacy with one quick surge but held off doing so knowing the genuine pleasure still awaited me. I gazed at my dick and saw that her ass had consumed about four inches and had but maybe three to go. I pulled out a little and casually pushed it back in she joined me as we began moving in a timely fashion. I heard her gasp and could tell I was going deeper into her. Soon I found my balls bouncing off the cheeks of her ass.

"Oh yes, fuck me! Fuck my ass oh yes!"

Her words rang in my ears as I pushed further into her. Her hand reached between my legs and grabbed my balls.

"Oh, damn it!!!" I yelled as my cum shot out and filled her ass.

She pulled forward and then slammed back into me as if her ass wanted more. My cum squirting out from the force of this last entry and I came some more.

The tempo slowed as the strenuous and aerobic sexercise came to a close. April fell to the bed leaving my dick paralyzed from the head down. I collapsed on top of her. She rolled me over and began kissing me.

"I don't want to scare you or anything but I have to tell you something."

Wondering where comments like that was going. I looked into her puzzled eyes.

"I love you."

"And I love you."

"No, I don't mean like a niece loves an uncle. I mean like a women loves a man."

"Well, I'm flattered that you do. Hopefully you don't think I love all nieces like I love you."

"No but, you have always treated me like an adult. I've had a crush on you for two years. When I first lost my virginity and every time since then I imagined it was you fucking me."

Now that was an ego boost. We went on and talked about the problems that laid ahead. She was very matured for her years. So far our relationship was based on sex, still I knew even then something more could develop. I never wanted her to feel like she missed out so I explained that to her as we showered. Stopping long enough for oral sex on each other. We got dressed and left for the house. I considered myself one of the luckiest men alive that day and definitely the luckiest Bad Uncle.