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Welcome to

Storieswiki is a wiki site for stories. Which means that users can edit the site's contents and contribute to the site.

Don't be afraid to contribute, as long as you're willing to put whatever you put here into the public domain. If you see something that needs fixing, go ahead and fix it. If you see something that could be worded better, don't hesitate to make it better. It's all for fun.

This is a community effort. I encourage you and everyone to join and become part of this collaborative creative effort. Lets try to make this community a source of new, creative stuff.


Clitorides Awards Stuff

Help contribute to the awards rules and suggestions concerning the Clitorides Awards


Editing Note

Please note that in order to edit any of the pages on the site, you have to be logged in. If you would like an account on this wiki, please email

This is done in order to cut down on the spam and the vandalism.