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This is awesome! I love wikis :P

It is interesting how you are trying to apply a wiki to story posting and all that. I am most interested to see how this turns out. I know how to operate a wiki easily (its not hard), but I am sure some people are going to have problems. You should make a FAQ/Guide to posting/editing stories/articles/etc... and how to use the discussion/talk feature and all that. It could get confusing when first using one of these, but then again maybe you have already made these pages and I am to lazy to check, maybe it is the Help link on the left?? :P

- Nikolis 02:13, 21 Jun 2005 (EDT)

See the Help link in navigation menu on the left. --Shadowhawk 02:52, 22 Jun 2005 (EDT)

There is Help:Editing article about how to start a page, wiki markup, categories etc. It is not StoriesWiki specific. There should be soon StoriesWiki:Policies and Guidelines and perhaps StoriesWiki:Guide for Authors (there are very beggining of it at Help:Author's Guide) at some time. --Shadowhawk 06:02, 10 Jul 2005 (EDT)

I'm confused as well. I have added to the stories but still not sure how to get a name!

Use Create an account or log in link at the top right corner of the page --Shadowhawk 02:52, 22 Jun 2005 (EDT)

I've tried starting a discussion page for 'Cute Teen Girl' (title sucked btw). Browser just hung on the <Save Page> button saying 'waiting'. Bug?

Discussion about stories


Can this Wiki be used to create a forum to discuss stories, maybe with the participation of authors too?

I would like something like that as long as it wasn't constant iterations of requests for more chapters.


I think we can use Talk pages for stories pages for stories hosted on this StoriesWiki. The tab marked discussion at the to of the page. --Shadowhawk 03:00, 22 Jun 2005 (EDT)

Related topics

Protecting Main Page from editing

I don't understand why the main page is protected from editing this early into the life of StoriesWiki, and why the talk for this page Talk:Main Page is redirected to Talk:Story Tree. What I would like to have on main page (and what I would put it there if it wasn't protected from editing) is some link to the page with stories, e.g. Erotic/Sex Stories (if it is the one), and link to some contribution guidelines, among others How do I start a New story?. --Shadowhawk 11:49, 21 Jun 2005 (EDT)


I'd rather use Categories system for putting stories into categories and subcategories (backlinks system), and maybe also for pairings and authors, than using pages corresponding to categories (forward links system). --Shadowhawk 11:49, 21 Jun 2005 (EDT)

I see now that both systems would be good to implement. The Categories system for adding automatically to all the categories the story falls into; you have jyst to put [[Category:Category name]] somewhere in the story. The forward links system i.e. ordinary pages for categories for the main category the story falls into, and for the place to put short description of the story. One can use Templates system if the story is to be put in more than one main category (category listing) with the same description; i.e. create template for story description. --Shadowhawk 03:24, 22 Jun 2005 (EDT)


The Main Page and Storieswiki:Copyrights states that all contents one want to put on this site should be Public domain, i.e. not protected by copyright law. I have noticed however that some authors of one-author (non-collaborative) stories write down their attribution/authorship. I think it would be nice if the contributors could chose either to place their contribution in public domain or choose one of free copy licenses with attribution, and of course (this is Wiki!) allowing derived work (share alike), e.g. one of the Creative Commons Licenses -- perhaps CreativeCommons-NoAttribution-ShareAlike. Perhaps also not choosing NonCommercial option should be a requirement in license.

External links:

Other stories hosting wikis

I'like to point out other Wiki sites (especially the ones using the same MediaWiki engine or its derivatives) that has the same or similar purpose as this one, namely hosting stories, collaborative or not, be a place for stories discussion, stories review and stories links. They could be useful for some ideas concerning organization of a stories hosting Wiki.