Black beauty

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The pretty naked black girl in the spotlight on stage trembled as she knelt before the fully clothed old white man and deftly opened his fly with her long fingers. All she had on was a leather slave collar, gold hoop earrings and open toed gold high heels.

Her dark chocolate skin was complemented by her thick black curly hair, pretty face, petite nose, black eyes and thick sensuous African lips. Her boobs were big, firm and pointy with inch long licorice nipples. Her flat tummy and trim waist led to a smooth freshly shaved black snatch, heart shaped ass and long lovely legs. She was only eighteen years old.

Her eyes were white and wide with fear. Only a few hours before she had been grabbed off the street near her college in her white halter top and hot pants, pulled into a van and chloroformed.

When she awoke she found herself nude, strapped to a cot, surrounded by white men who told her that she was going to be the star in a live sex show tonight. She would be well paid if she did as she was told and said nothing afterward. They made it clear that the consequences would be very bad if she told the authorities anything.

Now, trembling, her eyes wide and bug eyed with fear, it was clear to the white male audience that she didn’t want to be here. But that only made their white cocks throb harder with excitement. For they were all secret members of the Old Plantation Green Door Club and had paid big money for this audience participation spectacle of a pretty young nubile Nubian delight being gang raped and studded on stage by numerous white cocks.

Shatoya’s nimble fingers fumbled for the white man’s zipper. Shouts came from the audience.

"Come on girl! Get that white cock in your mouth where it's supposed to be! You were born to suck white cock!"

Tears started to roll down Shatoya’s pretty high cheek bones. As she pulled the zipper slowly down, a huge throbbing white member sprang out and hit her on the nose. The old white man grabbed her thick curly hair with both hands and began thrusting the tip of his prick on her pretty thick lips.

"Open up! Swallow it!" came the frantic shouts from the audience.

"Cup my balls in your hand and start sucking girl!" the old white man ordered as he insistently thrust the head of his prick, gooey with pre-cum at her lips. Her heart pounding Shatoya did as she was told, gently cupping the old white man’s big red nuts in her left hand while she opened her mouth and let the big old thickly veined throbbing white prick thrust toward her throat. She nearly gagged as it seemed the big white dick was searching for her tonsils.

The old white guy pulled her head towards him as he thrust inside Shatoya’s pretty mouth.

"Swallow it like a good slave girl you pretty little black bitch!"

Shatoya wrapped her thick black lips around the old white cock, sliding them up and down the shaft as the old guy guided her head, skull fucking her. The audience was totally turned on watching her chocolate titties shake as her head bobbed back and forth along the eight inch white shaft which kept disappearing into her mouth and reemerging.

Shatoya felt shamed and humiliated as her pretty mouth was being publicly raped in front of all these white people. But she also started to feel, against her will, a growing wetness in her vagina and a tingling excitement in her nipples and clit, both of which were swelling erect with hot Negress blood. Stories she had heard and secretly been excited by, of black women being raped and bred on the plantation in slavery times by white men, of being the massa’s sex slave, his prime breeder, resurfaced in her mind, causing her pussy to gush uncontrollably.

Thick, clear lubricant was getting the entrance to her womb ready for breeding by the white man’s cock, just as it had her slave foremothers a century and a half before.

Deep in her soul Shatoya feared that she would be addicted only to white cock after this raping tonight. For she was a virgin and no black cock had ever been inside her. Now the first cock in her pussy would be the white man’s cock. She suddenly panicked as she realized she had just had her period five days ago and was not on the pill. Her virgin black pussy would be filled with white semen tonight. She would probably get knocked up. That meant her first baby would be a light skinned mulatto, fathered by one of the unknown white men or boys in this theater.

Shatoya’s mouth was suddenly filled with hot sticky sperm as the old guy thrust to the back of her throat and spasmed wildly inside her.


Shatoya had to swallow it all as load after load of hot thick cum hit the roof of her mouth. She gulped and swallowed seven times in rhythm with the old white man’s spasms. As she swallowed the last wad to the applause of the audience, the old guy released her head and she scrambled to her feet, seized by panic, white driblets oozing out of her lips and down her pretty chin.

"Help! Rape! Rape! Rape!"

She tried to run off stage. But her mind’s protest of rape was belied by her body’s response. Wet, lubricating cum copiously flowed from out between her jet black cunt lips and down her chocolate thighs. In spite of her long legs, she didn’t get far in those spiked heels. Shatoya was quickly grabbed by a muscular white stage hand, picked up by two strong arms encircling her waist and brought, kicking and screaming, back to center stage where she was rudely thrown on a mattress and her wrists and ankles grabbed by four white men.

A long line of white men and boys began forming in front of the mattress between Shatoya’s firmly held open legs. Regardless of age all the white males were smiling and licking their chops at the plight of the helpless, naked, spread eagled black girl, flat on her back on the mattress, her pink pussy fuck hole wide open and ready to be raped by their bulging white hard- ons. There was a chorus of zippers opening as the males on stage and in the audience whipped out their meat and began massaging their one eyed monsters, fixated on the hapless, pretty young Negress.

A tall grey haired old man shoved his trousers down to his ankles and knelt between Shatoya’s chocolate thighs, his seven inch slab of white meat throbbing over her belly. Shatoya eyed the white thing about to violate her and shouted "No!" just as the tall old white guy put the head in her slit and shoved hard with all his weight into her tender virgin fuck hole.

Shatoya screamed with pain as the thick old white prick burst through the thin, delicate skin of her hymen, ripping it apart, blood spurting as her virginity was violated in one brutal act. Shatoya grimaced in pain and began tossing her head back and forth, her eyes closed as the rape proceeded. Despite her lubrication, the big white cock pumping inside her hurt as it pushed further and further up her tight, hot pussy toward her baby making womb.

The pain, but not the humiliation, began to subside somewhat as her pussy instinctively began to lubricate to ease the passage of the white man’s cock inside her. Her vagina was sore but excited as the skinny old white guy raped Shatoya’s beautiful black body.

Shatoya screamed again as tow pairs of teeth clamped down on her sensitive, thick two inch long erect licorice nipples. Tears and pleas for mercy were of no avail as the white devil’s proceeded to ravish every inch of her naked beautiful young black body, from her titties and pussy to her legs, ass, thighs and arms, every square inch was groped , squeezed, pinched, bit or raped by her white masters. But her pussy continued to lubricate copiously after each rape.

She could feel the mix of white man’s sperm and her own love juices flowing out of her tender fuck hole and down her anus after every withdrawal. It seemed like Shatoya’s torment would never end as white cock after white cock entered her to release a giant gob of baby making cum inside her tortured little twat.

But the physical excitement of her cunt at being entered and raped by all those white cocks now spread to her mind as Shatoya slowly realized this was what she was born for: to be bred and raped by white men. She began to pant and hyperventilate.

The hands on her wrists and ankles released her, allowing her the freedom to grab the ass of the man fucking her, insistently pushing the white dick deeper toward her baby making womb. She clamped her thighs around the white torsos as she gyrated her hips in time with their thrusts, exciting her clit.

Soon, wave after wave of delicious electric orgasm washed over and through her body. She was a black sex slave, an ebony breeding whore, a white boy’s toy, a Nubian female receptacle for white sperm. The way it was supposed to be. Her Negress pussy clamped like a vice on the white pricks as they spasmed inside her, making sure that every drop of baby making sperm was drained from the white men’s balls before they withdrew.

After eighteen or so men had had their way with her, Shatoya, weak and limp, cum flowing copiously out of her pussy and down her ass and chocolate thighs, was lifted off the mattress and carried to the edge of the stage where her head was hung over the edge toward the audience. A line formed again and cock after white cock was shoved into her open mouth.

Shatoya must have swallowed a gallon of cum that night before they were through with her. Her whole body was sore, from her ravished pussy to her poor tender mauled titties and nips to her pinched thighs, arms and cheeks. She was covered in white cum from her pretty face to her big firm titties, smooth belly, raped pussy and Hershey thighs. As the last white cock spasmed white seed across her belly, Shatoya passed out from utter exhaustion.

Four white men hoisted her cum drenched body and carried it out to the van where they drove her back to campus and deposited her unconscious, naked, beautiful black body on a park lawn behind some bushes. When she awoke it was daylight. Her tank top and shorts lay nearby.

Painfully, she put them on and entered her dorm. It was Sunday morning and thankfully her white roommate was asleep. Shatoya made for the shower. But she didn’t think she would ever be able to wash away the smell of all those white men’s cum. And no matter how deep she dug up inside her poor sore little pussy with her fingers, pulling out wad after big wad of sticky, gooey, white man’s cum, she was sure that millions of tadpoles, baby making white man’s sperm, were inside her womb assaulting one of her eggs.

Shatoya was not mistaken. In a few days she began throwing up. Later that month, she missed her period. Even as she swelled bigger and bigger with each passing month, she stayed on campus, attracting stares and whispers and gestures from white male students. Sometimes she could hear the sotto voice whispers;

"Wonder who the lucky father... or fathers are? Mmmm- mmm. Sure wish I could have nailed that little piece of brown sugar. Looks like she’s ready to pop! That’s the new campus policy of maintaining diversity... gang bang a black girl!"

Finally, Shatoya was so humiliated that she dropped out and went home to give birth. But she never told anyone about the night she was gang raped in the theater by white men. After nine months, Shatoya went to the hospital and painfully but joyfully gave birth to two beautiful café au lait mulatto baby girls.

Unbeknownst to Shatoya, a nurse in the operating room filmed the birth of the babies as they emerged out of her fuck hole from between her legs. A few days later, Shatoya’s birth tape was shown before the Old Plantation Green Door Club in the theater where she had been gang raped. Once more the theater echoed with applause, whoops, back slaps and cheers.

Mission accomplished: one more pretty black girl bred white.