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It was a lousy day

Comforting a distraught female can be strenuous

Life isn't perfect

A writer, sitting in a coffee shop & hoping for inspiration, sees something that catches his eye.

Orion's Awakening

Orion awakens in a strange room to the sound of two strangers speaking.

Someone Elses Nightmare

I was walking down the dark streets and looking around, enjoying the peace and quiet, when I heard a female voice.

"No, please stop, dad. You're hurting me."

First Generation

This is a story about a boy who was genetically enhanced from conception to be the perfect human, when the establishment was attacked by the military for their own purposes. The Child was saved and moved to a location to be cryogenically put to sleep for 10 yrs. As his nurse found to be pregnant with its children, they kept her as its sole guardian. This is the story of his powers as he grows to be a man and how he and his sisters grow and learn to live normal lives even though they are beyond normal.