Chinese Food and Wine

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Chinese Food and Wine

By Tabitha Arlethia Stone

Weekend nights are the loneliest of all.

I've always had bad relationships with men. I've been stood up by them and put down by too many of them. The only way to save my heart from getting broken is to keep a promise to me that I will never go on a date anymore. But, I have fantasies for sexual desire and to be love. I don't have anyone to romanticize me with roses and candles to dine, to share my sexual fantasies with. Instead, I always eat Chinese food; drink a glass of red sweet wine and watch a romantic movie on television to romanticize myself during these lonely weekend nights. Until one Friday night, I had went in to china café the where I go all the time to place my take out order. As usually I order roast pork lo mein and a spring roll, and then I go pick up a bottle of red wine from next door.

When I return with wine to pick up my order, I see the place is crowded, full of people standing around. Then I saw a man that I never seen before, standing here by the front enter with his eyes gazing right at me as I walk in here. The man had appeared in here like he just came out of my dream; he was medium height and built, clear black eyes, curling fine black hair, thick black eyebrows, light brown tarnish skin complexion, he is black of coarse, but, he had a little Chinese figure in him, and an sexy easygoing smile that I can't resist. He is wearing a dark brown cottony pant, off white sweater and a long dark gray weather coat and dresses kind of cleaned cut. I can feels his heating eyes still gazing on me every since I had walked inside the china cafe.

"Hi," he said in a flirting voice,

I have just looked back at him, and said "Hi" back to him,

I was so busy complain about the order, that I don't realize that his eyes on me the whole I was standing here. "It don't make no sentence at all, they should been throw with order," I said.

"Oh, you sure knew that during the weekend they get really busy,"

"Yeah, usual, they be getting on time! Now! They just got through fixes my order!" I grasp my order off the check desk, and say to the man, "Well, I guess see you later! Bye! Bye!" I smile to him and then I went on.

When I came back to my townhouse; I was looking through my pocketbook for my house's key. When I looks up! And there, I saw the same man at the China Cafe, early! He just comes back home with a Chinese food take out bag in his hand. He had lived across the street from me.

"Hi! I didn't know you lived over here, too," He said.

"Yes, I been living here in this occupation for a while, now. But it strange, I never see you around here before."

"That's for the reason, I be in and out of lot, I never steak home the most of the time." "We didn't get a chance to enter duce ourselves back in the china café! My name is Julius," he shook my hand,

"And my name is Della!"

"Well! Nice to met you, Del-la!" he teasing me in flirting way, that I can't resist his funny charms.

"The same here," I said,

After, I had just opened my door! He grasps me by my arm before I ever step one foot in the door, "Hi! Want we get together, tonight! It will be just the two of us," he smile is so ploy as well as his eyes was undresses me. I knew right then what in his mind, even does, the loneness inside of me wanting to give into him, but, the proud part of me wanting me to steak strong and be alone. "No, I just preference that way! At least I won't get stood up!" He knew by looks in my eyes that I really don't want to be a lonely and no matter how I pretend to be happy.

"Since you going to eat alone and god know I tired eating Chinese food alone, want we get together at my home, tonight.

"No, I preferring that way, but, thank you anyway!"

"Oh well, you'll be soon changing your mind, until then, my door will be always open for you," he said.

"Okay, I keep that …………in mines! So, thank you!" and then I walk inside my apartment.

Later that night! I was bore to dead at home, I do nothing but setting on the sofa alone watching "Jason's lyric," in a dark room along with eating my lo'mein noodles out of the Chinese box with chuck sticks. I was become very lonely, playing with my noodles in the box. I become very hot from looking Jason because he is completely naked; his buttock is round and tight. The way he making loves to lyric down by the lake underneath the train station where nobody around, but, the two of them, alone. They stretch out a white blank on the ground; he was on his knee slipping off her dress while kissing her on her stomach and front of her virginal. She was naked underneath it; he laid his lip on her nipple, and sucking on it like a new born baby. And then on, he lay down on top of her with his manhood sticking between her thighs, plus, he was tumbling down back and frontward inside of her. As, I continuing to watching them making love as if them under an erotica spells, theirs eyes closed as they held theirs mouth wide open. I got hot from watching them, I was licking my lip and while my eyes have been spellbound by theirs sex, and my virginal is groaning and a lot of juice damping my panties. I keep sitting here and rubbing my virginal hard on my seat. I had keep wishes! That I wish to have a man who made love to me like that and touches me like the way he do.

"Oh! I can't stand this any longer!" I yelled out to myself! I slam my box of lo'mein noodles down on my coffees' table and then suddenly, Juilan's private imitation had came into my mind. So, I start packing all my foods back inside brown paper bag, and I grasp my bottle of red wine and starting to heading out the door.

I was standing out of his door with full of butterflies in my stomach, but, my tail is hot as fire. My finger was trembling as I ring the door bell. When the door bell had ring? I heard by the sound of his voice have made my heart pounding so loudly through burning soul. "Yes, I am coming," he said.

"Who is it?" he yelled through the door,

"It's me, Della from the across the build," I said in my trembling voice.

He opens his door so very gracefully, and looks at me with this puzzled, at first. Until, he had this arrogant smile on his face as if him expressing me to come, "Well! You decide to come," he said.

"Yes I did, or unless you gave your imitation to someone else to your little private parties," I said.

"No, like I had says! My door is always open for you…….. So what are doing stand out here? Just come in, girl!" He opening the door real wide open for me to come in,

"I thought you were going to steak at home and watching your romantic movie on television, to night!" he said.

"Well, I just happen to change my mind, that's all" I said, As I came inside his Apartment, he grasps the food and the wine away my hands. "Let me take these for you," he said and whiles him laying it down on the coffees' table. He is so gentleman that his charms had release me from my heartbroken of remembers. He smile to me in an appeal way as held his hand pointing out to his sofa. "Please, want you made yourself at home," So, I heading toward his divine room, "You don't mine that I look around, do you?"

"Why, no, be my guess! While you doing that? I will be bringing out the two wine glasses and two candles."


I look around his place; it is warm and very essence to me. The fireplace is blazing; he has a dark brown sofa with bunch of big red soft pillows sitting all over it. A big glass coffees' table by the sofa, an African's throw rug an underneath it, and a stereo system setting on the other side of the room.

After I got through looking around his apartment! He came out of the kitchen with the two wine glasses and some long thin off white candles. He smile so proudly and says to me, "Now, how do you like my place?"

"It's very nice and lavish, indeed," I said, He laid the glasses and candles on top of the coffees' table, and then lights the candles. After he turns off the light in the divine, and he sat down on the sofa. He looks at me with a sexy going smile as he petting on the empty seat, "Come, and set closer to me, He said.

So, I sat down next to him, he had wrapped his arm around me, but, I was still nerves by setting next to him. "You have to relax if you around me! So, here! I am giving you a glass of wine to help you to relax."

After, I had drunk a little sip of the wine! He rubbing me on arm, and says to me, "Are you feeling Better, now come lay down here."

"Why, yes!" and I had turn on a smile that light up his room as I rest on his shoulder,

Then on, we just set here, laughs and talks; we are eating ours Chinese foods, we've drinks wine and after wine. "Anymore wine?" he said.

"Yes, please! What do you do for living," I said to him,

"I am a bank manager, and what did you do for living?"

"Oh, I owned a clothing store,"

After we got through eating! He place his warm arm around me, "Laid back, and relaxes for a moment," and so I had lean over to him, and boys, does it feels good. The way he rubbing my shoulder so gentle, that I can steak cleans to him all rest of the night. And then on, he giving me a smoothest massage on my feet that I will never forgot. I just lay here, and I have feeling so embrace in his arm.

"Excuse me, I got to do something real quick," he said, I lift my head back up, and I saw him walking toward his stereo. He picks up a CD from his rest cd's stetted.

"Do you like Author Clock Scott's music?"

"Author Clock Scott, is my favorite singer,"

"Well did, Author Clock Scott it is," he smile,

He holds out his hand to me, "Come dance with me!"

He takes me by my hand to lifting me off the sofa very gracefully and starting to dance. When I lay my head on his shoulder, I felt so completely and so essence inside of me. It feels so good that my mind put on easy; I can rest on him for hours slow dancing with him. I felt his warm gentle hands touching over my body and while I smelling his loudly manly scent of his cologne coming from his body. Rubbing cheek to cheek and I holding onto his hard back along while he is slipping his hand down on my round firm buttock. Suddenly, I felt a magic coming on to me so strongly! I don't know is it his charms or it is I had drunk too much wine? But, the sound of the beat of my heart is right next to him. He smells the back of my neck, "You smell so sweet, like a flowers blossom," he said.

He must felt it, too! In way he had lift my head off his shoulder with his hand held under my cheek so gentle. And he went soft gaze deepest into my eyes and says to me, "Della, make love to me, right now," I can see this spell look in his eyes. He pulls off my dark blue sweater, as well as he have pressing his heated lip on the back of my neck at the same time as he slipping off my black lace bra's strap hanging off my shoulders. He holds my chin up high and gave me kiss on my lip while he is removing my bra off of me. Feeling his hot lip sucking on my dark brown nipple had melting the coldness inside of me.

I feel the warm of his arms embrace around me. As I stood here with my eyes closed and while my mind feel like I'm flowing into ecstasy. I am having both of my hands so tightly on his shoulders as we dancing to the slow melody to this song.

"Ooohh, I moans as he unlashing my bra from the back, slipping off of me, and while pressing his fingers on my arms so gentle.

"Let us go to the sofa!" he said in his soft voice,

Afterward, I had lying down on his couch: he slips off my black lace panties and while him kissing me on my stomach all the way down to my legs. I am completely naked! He looks at me and while he takes off his brown sweater off, and then he had remove his dark brown cottony pant! His manhood sticking straight out like an arrow is so long, thick, and dark brown. He had known that the way I had gaze at his huge manhood! "Do you want to feel it!" he said, so, he takes my hand and place on it, "Oh, it's feels as huge and hard as a rock," I said. He spread out my legs wide open to takes a closer look at my virginal; it is petal pink, shinning, hot and very moist. As if his eyes have been fascinated by it, he lay on top of me and also sucking on my big breast as my hand rubbing his hair and my other hand rubbing on his back.

He starting kissing me on my neck, while his pointing end of manhood had rubbing against my lip part of my virginal had starting to groans. I say to myself, "I wish he put it in, right now!"

As he had slips his manhood all the way inside of my virginal, I begin to flow a lot of juice. "Ahhhhhh" he moans as his eyes rolls. "Oh, your pussy is hot as hell and so tight" he said. He slowly moving his manhood inside of me while nibbling on my ear, I rubs both of his arms. Then, he begins to go faster, and faster, I grasp held of his around tight buttock to hold him down on me. I moaning so loud, and remain holding on to him real tight as the same time, and my both of my big breasts bouncing up and down. My eyes rolling the back of my head and my mouth was wide opened, it was feeling so good that I had begin to cries as I held him tight close to me.

Until, he got up off real fast and snapping his manhood away from my virginal, because he had finally he have to cum. His white sperms came out like a volcano has explorer it out of his manhood. "Oh girl, your pussy had suck away with my big dick, I going to get me towel, now! Wow!" and then, he had kiss me on my mouth.

The next day! I didn't go back to my apartment! Instead, I had stay over night at his apartment, and we slept later that day. From all the sex we have did from last night! It has built up ours appetite, as a result we have to warm up the left over Chinese foods from last night, and we're drinking red wine. I had to end up wearing one of his white dress shirt with not underneath it, I was glowing as glow bug eating Chinese food in his bed. We've laughs, and he feed me lo'mein noodle with chop stick out of the Chinese box. I feels like I was nothing at first, and at this moment, I feels more special, now then ever. Now, I don't have to eat my lo'mein alone anymore, now, I have someone to share with that special person.

And who ever though, that Chinese food and wine is great combination for erotica food to bring out the sex craving into a romantic relationship. The next time, when we order Chinese food, we will be having to delivery at his apartment, instead.