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Each story idea should lead to a page listing every story made from that idea.

The love spell

The main character is an hetero girl. She heard from a friend that some lesbian girl said she made a love spell on her. She dismiss the whole idea as worthless, but she soon find herself more and more affected.


A guy send a post in the local newspaper to find himself another tenant to live with him in his 2 bedroom appartement. With the use of Master PC, he makes sure that the one who will accept to live with him, will be a beautiful girl, single, even if he has to modifier a bit. After getting a cute co-renter, another sexy women applied for the room. He then use Master PC to make sure there's still room for one more.

I'm afraid

I'm afraid to Brainstorm. A little one might be OK, but what if your brain suffers storm damage. Ever think about that? Sorry, no brainstorming for me. I can't stand anymore brain damage. I got eonough of that in the late sixties and early seventies.

Human Stains

A husband finds his wife's cum stained panties in the lundary basket. This is one of my story ideas that I don't have time to write properly.

Libido Transference

Because of some lab accident, someone's libibo (and who he/she is attracted to) has been transfered to/copied to/exchange with someone else. Now each person has to live the other's sex life. (If you want to be kinky, imagine what would happened if a guy's libido was tranfered to a 9 y old his girlfriend little sister?)

Confessions of a Teenaged Nymphomaniac

Inspired by a scene from M. Night Shyamalan's Signs, where Mel Gibson goes into a drug store dressed as a priest and makes a young girl nervous -- I want to write a story about a man on his way home from a costume party, dressed as a priest, who runs into a beautiful young girl who thinks he's for real. She begs him to hear her confession and pours out her entire life story to him in graphic detail, including every sexual experience she's ever had since she first discovered her sexuality, and he sits back drinking it up with lustful glee. In the end he realizes that she knew it was just a costume all along and that she made the whole thing up just to seduce him because she thought he was extremely sexy. I'd write this one myself, but I haven't even got time to breathe these days. So knock yourselves out. - Pleasure Boy 1

  • update: I actually did start this story. It's posted on Enjoy.

Granny's Panties

Granny died in rural Iowa at the ripe old age of ninety. Jim is her only surviving relative (his mother died in a wreck or something). He starts going through her papers, and finds an old diary from when she was twenty, during World War One. He begins reading it; the first thing he sees is a couple of photos of a beautiful girl posing lewdly that give him an instant hard-on.

Then he reads some and discovers that the nude slut is Granny when she was in her twenties.

He knew that in her twenties, she was a nurse and ambulance driver at a British Field Hospital in France, and that that's where he met his grandfather, a wounded American soldier. She even told him a few stories about funny or odd things that happened in those days.

What shocks him is all the stuff that, surrounded by death and destruction, she got up to (and wrote about in detail) with doctors, patients and even other nurses (even, maybe, a wounded German prisoner) that he didn't know about. The contrast between his image of his sweet, frail, gentle grandmother and this earthy, insatiable slut almost gives him a heart attack... But he's still got that stonking big erection...

(This is one of several ideas i've been kicking around, but i seem to be suffering a hopeless writer's block and can't even seem to finish the StoriesOnline stories i've started, so anyone who wants to is welcome to write this one; if you do, drop me a line to let me know...)

Cathy, Katie and Kevin Cathy, Katie and Kevin are three teens who are not related but are acquaintances at school. Completely independently of each other, their families all take a holiday one summer in the same place, so that the three of them bump into each other at a nudist camp. This happens in the first couple of days, so that they are still all nervous about their nudity so imagine what seeing people you know from school naked! Cathy is short, slim, blonde with small (but proportionally good) breasts. Katie is a bit taller, built quite big and with medium breasts. Kevin is a good looking bloke although not exceptional in penis size he's a little above average; he's a medium build and only a little taller than Katie. They hang out together in the time they are there (1 or 2 weeks maybe) and become friends. When they meet up again back in school they really feel strange with clothes on and so they get together and take them off as much as they can - leading to interesting situations with other friends etc. Of course with two pretty teen girls and one good looking teen bloke naked around each other so much hormones will start to flow and mf, ff and mff will result, perhaps often and probably with some ws as well.