Cathy, Katie and Kevin

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Outline of story Cathy, Katie and Kevin are three teens who are not related but are acquaintances at school. Completely independently of each other, their families all take a holiday one summer in the same place, so that the three of them bump into each other at a nudist camp. This happens in the first couple of days, so that they are still all nervous about their nudity so imagine what seeing people you know from school naked! Cathy is short, slim, blonde with small (but proportionally good) breasts. Katie is a bit taller, built quite big and with medium breasts. Kevin is a good looking bloke although not exceptional in penis size he's a little above average; he's a medium build and only a little taller than Katie. They hang out together in the time they are there (1 or 2 weeks maybe) and become friends. When they meet up again back in school they really feel strange with clothes on and so they get together and take them off as much as they can - leading to interesting situations with other friends etc. Of course with two pretty teen girls and one good looking teen bloke naked around each other so much hormones will start to flow and mf, ff and mff will result, perhaps often and probably with some ws as well...