Okinawa - Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Things went much the same for the next few months. Monday being Lady's Night, and the rest of the time working at the bar and on base. We had a few girls leave the bar, one of them even getting married to a Marine from another base. We got some new ones, and even had a few changes in the guys for Mondays.

One Saturday, I took some time off to go to the Exchange on Kadena Airforce Base. Kadena had the best Exchange on the island, so most of the service people came here. I ran into Brad there, and we hung out together. We were about to leave, when we heard a female voice call his name. We both turned around, and saw Amy.

Amy was the homely looking gal that Brad normally fucked on Lady's Night. She was still homely looking, but he admitted to me that he really liked her, and that her ability in the bed was worth looking at her. She trotted up to us, and we saw that she was in her Camouflage uniform.

What surprised us both was that she was wearing the Silver Bar insignia of a First Lieutenant! "I thought that was you. Very few men are as broad shouldered as you are, and M.C. Mike here (that was the name I used when introducing the men) was the dead giveaway. Can we talk for a minute?"

I walked away for a few minutes, and watched them talk for about 10 minutes. She wrote something on a card, and handed it to him. She touched the back of his hand gently, then she left. When Brad caught up with me, he said that he had a date with her that evening. He was to meet her at the McDonalds just outside the main gate, and things would go from there.

I reminded him that he was enlisted, while she was an officer. He admitted that they had discussed that briefly, and neither one would meet in uniform, or at each other's quarters. That way, they could deny knowing the other's rank if it became public.

I offered him a room free of charge if he wanted, and he gratefully accepted. We drove back to the club, and had a drink before he left. I went upstairs to show Martha how to use the computer. I had just opened the door, and the phone rang.

I answered the phone, and was surprised to hear Blanca. We had been writing to each other for the last year. She had been doing OK, but was looking to start a new life. She said that the economy had crashed, and her father lost the store that he owned. She had been working at a bar the last 6 months.

"Gee Blanca, to bad you are all the way over there. If you were here, you could work for me," I said, half joking.

However, she seemed to have been waiting for this invitation. She told me that she had a 2 year work visa, and an entrance visa on her passport, and was ready to move to Japan! I was stunned, but told her that she would be more than welcome. She had saved enough for a plane ticket, and could be here in 2 weeks. Since I had already arranged to take a vacation in 1 month, I told her to wait, and she could fly back with Itsu and me. She agreed, and would be looking forward to meeting me again and Itsu.

I went downstairs, and told Itsu the news. She was excited, both at the thought of meeting Blanca, and at having her work here. A Mexican girl would be a unique thing here, and was sure to attract men. I went back upstairs, and continued to teach Martha how to use the computer.

I only had 4 weeks to teach her how to run the business before Itsu and I left. We would be gone for 3 weeks, and unless there was an emergency, our only communication would be through E-Mail.

I was downstairs when Brad and Amy walked in. Amy looked a little uncomfortable, but that was probably because of what was going on in the bar. Julie was dancing at the moment, and one of the booths had a girl jacking off a Marine while he sucked on her tits.

I took them to the Hotel, and gave them a key to a room. I caught a glimpse of Amy, and from the side she did not look bad at all. I decided to talk to Kristen about her.

Kristen was one of the girls, and was going to Beauty School during the day. If anybody could bring beauty out of Amy, it would be her. I talked to her, and she loved the idea. I excused her for 2 hours, so she could get ready, and look at a few magazines for ideas.

About 90 minutes later, I got a call from the lobby, telling me that Brad and Amy were there. I ran over, and met them. I told Amy about Kristen. She was reluctant, but agreed to go upstairs and see her. Brad and I would wait in the bar for her to return.

We hung out for almost 2 hours, acting like customers the entire time. Itsu laughed when I grabbed her and took her to a booth. Once there, I started feeling her up as she unzipped my pants. She proceeded to masturbate me like I was a customer, as I fingered her wet pussy. We timed it perfectly, and both came at the same time. She was just finishing wiping me off when Kristen came up to her.

They talked for a minute, then left to go upstairs together. She came back with some clothes, and went back to Kristen's room. 30 minutes later, she came to Brad and I, telling us that Amy was ready for him.

We entered the lobby, and were stunned! Amy was wearing one of Itsu's blue dresses, and she looked completely different. Her hair was a shade lighter in color, and was now draped around her face, instead of pulled back. That and some makeup in the right places made her look beautiful.

Brad stared for almost a full minute, then took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. Kristen had performed a small miracle. She had taken the Homely Duckling, and made her into a swan.

The rest of the evening passed as usual. Sunday morning, Brad and Amy joined the rest of us for breakfast. Afterwards, the five of us (Brad, Amy, Itsu, Martha, and I) went shopping. Itsu and Martha helped her pick out some flattering clothes, and we guys also gave some suggestions.

It seems that Amy's mother had died when she was young. She was raised by her father, and 2 older brothers. She never learned how to dress, or do her hair and makeup to flatter her natural appearance. Back at the apartment, Itsu and Martha gave her some more tips, and she seemed fascinated. Brad helped me open the club while they did this.

Brad and Amy stayed with us until Tuesday morning. Monday was a holiday, so we all had the day off. I asked Brad if he was going to work tomorrow night, and he admitted that he was. However, he would not be giving private dances for anybody but Amy. She blushed at this, and said nothing. I told him that it was OK, and handed him a key.

With some of the new girls being local, we now had 2 apartments that were not being used. I handed the key of one of those to Brad. "This is for the two of you to use, until I need it again. All we ask is that you do not trash it out, and that you teach the young lady that she should remove her combat boots before she throws you into her bed."

This was met by good-natured laughter by all, and an embarrassed smile from Amy. The five of us headed up stairs, Itsu bringing along a bottle of wine and 5 glasses. I looked at her, and she winked at me. I was not sure what my hot little lover had in mind. I do know that the only times I have been with her when she drank wine, a spectacular sexual encounter came from it.

Once up there, Itsu poured us all some wine, then sat in my lap as we drank a toast to the new couple. We finished the bottle quickly, and Itsu had Martha run off to grab another bottle. Soon, that one was finished also. Itsu and I were still sitting on one of the two chairs in the room. The new couple was sitting on the bed, Brad behind Amy so he could caress her, and "accidentally" brush against her breasts. I could see from 10' away how hard her nipples were.

We finished that bottle, and Itsu sent Martha for another one. While she was gone, Itsu kissed me passionately, then started to nibble on my ear. I glanced at Brad and Amy, and saw them doing the same thing. Itsu surprised me by whispering in my ear "I want you to pretend that it is Tuesday again." She resumed tonguing my ear again, making my pecker as hard as a rock. I decided to go for broke, and started to caress her breasts. I glanced, and saw Brad and Amy watching us, his hand starting to caress her breast.

"I told Martha to wait 30 minutes before returning" Itsu whispered into my ear again. I was wondering what she had in mind, when she reached down and unzipped my pants. I heard a small gasp from across the room, and glanced. Amy was watching us, and was obviously staring at Itsu playing with my cock. I responded by unbuttoning her blouse, and unfastening her bra. I heard Amy moan quietly as I took one of Itsu's hard nipples into my mouth. I suckled on her breasts, hearing the familiar moans of my lover filling my ears. I could hear similar moans from Amy across the room. After 5 minutes of this, I heard Itsu ask me if we could find someplace more comfortable. I made a show of looking around, taking in the sight of Amy's large breasts being sucked by Brad.

"Sorry love, there only seems to be the one bed here." This room only had one bed, but it was queen sized.

Amy surprised me by quietly saying "There is plenty of room over here." It was so low, it was almost a whisper. But one look into her eyes, and she was obviously begging us to join them.

I gently kissed Itsu, then picked her up and carried her to the bed. On the way there she again whispered into my ear. "I watch and allow you to make love to other girls. Please allow me to make love to Brad."

In response, I kissed her and whispered "OK." All this passed unknown to Brad and Amy.

I stripped Itsu, and laid her on the bed. We resumed making out, occasionally looking at Brad and Amy. He now had her down to her panties, and was sucking on her breasts. Amy's breasts were wonderful, large and soft looking, with large areola and nipples. She moaned, and I looked down to see Brad's hand inside of her panties.

Itsu rolled me over onto my back, and started to kiss her way down my body. I caught Amy taking glimpses at us, watching as Itsu got closer and closer to my hard cock. I heard her moan, and saw that Brad had removed her panties, and was now kissing his way down her body.

Itsu opened her mouth, and had me moaning as she started to suck on my cock. I was soon playing with her hair as she sucked on me. I glimpsed over, and saw Amy watching her. After about 20 seconds, she raised her head, and our eyes locked.

She closed her eyes and moaned as a wave of pleasure came over her, then opened them again, looking right into my own. I slowly reached out, and cupped her right breast in my hand. She closed her eyes for a moment, then looked at me with a look of total lust in her eyes.

I glanced down at Itsu, and she was watching this as she gave me head. I slowly moved closer to Amy, Itsu moving to help us. I was soon kissing Amy as our partners gave each of us head. I could feel her tense up, and groan into my mouth as she came on Brad's tongue. I continued to squeeze her breast as she came, causing her to push her chest against my hand.

"Isn't she a great kisser?" I heard Brad ask me. I agreed, then moaned myself, close to orgasm myself as Itsu worked her magic on me with her mouth. Now it was Amy's turn, as she moved up against me and kissed me, caressing my chest as we kissed.

I broke off for a second, and warned Itsu that I was about to cum. She moved her head faster for a few seconds, then moved back so just the head was in her mouth. She then started to jack me off with her hand. Amy moved her own down, gently pushing Itsu's to the side. She then proceeded to jack me off until I started cumming in Itsu's sucking mouth. After Itsu moved off and moved up to kiss me, she moved down and licked the head of my cock. It was at this time that Martha re-entered the room.

She walked in, then stopped, watching the 4 of us on the center of the bed. She slowly walked in, setting the bottle down on the coffee table. She then continued to walk towards us, removing her clothes as she came closer. She was nude by the time she reached the bed. She sat in the chair next to the bed, and watched the four of us, a look of lust in her eyes.

Her pubic hair had grown in during the past months, and it now covered her pubic mound with a fine layer. Amy looked startled, but said nothing as Martha joined the four of us. Itsu moved back up the bed, sliding between Amy and Brad, so we were obviously paired off with different partners. I gently kissed Amy again, then moved down to suckle the breasts that I had been playing with a short time earlier.

Amy moaned, holding my head to her chest as I gently caressed her belly. I heard a moan, and saw Itsu slowly sitting on Brad's cock. Amy watched also, seeing her lover slide into my lover.

I was amazed at how responsive Amy was. The difference in the last few months was amazing. Her nipples were large, and as hard as rocks. I sucked them hard, my hand moving lower down her belly. She gasped when I reached her groin, and slid then through her pubic hair.

I slid my fingers through her hair, gently pulling on it. She lifted her ass as I did so, not wanting my fingers to release her. I continued to tease her as I sucked her breasts, moving from one to the other. I started to kiss the underside of her breasts, massaging the muscles with my tongue.

I heard a moan, and looked over to see Martha gasping as she brought herself to an orgasm. I slipped my fingers lower, and slid then along her vulva. She was wet and hot, and moaned as I slid my fingers back and forth. I heard Itsu moan, and knew that she was having an orgasm.

Amy was going crazy under me, and I moved a little lower, kissing her belly. She had a little excess flesh there, but was by no means fat. I slid lower, and plunged my face into her vagina.

Amy cried out as I sucked her clitoris into my mouth, sucking as I slid a finger into her. She was so tight, and as wet as any woman I had ever felt. I had only sucked her for a minute before she exploded, bucking her pelvis into my face and clamping her legs around my head.

When she finally released me, we were both gasping for breath. She grabbed my ears, and pulled me up until I was lying between her thighs. With a gentle hand, she reached down and slid me into her.

"Please, go easy," she moaned. "I have only been with a few men, and am still very tight."

She was right. Amy was not as tight as Martha or Itsu, but tighter than most women that I have been with. We kissed as I slid into her, and started to slowly fuck her. We heard Itsu and Brad both moaning, and knew they were having an orgasm.

I slid in and out of Amy for 10 minutes, until she moaned that she was cumming again. I moaned that I was also, and came right after she did, causing her to have another orgasm as I squirted my cum into her. Martha moaned again, obviously having another orgasm.

We kissed and cuddled as we regained our breaths. Itsu was caressing my back, and Brad was holding Amy's hand. We rolled back to hold our partners, and soon were all asleep.

I woke up, hearing a moaning sound. I looked over, and gently nudged Itsu awake. Amy was moaning, thrashing her head as she was closing on an orgasm. It was obvious that the oral attention she was getting was bringing her off. She moaned my name, and had an orgasm, reaching down to grasp the head between her legs.

It was only afterwards that she realized the head was not mine, but Martha's. Amy was shocked, but did not push her away. Martha moved between her and Itsu, and Amy hugged her.

"I have always wondered what it would be like with another woman, but I know that I can never do this. You were wonderful, but please do not do it again."

Martha looked hurt, until Brad and I explained to her about the prohibition that the Military had to homosexuality. "That is dumb" was her only response. We all took turns in the shower, then got dressed again for a night on the town.

After dinner and some dancing, the four of us (Martha stayed at home to do the books) went home, and went to bed in our separate apartments.

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